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Goal Setting Skills In Action, A Little Revision or The Surprising Power Of Mini Goals

This past week I have been using my time to work toward my BIG goal of getting my book into print. This is no small task and without some sort of plan, realised, I would not find it easy to mobilise myself into action.

So, I set about creating one and now have, what I believe to be, a blueprint for making this book a physical reality.

Along the way however I realised I needed to do a bit of revision in the goal setting area. How had I achieved things in the past, I began to ask? What stratergies had I used when I was losing weight or writing my first ebook?

Since I had actually written extensively about this subject in my ebook, I thought that taking another look at what I had already written about goal setting (in relation to losing weight) might be helpful.

I then thought I might also share this revision with you, so below is a brief extract (edited and reshaped) from Reframe Weight Loss. It is from Chapter 6, Gaining Your Goal Setting Skills. NB The emphasis in the extract is on weight loss goals, but you can substitute your own goals for the weight loss ones and I hope still find some relevance for you.

Start of Extract

Prelude: After discussing my own strategy and then emphasizing the importance  of a goal achieving strategy, I then continue with the following:-

 Chiefly, these strategies were and should be for you:

1. State and express your goal in a positive way. 

2. Be exact!! State exactly when, using a specific date and time that you want to achieve your goal by. A good adage to keep in mind with this strategy is:


4. Next, write all your goals down on a piece of paper.

5. Place them somewhere where you will see (and review them) often!!

Bite-sized Tasks 

 Okay, so that’s a simple approach to the BIG GOAL. Now, to the real ‘magic’ of goal setting – breaking it down.

It is my belief that no one has ever gotten anything done by sitting and looking only at the BIG PICTURE. That’s not the thing to focus on.

Although it is always important to have that vision alive and vibrant in your mind, it is actually in achieving the many mini goals along the way that is going to get you there. Similar to the BIG GOAL, your mini goals should also have a ‘to be completed by’ date and time. Once again, be precise and be specific.

For  example, your first mini goal may be ‘to lose two kg by the first day of the next month this year. (As I don’t know the exact date that you’re reading this, I’ll let you fill in the more specific month names and year!) After you have a list of all your mini goals, it’s now time to set some even smaller mini goals.

Staying with our mini goal of losing two kg by the first day of the next month, let’s break it down even further. First, two kg in one month is approximately 0.5kg a week.

Great, a much more achievable outcome and one you can ‘see’ clearly and work toward!

From here, the next step is to define the actions and steps you are going to take daily that will get you to that 0.5kg. If you’ve read the preceding chapters of this book, then I think you already know how to do that.

Now however, is the time to get specific. You may end up with about 10 mini tasks that you are going to perform this week, or perhaps a daily ‘to do list’.

Achieving and crossing off these daily tasks will get you to that weekly goal of 0.5kg weight loss.

A review of some of the work we have done so far may assist you in writing these mini tasks. I can set out an example for you of what the first five might look like (they may be familiar to you, as we’ve already touched on them earlier), but it will be up to you to write your own personal and relevant ones. Okay, so maybe something like this:

1. This week, I will continue the exercises I have begun in ‘The Seven-day Plan.’ If I have joined a gym, I will attend three times this week!!

2. For this week, I will only home cook. No takeaway food (this includes snacks and meals).

3.My home cooking will be from my own low-fat recipe book or from my own personal eating plan.

 4. I will replace all my between-meal snacks with fruit, low-fat yoghurt or a low-fat protein smoothie.

 5. I will stay within my calculated ‘calories for weight loss’ and keep an accurate record of everything I eat and drink.

 Important: stay mindful of your mini tasks and remind yourself of them frequently throughout the week.

Setting weekly mini goals is the way to continue, and if at any point even these seem too hard, then take a step back, be realistic and reset some smaller goals; ones that you KNOW without a doubt that you wil.l achieve.

 Gently Raising The Bar

I would like to quickly share with you a simple short story about ‘raising the bar’ that may help clarify for you the effectiveness of ‘mini goals’. It is about a method used in Japan to train children into ‘Ninja Warriors’, and is similar to one that many high jumpers also use to gradually improve their performance. 

For each Ninja child in training a bamboo shoot is planted, and from the very first day that child must jump over it. As it grows and gets higher, the children continue to jump over it on a daily basis. At first, when the bamboo shoot is very low, the task is simple. Then as the canes get a fraction higher each day, the children have to stretch themselves and jump a little higher to succeed. The result however is that they all end up jumping over quite tall canes with surprising ease.

