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Weight Loss or Weight Gain – Make Your Attitude A Positive One

Good Morning !! (or I guess, good evening or whatever time it is in your world). It is morning here in Australia at the time of writing this¬†and I am feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to roll (I think it’s just a morning thing, I may wane a little later on ūüôā ).

So, today I’m exploring, as the title suggests, an aspect of weight control that is (in my experience) rarely discussed. It is the notion of your attitude to your amazing body.

Body Image Friendly Awareness

A few days ago here in Oz, a new government initiative was launched in regard to magazines and the¬†body images they portray. The idea that the media in general¬†has contributed to the rise in eating disorders by lauding¬†overly skinny catwalk models as the ‘ideal’ for women to aspire to,¬†is nothing new.¬† However, this new initiative lays responsiblity even more closely with¬†the media. It¬†also offers a ‘Body Image Friendly’ tick of approval to magazines that refuse to display unhealthy, unrealistic and overly thin body images. I think this is a huge step in the process of change now taking place within women’s magazines. Let’s hope we see some real positive change in these publications.

Your Body, Your Attitude

Whether you are overweight or underweight however, comparisons of any sort are unhealthy. Although I fully support the laws that encourage more social responsibilty within the media, I also wonder whether there is another aspect involved in all this Рour own personal attitude and body awareness.

¬†Of course, if you are a teenage girl or young child, your ability to come to a new awareness of ‘you’ is very limited¬†(unless you are wisely guided and supported) and your¬†perception of your body¬†is¬†still largely formed and influenced¬†by the media.

May I be clear here that my¬†discussion today is aimed at ‘the rest of us older adults’ who are still forming¬†a view of our bodies, in this way. Although my discussion is relevant for all of us, I, in no way, purport to have all the answers to the epidemic of poor body image and related eating disorders we now see in society.¬† I have the utmost empathy for anyone suffering these ailments and wish for them the inner peace and emotional tranquility they so deserve.¬† Love and hugs to anyone currently experiencing this type of disharmony in their lives.

My discussion here is merely to point out the fact that many of us, regardless of the images we view, are still using perjorative¬†body labels¬†and some of these attitudes do not even arise from our size.¬†¬†The¬† labels we often use include, but are not exclusive to, the following – homely, plain, ugly,¬†unattractive, boring,¬†etc….

Revamp Your Attitude

I’d like to do, what I can today,¬†to encourage you to throw out these labels – toss them out the window, dump them in the rubbish, flush them down the loo or whatever it takes to be rid of them ! You don’t need them !

Your body is a beautiful¬†and amazing¬†living¬†breathing entity.¬† Right now, without any conscious effort on your part, your heart goes on pumping your blood, your food¬†goes on¬†being digested, your hair¬†grows and your skin repairs and renews all¬†it’s¬†little cuts and grazes. You are, in fact, a perfect and wonderful creation.¬†

Why not appreciate your body’s unique characteristics? Be, in awe, of it. Celebrate it. Love it.

The comparisons we humans can make can be endless – short/tall, bald/hairy, fat/thin, red hair/blond hair – the list goes on, if we let it.

Or, we can decide today, right now, to love and appreciate ourselves in a way that looks beyond such comparisons. We can decide to celebrate our own uniqueness and individuality and love ourselves instead of constantly making reference to all that we perceive to be lacking. Stop the hating and start the loving!

It is my belief that our attitude to our bodies, along with the food we feed it and the exercise we give it, can make an enormous difference to our overall health and wellbeing. I hope today you can take some time to think about these ideas and I would love to hear your take of all of this, so as always, feel free to join in the discussion. This post is my thoughts, but I may not know everything (in fact, there is quite a good chance I don’t !), so please let me know what you think, too.

Today’s ‘inspirational video’ is also posted below. Take a peek at it.¬† My message in including it with today’s post is for us all to¬†start looking at ourselves with at least as much love as we show toward¬†other people. It is entitled ”When I Look At You”. Enjoy.


