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Blog Renovation Versus Home Renovation: A Case For Both!

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will not be able to bring you the post I had scheduled for today, which I talked about last week.  Not yet, at least.

And just what are those circumstances, I hear you ask?  In two words – home renovation.  Who knew that could be disruptive?  That it could throw you off balance and tip your semi organised blogging life into slight ..er…disaray?  Nah me.

The Uncomfortable Blogger

Consider this for a minute. One day recently, there I was, steadfastly typing away, unusually and uncomfortably wedged between several towers of furniture, laptop balanced precariously on my knee and the next I was hollering “the internet’s not working!!” only to have it confirmed that “yes, that’s right.  The home office had indeed been guttered and so was the functioning modem and router.” 

I know I should’ve seen it coming. That I should’ve been less absorbed by my musings in cyberspace and a little more ”present” in my real life, but what can I say? I’m a little blogging obsessed, at times. Who isn’t?

When I look more closely at my predicament though I must concede that the several tradesmen standing in my living room that morning had been a pretty big clue that something BIG was about to happen around me. That and perhaps the fact that I was crouched in between most of the furniture in my house, all moved into one corner.

Someone could have spelt it out for me, though, couldn’t they ? 

Something along the lines of “Hey Monica, your home renovation is about to begin and soon you will not only be decluttered and detechnologised but life as you know it will temporarily upended” (said in a nice loud voice, that I could not ignore) would have been helpful.

Therefore, Due To These Unexpected Delays….

Needless to say I am now (after several days of being completely cut off from) back on the net.  This is a temporary concession by the Powers That Run My Life but before the favour runs dry I thought I would jump on here and give you a bit of an update.

So this is it; the ‘weather’ report for The Live, Learn, Achieve, Grow Blog, for the week commencing 10th January, 2011.

This weeks blogging schedule will be slightly delayed due to unprecedented outside interference.  A chance of further disruptions is predicted over several days.  This may continue to cause further changes to my normal blogging programming.  A shame.

So if you’d like to have a read through the archives in the meantime, feel free!!

Hopefully though I will see you back here soon for something fresh and different. 

Till then….take care and may I just offer you a little word of advice  if you happen to be planning any many changes around your house. Don’t do it! 

Plan ahead and stay relaxed.

Happy blogging and I hope to talk to you soon,