The metaphor for us is clear. Doing just a little bit more, pushing ourselves just a little bit further each day, can amount to huge achievements in our lives, achievements that may not have been possible to attain without a commitment to some smaller daily improvements.

From little things, big things grow!!

I would also just like to add that I have faith that you can find the inspiration (indeed I hope you already have, in this book!!) to achieve each new behaviour, each new habit and each new way to be that you set your mind to. Just like the little Ninja Warriors.”

End Of Extract

That is the extract that I re-read this week and it has helped me to make some progress toward the mini tasks required to achieve my BIG task of publishing my book in print. Just like when I was working toward reaching my weight loss goal (which was a big number of kilos to lose) I am trying not to get overwhelmed with the BIG PICTURE, but rather to focus on the bite sized tasks that are easy and achievable for me on a daily basis.
 But what do you think?
Is this a good way to go about achieving BIG goals?
What goal achieving strategies have you employed?
Are they effective and do they  make the project (what ever it is) more manageable and achievable for you?
Are you working toward some BIG GOAL in your life?
Are there any tips or strategies of your own you can teach us about or add to my list of goal setting strategies?

7 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block (A Collaborative Approach)


Do you sometimes wish there was a magic spell you could cast over your yourself, just to get yourself to write? Something quick and easy to motivate you, to stop you procrastinating and just get you writing?

Writers block is something that some people say doesn’t exist. However, if you’re a writer you know it does.  

And whilst we could go the long route and spend time balancing our chakras or meditating (I actually don’t think doing those things is such a bad idea, but that’s for another post….) today I thought I’d offer you my own  top 7 tips for overcoming writer’s block . They may not be absolute magic, but I do find they help. They are also not a complete list and that is why at the end of this post I hope you will also share your own methods or solutions……

1. Keep it simple.

If you don’t feel like or just don’t have the time to sit down and write 1000 words on your novel or non-fiction project, just make notes. Chapter headings can be jotted down, followed by 2 or 3 simple scene descriptions or if it is non fiction, a few simple paragraph headings will do. This sort of exercise gets your brain ready for the next part of the task and often before long you may find yourself wanting to ‘fill in the gaps’.

2. Get Yourself on Twitter!  

Now before you argue with this one (because we all know the reputation twitter has for being a time waster) let me explain – there are ways to make it work for you. During a recent bout of ‘I just can’t sit down and writitis’ I signed into my twitter account and using the hash tag,  #amwriting, I found several people writing, editing or otherwise creatively producing. I read their tweets, replied to one who I knew as a local author and before long, I was ‘cured’ and busting to get a few things down on the page.

Twitter has worked for me in other ways too, mainly by giving me ideas by  checking out what others are writing or tweeting about. Whilst this might not work every time for you, why not give it a go, next time you’re stuck? You can follow me, if you like – I’m here or do a search for other authors you might know.

3. Utilise Writing Software

Whilst I have not used them myself, I have met several people who swear by the use of certain software programs both in helping them become more organised and also in enhancing their creativity. This is one you can check out for yourself, here. 

I haven’t got a lot to say on this one, as I’ve not used them myself however, if you have had any experience with these type of programs or similar, I would love to hear.

4. Do Something Else

Huh? How can this be helpful? Okay, well, I definitely find that inactivity decreases creative energies. Sitting around ‘thinking’ sometimes leads nowhere, so…. take a walk, get some sunshine and fresh air or if you’re keen enough, hit the gym for an hour or so.

I have so much more energy (for writing or anything else) when I stick with regular exercise, myself. I think there’s probably some science in there in somewhere that could back this up (such as exercise produces serotonin levels, etc….), but I just go on my gut instinct and know that it helps me.

5. Jump Start Your Imagination - Read.

Getting ‘stuck’ with your writing is sometimes a matter of not having your imagination stimulated enough.  To get the juices flowing again, try reading!!! Read your favorite author, read your own work, read a friend’s work, read a blog, join a writer’s group or participate in writing activities in other ways.

So, Now It’s Your Turn….

Okay, so these have been my own top tips for overcoming writers block, but now it’s your turn to come up with numbers six and seven!!