Mon ( )”></param><param



Have Your Say – Is Sugar Addictive or Is That Just An Excuse We Tell Ourselves

Chocolate Addiction or Bad Habit

Hi there guys,

Hope this post finds you well, happy and enjoying your day. BTW Have you thought about subscribing?¬† I hope to send out some special ‘subscribers only’ updates¬†with information about¬†the progress and launch of REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS,¬† so if you’d like to be included and would also like to receive some special offers when the book is launched, just enter your email address on the right.¬†

Okay, so I read something the other day that got me thinking (again)!¬† It was a study that cited a possible reason that some people can’t resist chocolate.¬† Apparently in some university lab at Princeton, New Jersey, some happy little mice were being fed a diet with 25% sugar content. The mice’s observers found that when the sugar was removed, the mice became anxious. They showed symptoms like teeth chattering, shaking and other symptoms similar to those exhibited by humans who try to give up smoking. The researchers linked these withdrawal symptoms to the fact that sugar stimulates certain ‘pleasure chemicals’ in the brain and concluded that sugar was therefore an addictive substance.¬† Hmmm…..really??

Mice or Men

Okay, call me a cynic (I heard that!!), but somehow just because mice got a bit er…ratty (pun, intended) when their sugar was taken away, does that automatically mean that humans (who have higher faculties than mice) are affected in the same way?¬†¬†Does that mean that we are all¬†just hopeless, hapless victims of a chocolate pimping rort?¬†

Somehow I thought humans where smarter than mice.  And they are because, last time I checked humans still had the ability to:

a) Not go down the confectionary isle of their supermarket.

b) Keep ‘treats’ to a minimum and monitor their intake of calorie dense food items.

c) Say no thanks.

d) Use exercise to boost their pleasure/happy hormones and not food (it works better anyway).

e) Take charge of their choices and decisions and stop finding ‘excuses’ (like I’m addicted to chocolate!) to continue bad habits that are not serving them well.

In addition, unlike the mice, none of us have been forcibily locked in small cages and rendered unable to make choices about the quality of our diet. 

Sugar Addiction or Just An Excuse

So what are your thoughts on this issue ?¬† I’d love to hear them.¬† Is it possible to be addicted to something like sugar ? If so, can we control/manage this addiction in a better way?¬†Could we use a ‘cut down’ method, similar to that which is advocated in the quit smoking campaigns? Maybe I could begin my own Quit Sugar Campaign or at least a program that helps us to consume less of the stuff.¬†

I hope you have some ideas of your own and if you do, please share. ūüôā I’d love to hear from you.

Have a happy day all.  Until next time,

Mon ( )

The Art Of Losing Weight and Enjoying Food – How To Become A Food Admirer and Lose Weight

Creative Food Design

Hi there awesome people,

Well, it’s good to be back in the blogosphere after a few days break.¬† I miss it!! Today’s discussion is a kind of light hearted celebration of food that may or may not contain some messages about having a healthy relationship with food.¬† How’s that for committment??

I was prompted to write about this subject as lately, everywhere I go, I seem to be presented with some amazing examples of the talent and creativity that some people put into presenting food. From birthday cakes to vegetable ‘flowers’, lately, I seem to have seen it all, which caused me to reflect not only on the pleasure and joy that food can bring to an occasion or gathering, but also on the issue of how to cope with it (from an overeater’s point of view).

Food Lover or Food Admirer

The phrase ‘food lover’ is widely used these days and is often a guise for the covert habits of compulsive eaters. I know, I used to be one. These days though I prefer to label myself as a food admirer or food appreciator – it’s a subtle difference, but it is one that¬†supports¬†my impulse control.¬† I have learnt that the desire to eat ‘everything that looks good’ is definetely one that can be curbed, controlled and¬†tamed.¬† Although we’ve all heard about ‘the seafood diet’ –¬†you see food and you eat it – it’s not¬†the¬†most effective ¬†strategy to employ on a weight loss plan.¬†

Some Food Admirer Strategies

So what do we do when we are presented with beautiful food, other than eat it? Here are some suggestions:-

1. Take pictures!!  Admiring the skill of a creative chef can be expressed in many ways. Taking a photo or two can distract you. It can also create a distance from the tempting food, while still engaging you in the pleasure of it.

2. Talk about it!¬† Ask questions as to how the host or cook has made the dish, cake, platter or other food creation.¬† Find out if you can make a ‘low fat’ version of the same dish. You may be surprised to find you can!

3. Have a ‘sliver’. Okay, this may be hard if you have not yet honed¬†your¬†impulse control skills. I’ll let you make the¬†final call,¬†but if you think you can stop at¬†having¬†one very small taste, go ahead. Remember, a very small taste is all we want! Any encouragement to upsize the serving and¬†perhaps a very polite ‘no thanks’, would be better.

4. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up at food occasions, by saying ‘poor me’, I’m on a diet!! If you read REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS (the book)¬†you will find that ‘diets’ are totally unneccesary. Establishing a healthy relationship with food is a positive life change and not something you should feel sorry for yourself about.¬† Saying no to cake or other calorie dense food is part of that change and is a sensible decision to make.¬† Celebrate your new found food confidence by having a good time at the occasion, without the food indulgences that may have been part of your past habits and behaviours.

Lifestyle, Life and Food

In short dear friends, making positive lifestyle change, does not mean you have to lose the enjoyment of food. Food is a part of life and a good part. 

By examining your current habits, behaviours and attitudes toward food though, you might just be able to participate fully in a food occasion, without eating yourself into a state of bingeful regret.

Have a wonderful weekend fellow weight loss achievers.  I wish you the best and below, I will leave you with a short video that celebrates the very subject we have been discussing Рfood. Enjoy!

PS As always I’d love to¬†hear from you guys out there (that’s you, reading at this computer screen, yes YOU !), so please feel free to say ‘hi’.¬†Perhaps you have a ‘food celebration’ story you’d like to share, would just like some support or perhaps you¬†have a comment to make on today’s subject.¬†

You very welcome here and I would love to hear from you. 


Mon¬† ūüôā

To view the video, click the link below”></param><param

Weight Loss Mania – How To Get Excited About Something You Don’t Want To Do

Changing Your Emotional Viewpoint

Hey there everyone,

How are you?¬†Awhh,¬†¬†stop making faces at the computer (I saw that !!)….it’s going to be an amazing day!!¬† ūüôā

First up,¬†how about¬†a quick ‘pick me up’ ? No,¬†you don’t have to get up¬†or dance around¬†or jog on the spot for one minute (although that would be good !!).¬† Instead¬†this is a¬†chat about¬†creating an emotion – excitement.¬†Or at least,¬†creating a little distance from excitement’s arch enemy..apathy.¬†¬†We’ll¬†get¬†you¬†moving mentally and then you can dance and jog or do whatever turns your fancy!!

The Problem

So, let’s face it….sometimes we know the “what to do’s” and “how to do it’s” of weight loss, but we just can’t seem to get the motivation to start.¬† Too much trouble to do. Too long to achieve it.¬† Too many changes to make within an already comforable set of behaviours and habits.¬†

The Strategies For Mental Change

Yet, it is still¬†totally possible for you to do.¬†Furthermore, I know you still desire it and most of the time, you just can’t ¬†stop thinking about getting it done. So, how¬†do we¬†turn the thinking into the doing and start making some lasting life long changes?¬† Below are a few strategies for your consideration…

1. Place an image or photograph of yourself before you gained weight, where you can see it often. Remember that time and how you felt about yourself.  Silently commit to becoming that person again.

2. Affirmations are powerful. Repeat to yourself РI am ready and willing to create positive change in my life.  Repeat daily Рmornings is best, just after you awaken.