I was going to write seven tips myself when I started this post, but half way through I came up with the idea of inviting you all to add your own ideas . 🙂

 I love reading the mental processes that others apply to their own writing and I think it is a great way for us all to learn and grow as writers.

So, how about it? Love to hear your own thoughts….just click comment and join in!!  Hope to hear from you…..  🙂

Finding Focus and Determination With A New Goal in A Coming New Year


The Business Of Finding Focus

Have you ever been conflicted?  Not sure of where to lay your focus? Feeling committed, but not sure what to?

Well as I type this I am feeling that way, too. In recent months (since starting this blog) I have been on a journey of discovery and learning. I have joined and engaged in many social media sites, met some great people online and learnt so much from their perspectives and their work.

I have researched and written more this year than ever (most of which has landed here as posts). And I have met you, my readers and from the comments that have been left and the emails sent, I have learnt much about you. And loved it.

A Decision

So what’s all this end of year, reflection about? Well, as I said I am conflicted. All the same, after some thought and consideration, I have come to a decision (at least a temporary one!) that for the next few months (or possibly just weeks) I need to shift my focus.  I have a lifetime goal and I need to get working on it.

That goal is one of getting my e-book into print and this will require a lot more of my time, energy and focus and as a result I think I will have to give something up.

I love writing this blog. Love, love, love it!! Even on days when I don’t receive heaps of comments I always still derive so much pleasure and satisfaction just from completing the task of researching and writing about a topic that I love and am passionate about.

A Fork In The Road

However, my print book is calling me!!  The images for its design and layout keep popping up in mind! I dream about it. I think about it and I can almost see it on the table in front of me. I have always believed that this is where real goal setting begins – in your mind. From there,  the rest will follow, but as the e-book itself says – IF IT IS TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME!

This was my goal setting mantra during my weight loss journey and so now, it is still the same as I aim for my next goal of getting my book into print.

So I guess you know where all this is leading. Yes, I am going on a temporary break from writing this blog.

I may be back sooner rather than later. Who knows? I guess it all depends on how quickly I move through the mini goals I have currently in front of me (I start with mini goals or tasks and find that this way, I will eventually reach THE BIG GOAL – oh, just remembered – that’s another weight loss tip from my e-book!).

Part Time Participation

I will be popping in and out of the blogosphere all the same, to visit other people’s blogs and see what they’re writing about. I will also still try to participate in ICOMLEAV week, which starts next week, as I have already signed up for that and I am a big believer in committment, so I will stick to that one!

Although, I am excited to be working on my print book, I am also happy that I have already achieved another goal of having it available here on the net. By the way, please forgive me, but I may as well give it a plug 🙂 – if you (or anyone you know and love) needs a little extra weight loss inspiration this coming Christmas and New year, don’t forget about my e-book!! 

It’s only $3.99 !!!  Now that is a good price!  The print book will cost much more and most copies I believe will be sold off-line, so the e-book alternative is great for social networking users like you and me!

The Last Bit

Anyhow, that’s my update, friends. I will definitely still be around the blogosphere trenches, as am sure I will miss it too much to keep away altogether!!  But perhaps my presence will not be so apparent here on this blog, in the form of my writing. I won’t be too far away though 🙂

Before I close this post, I would also like to take a minute to say thank you. Thank you to all of you for being here, for reading and for your participation and contribution on my blogging journey. God bless, you all.

I also would like to personally wish you all the very best with your own New Year commitments and goals. You can do it!! 🙂 🙂

If you would like to chat to someone else who is also working toward a New Goal for the New Year, please do!! I would be very pleased to hear from you 🙂

Do you have any lifetime goals you would like to start work on? Not sure when it would be a good time to get started on them?

Love to hear about it or from anyone who would like to share any specific ideas or strategies that have helped them reach their  goals. All ideas shared are very much appreciated. I adore hearing from you, guys! 🙂 

Happy Holidays Everyone and All The Best For Your Own Goal Setting and New Year’s commitments!!

God Bless and Lots of Hugs,




Melt Away Your Fear: Society Does Care and Accepts You Just As You Are


Have you ever started a sentence with ‘but society says…’ or ‘society makes me feel like I …’? If so, have you ever stopped to wonder exactly who is this character (called society); this player in our life stories, whom we sometimes direct criticism at or apportion blame to?

It occurred to me the other day, after reading a comment on another blog, that many of us may be constantly trying to ‘live up to’ an illusion of society, one we have self created, one full of expectation, demands and comparisons. One that may actually not even exist.