3. Visualise and meditate.  This involves visualising the new, slimmer YOU that is evolving. You can do this without a photograph. First, choose a time when you will have a few minutes on your own, undisturbed by others.  After you create the desired image in your mind, just hold that image, while repeating the affirmations in 2 above.  I am just giving you a brief overview of this strategy here, but believe me, even just a little quiet time alone and some positive affirmations will be effective.

4. Dream big. The following quote sums this one up – “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”. So why not dream big and ‘think you can’.¬† Just don’t set your sights too low, because if you do that, you’re defeated before you start.

5. Tell yourself that your time has come. This idea comes from my favourite author, the wonderful Wayne Dyer and his beautiful book entitled ‘Inspiration’ , where he espouses that ‘there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ Your idea – of a new, improved, slimmer, healthier version of yourself has come.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog!!

6. Action. Having already decided that¬†the time for some positive change in your life has come, now all you have to do is to follow this idea to it’s end…and start making the changes you know you need to make.

In my book, REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS, I discuss these ideas more fully and I hope one day soon you’ll have yourself a copy to refer to. Until then however, you can get yourself moving with a few small changes….and you can do it today. Eat some fruit, instead of that biscuit or cake. Take that long walk, you’ve been thinking about. Jog on the spot !!¬† Dance around your computer!!¬†

In short, take some time to think about becoming more active and making better food choices.¬† It’s a start…..oh and I almost forgot my number 7 suggestion….

7. Surround yourself with positive and¬†supportive people.¬† Don’t let yourself be dragged down by the ‘You’ll Never Do It, Brigade’ or as I have heard them called before,¬†¬†‘The Energy Vampires’.

Positive energy is contagious.  So is negative energy.

Limit your intake of the latter and fill yourself up with the former.

So there you have¬†it – some quick training tips that¬†are not all about the physical.¬† Sometimes we just need to start¬†with the mind and then move on to the body……

Hope you enjoy your day, lovely people.¬† Keep on, keeping on and I’ll see you next time.¬†

As always, I very warmly invite you to share your thoughts or comments, below ūüôā


Mon ūüôā

Reframe Weightloss (The Book) Has It’s Final Cover and Other News

A Reframe Weightloss Update

G’day lovely readers,

Hope your travelling well through the weekend and enjoying some ‘chill out’ time with friends and family.¬† No lengthy post here today at – just a bit of news and a few updates.

First up, the cover for my ebook is finished!!  Yah!!  Many thanks to the lovely and talented Laura Shinn for her wonderful work. Laura is an award winning cover art designer (her link is below) and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.  She is super professional, very friendly and very creative. Thank you, Laura.

So without further ado – here is the cover of REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS.The book is in it’s final proofread at present and I will keep you updated¬†re¬†it’s ¬†launch date. I’m very excited about it!!

Other News from Reframe Weightloss (The Blog) 

The other news from is that we are now on Twitter ( and will be coming soon to Facebook (when they reply to my requested name change !)

I hope you can visit me sometime at these fantastic cyber spots!!  I can vouch for Twitter being a veeery, interactive and fun place to connect with like minded people and friends.

Can You Help?

Lastly, Reframe Weightloss, the blog, is growing up.¬† At least it will be – in the next few months I hope to renovate this blog and redesign it into a ‘big grown up website’.¬† This project will take some time and there is lots to consider along the way.¬† Not in the least – a name !

I would love some suggestions from you lovely readers or even a vote for one of the following names that are already being considered.¬† Here’s the list….

InspireMe Weightloss

Weight Loss Zest

Weight Loss Spark

Weight Loss Empire (?)

Wise and Witty Weightloss (?)

Weight Loss From Within (my favourite)

So, if any of the above appeal to you or if you yourself were doing a google search, which one would you click on?  Or do you have another suggestion?

I will read all comments, ideas and suggestions and am most thankful, in advance, for any and all responses.

As this blog (er…website) really values and supports positive interactive discussion¬†with it’s readers,¬†I¬†would not consider a name change, without you !!¬† It’s your blog, too!!

So that’s it from me today,¬†folks.¬†I hope you have a wonderful weekend, are enjoying¬†healthy food, getting some exercise or maybe just enjoying the great outdoors…..mostly, I hope you’re having fun!


Mon ūüôā

Laura’s link is

Your Internal Dialogue – And How It Could be Affecting your Weight Loss Efforts

Talking and Listening – To Yourself

Hi there special people,

Hope you’re having¬†a great day.¬†Today’s post is kinda long so why not grab yourself a cuppa again and¬†make yourself¬†comfortable…..then, read on.

Oh good.¬† You are….

As today’s discussion is about two of the ‘voices’ we all carry about inside our minds (self belief and self doubt)¬†I felt the following¬†quote from my favourite author would be an apt way to begin.

Your belief about yourself is the most telling factor in determining your level of happiness and success.” ¬†Dr Wayne Dyer

¬†Thoughts, apparently, are very powerful and can be influencing your behaviour and actions in a way you may not be aware. At least not consciously. Let’s have a look at how.

The Internal Chatter

We are all accustomed to the conversations we have with our friends, colleages, kids, associates, spouses, neighbours, teachers, clients, shop¬†assistants and more.¬†¬†Conversations take place all day everyday and we haven’t even mentioned yet the bombardment of messages we get from television and radio (or the internet).¬† It’s a busy world..

What of our internal conversations however ?  How are those affecting our feelings of self esteem, self belief or confidence? Are we unintentionally giving away our personal power to some pretty annoying and persistingly negative voices ?

Specifically I am referring here¬†to the voice of self doubt and for the sake of this conversation, I have decided to call that voice ‘Madge’.¬† The following post is my humble observations of Madge and how I choose to respond to her.

Anyhow, enough preamble and as they say…….on with the show.

Mental Telecommunications and Madge

There are often a few voices on my ‘Inner Speak’ line at any one time. The one I like the best is the calm, relaxed and peaceful inner me. Unfortunately though this me seems to be somewhat of a poor communicator. I don’t actually hear from her as often as I would like. She apparently doesn’t use email, has no mobile phone and has never heard of message bank. She could at least get a MySpace page!

On reflection, I guess she has contacted me once or twice.¬† Perhaps, though I‚Äôve been too busy chatting to ‘other me’ to notice.¬† That other me ‚Äď good grief ‚Äď no doubt about this one.¬† She can txt, twitter and must have one of those new iphones or something, ‚Äėcos she‚Äôs constantly in touch.¬† She‚Äôs the one who pipes up every morning when I look in the mirror ‚Äď ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt like that new hair‚ÄĚ,¬† ‚ÄúBetter get on the scales ‚Äď it‚Äôs looking dodgy‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúThat mole is cancerous ‚Äď I just know it is‚ÄĚ.¬†¬† In short, she is the worrier, the critic, the blamer, the self doubter.¬† The one that trys to tell me that I’ll never get things done and hands me a ready list of reasons (excuses) why I won’t. She can be pretty convincing and often quite persistent.

When I was on my own weight loss journey, she frequently told me ‘I’ll never lose weight’ or ‘ I don’t have time to exercise’ and every slip-up I made, she was always there to criticise or warn me of impending failure.

It was exhausting sometimes listening to Madge. She would make my blood pressure rise,¬†my brow furrow and¬†was often the reason I started to crave chocolate, a piece of cake,¬† an alcoholic drink – just something, anything to make me ‘feel better‚Äô.