The particular comment I am thinking of came from someone who (although he was reading a post about self improvement and personal empowerment) was not a happy chappy. At all. He was, sadly, a little disillusioned, full of blame and anger and more than a little cynicism.

The Reality

In his words though, he was trying to ‘get real’. The way I saw it was that the only reality he had created was one of self exclusion and isolation. Somehow he had managed to convince himself that he was not ‘good enough’, coming to this conclusion via various comparisons with who or what he called ‘society’.

It was a sad conclusion, to say the least. He had obviously decided that, rather than make any personal changes or take responsibility for his life situation, that it would be easier (and might I add, less effective in terms of bringing happiness and a resolution to his problems) to blame someone or something, in this case, ‘society’.

When we stop to think about the fact that society is largely made up of individuals we will never meet or know and will never have a relationship with, how strong can the argument that this faceless group is ruining our lives, be? How can we sit and blame a whole sector of humanity for everyday things that we ourselves can take responsiblilty for? That we ourselves can change?

Excuses Begone

I know for some this will continue to be an excuse for sitting on their thumbs, for not getting things done and for not finding the happiness and love that might otherwise await them.

But for others and I suspect and hope that you are one of them, we will all continue to try and be the change, we want to see in the world.

Maybe then, the disillusioned can trust us again. Maybe then, we, the faceless members of an impersonal group called ‘society’, can melt away the hurt, the anger and fear and dispel the frightful notion of a society who doesn’t care.

I don’t know about you, but I feel as if it is my duty to do so. Because I do care and I am part of society.

What are your thoughts about society ‘being to blame’ for things? Is this a legitimate argument in your life? Why do you think it is that so many do not trust ‘society’?  Is humanity breeding distrust, rather than hope, a sense of belonging and worthiness? If so, how can we change that and start doing better?

Also, where do you get your sense of self worth from, if not from society?

Love to know what you think. Please feel free to continue this   conversation via the comment box. I’m sure you all have some valuable thoughts to add and I would really love to hear them. 🙂

Also, if you liked this post, why not take a minute to share it with your friends on facebook or twitter, so more people can ‘value add’ to this discussion.

Weight Loss Books and Other Reframe Weightloss News

As some of you may know from reading this blog, one of my own goals and projects at present is having my ebook finalised for publishing in a few months. This needs further focus from me and as a consequence I have decided to take a short break from blogging (about a week) in order to put more time and energy into updating and completing my manuscript.

It is kind of a self induced need, being that I recently decided to add two whole new chapters to the book! 

Anyhow I will be back to the blogosphere soon and in the meantime I wish you all the very best with your own goals over the next week.  Perhaps, if you’d like, to you could also commit to doing something you may have been procrastinating about.  Maybe that is something you have been longing to finish or even something you have been meaning to start!

We all tend to put thing off till ‘another day’, but sometimes the only time is NOW.

Okay, so I will be thinking of you during my break and I look forward to connecting with you again in about a week. 

Thanks for being part of the REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS team.  Have a wonderful week…..



Reframe Weightloss The Book – Exploring Your Untapped Weight Loss Potential

Books and Blogging

Hi there everyone.  I apologise for my scarcity here in the blogosphere recently but most of my time and energy is currently being invested into my book, which is due for publication in about a month or so.   If I could only split myself in two, I could do both but given the lack of such superpowers, I guess I’ll have to choose! 

Anyhow, given my current preoccupation and also the questions I have received about the book, I thought I might share a few things today about my ebook, REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS.

One of the questions being asked is “What is an ebook?” Given that you yourself are a blog reader, you possibly already know the answer, but in case you don’t here’s a brief explanation:- an ebook is an electronically downloadable book, usually available in several different formats and able to be read on many different e-reading devices.

Ebooks and Printbooks

If you don’t own an e-reading device such as a Kindle or Ipad, no worries!  Most ebooks are also available (well, mine will be) as a PDF for home printing.  Most of the ebooks I have bought, I have received in this way. 

Apart from the convenience of downloading a book instantly over the net, another reason that ebooks are becoming so popular is that they are also generally cheaper than print books (fewer overheads means a more affordable price for the purchaser).