Thankfully, though, the other¬†‘me’ began to¬†speak¬†more loudly¬†or perhaps, I just started to listen more.¬†This other me was much more the encourager, the confident one, the one who always found the good.¬† I remember her being there when as a child, when I first learnt to ride my bike, but kept falling off.¬† She was probably there too, when I first learnt to walk, to read and write and to learn many other new things.¬† She was around a lot when I was a child.¬† Always telling me to ‚Äėhave another go‚Äô or ‚Äėjust keep going‚Äô.¬† In fact I think we may have been best friends back then.¬† We seemed to do everything together and‚Ķ.it was fun.¬†

 Quietening Madge and Finding Happiness

The¬†bottom line is that these days¬†Madge¬†just simply isn‚Äôt THE RULER she used to be.¬† The other ‚Äėme‚Äô¬†isn’t going to allow that, anymore.¬†The other me also knows that Madge can be quietened down,¬†via a few simple mental practices.

So if those negative voices start chatting away on your Inner Speak, why not try a few of the following to turn your thoughts around. 

Practice these simple exercises and you will feel great about yourself and your life, in no time.

  1. Okay, so number one is Рmake a list of 5 things you like/admire about yourself.  It could simply be how you have raised your children.  How you have handled/survived/overcome hurtful relationships or even grief.  The fact that you have a good relationship with your spouse, your sister, your best friend, your Dad.
  2.  List at least 20 accomplishments in your life so far.  Go on!  Start from childhood if you want.  Your accomplishments can be anything from learning how to do tie your shoes to graduating from college or university or getting a diploma.
  3. Set a timer for 10 minutes.¬† Now, write down as many of your positive attributes you can think of.¬† Any of your talents, your achievements ‚Äď everything positive and good about yourself.¬† Keep writing.¬† Don‚Äôt worry about neatness, organisation, spelling or anything else (I¬†sometimes don’t!!)¬† Just write.¬† Remember only positve things.¬†
  4. When the timer goes off, read your paper over. It may look new and different to you.  Good!!  As long as it is positive.  Now keep this piece of paper handy, so you can read it over several times a day.  Madge won’t like it at all.  Another good!!

Madge and her buddies really do get too much air time, don’t you think? The fact is that any negative self talk (whatever you chose to call it) can be a highly destructive.  It can prevent you from believing in your true potential and can even shape behaviours and actions.

Your thoughts can powerfully program you, so why not try some positive, productive and uplifing ones as replacements for those negative, unhelpful ones. 

It could make the world of difference.

Ciao folks,

Mon x

¬†As always, I’d love you to hear from you !

Slowing Down To The Pace Of Life – Some Time For You

The Simple Life

Hi there weight loss friends (and all),

In describing this blog to a friend the other day and discussing my aim to bring support and encouragment to those on their weight loss journey, I realised that most people would think that’s all I will talk about. The weight loss stuff…food…exercise…diet.¬†

Funny thing is though, although these elements are very important to us for health, general wellbeing and weightloss, there’s¬†actually a bit more to ‘us’ than ‘the physical’ and sometimes those parts of ‘us’ need attention too.

As¬†so much of¬†life these days seems overly complex (iphones, apps, computers, mobile phones, message banks, non-human call takers…) there’s perhaps a good chance of¬†overstimulating our minds or at the very least not taking enough time to recharge and revive.¬†¬†Often we are meeting or trying to meet too many demands from work, family, business, friends and have too little time to just sit, reflect, remind ourselves of our goals or just breathe slowly and relax.¬†

So I thought I would encourage you today to do just that.  Take a little time to slow down, sit and do nothing and let your mind rest. 

It¬†could do wonders for you.¬† And when you’re mind is calm and your thinking clearly, remind yourself of your goals¬†and why you want to achieve them.

Recommit To Your Goals

Forget about those phone calls or that deadline, just for a minute.¬† You can go back to those things soon. They’ll still be there.

After you’ve taken this moment….I have one more suggestion for you to take on board.

Keep going!¬† Sometimes without support from family, friends or mentors, it can be tempting to just throw in the towel and give up.¬† But I’m here, offering you the encouragement to keep going.¬†

You’ll get there!

Enjoy the peace dear friends,