I guess I am being a little understated here when I talk about the ‘popularity’of ebooks, because many believe that ebook publishing is actually taking over from traditional publishing as ebooks are now accounting for a very large number of overall book sales.  Of course, the opinions about ebooks versus traditional books do vary, depending on which side of the publishing fence that you’re on, but I think it is safe to say that bricks and mortars bookstores are now not the first nor necessarily the most favoured option for many authors.

An ebook revolution has begun!

The Name of the Book

The next most frequent question asked is “I like the name, but what does ‘Reframe Weightloss’ mean exactly?”  Well, I titled it that after a reader told me that the book had changed their weight loss view.  They said that they now saw many previous ‘issues’ in a new light and indeed some of the strategies I suggest using in the book, are aimed at doing just that. I also discuss several ways to ‘reframe’ thoughts and so called ‘negative’ events so that your internal dialogue becomes a much more optimisitc one.

And lastly, “How can I find out when the book is available?” You can do this easily by either subscribing here to this blog or joining our friends on Facebook.  Just type in Reframe Weightloss and you’ll find me!  There will be special discount offers (up to 3o or 40% off) to subscribers of this blog only and also to those who join the Facebook site.

I hope that clarifies a few queries some of you have had or at least, given you a little more information.  Writing a book is a very exciting journey and I am more than happy to share that journey with you.

Okay my friends, I’m off.  I will conclude with these few positive thoughts for you to reflect on.


You have a purpose here in life. You have talents and abilities that are uniquely yours and what you have to offer, no one else can.  So make the most of who you are.  Share your gifts.

You have a destiny in life.  Take the steps you know you need to take to reach it. Don’t be afraid (anymore). 

You have an unlimited supply of all that you really need in life. Take a moment of stillness and quiet and see if you can connect with that abundant supply.  It is always there, available to everyone.

You possess the ability to reach your goals, no matter what your past experiences have been or what anyone has told you.  Nothing is impossible. 

Ciao friends.  Until next time,

Mon xo



Start Losing Weight Today – The Office Of Positive Change For Weight Loss is Now Open

The Quick Fix

We all know the ‘quick fix’ solution to weight loss doesn’t work, right?  I hope you said, “yes”, because it doesn’t! Yet that doesn’t seem to stop that the flood of diet pills and overnight detox systems that are popping up everywhere in social and mass media alike. It surprises me that people buy into that stuff, but then again I realise how desperate we all feel when we want something to change and we want it now!

Trouble is that when the diet pills don’t work, you then feel bad. You then eat more. You then get mad. And so the cycle goes. But let’s stop. Let’s slow down for  a minute and take a look at what’s really missing in your life (if anything). 

The Office Of Positive Change

What I’d like you to find is a healthier mindset.  A more positive outlook.  A stronger belief in yourself. I’d like you to start viewing yourself as someone who is powerful, productive, capable, tenacious and knowledgable.  I’d like you to see yourself as someone who can find the answers to your weight loss goals by looking within.  By being open to change. By being willing to learn new habits, new behaviours and new ways to view the world.  A pill can’t do that. 

Maybe more information is what you’re looking for. Then, great, do some research. Find a mentor. Learn more.

Or just maybe you already know what to do and are just waiting for the right time to do it. With most of us, this second possibility is often a reality. Okay, so maybe the waiting time is over. That’s it…your name has been called and you are now officially, inside The Office Of Positive Change.  Take a look around.  Say “hi” to the others here. You’re not alone.

Furthermore now that you’re here, recognise that you’re actually way ahead of  the herd.  Way ahead of all those people, who haven’t even started searching for a solution to their weight loss issues.


So stay here!  The Office Of Positive Change doesn’t close.  It’s door is open 24/7.  You have your own clipboard here too.  Somewhere you can record every little change you make. I can’t see anything on your clipboard yet, however.  Relax, it won’t take you long though. In fact, if you take a walk today….just 20 or 30 minutes or even just 10 minutes, your body will have started to respond and you can notch this positive change up on your clipboard!

Or you could skip that chocolate tonight. Or maybe that glass of wine.

I’d love to hear what small changes you may have decided to make today. If you’d like to make a public committment to that change then drop me a comment and declare your committment!

That can be a little scary, I know, but it is also an extremely effective way to stay accountable and make the change stick. You can then let us all know in perhaps one week’s time, how you’re still going with that habit change. How ’bout it? Can you think of one bad habit you’d like to change?

If you’d like to share your positive change action, just click on the comment box below….