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Your Weight Loss Fate – How To Avoid A Weight Loss Blowout at the School fete, The Movies & Other Food Laden Events.

The Weight Loss Blowout

Even when we have the best intentions with our weight loss efforts that is, we know what to eat and what not eat and have sworn off pizza for life,  certain events still seem to come along and conspire against us.   Sometimes every food we have been avoiding for weeks or months and doing quite nicely without (yes, a pat on the back for us for that!) suddenly makes a comeback and pokes it’s sticky, gooey, sweet and calorific face in ours, begging, tempting,urging, asking…to be eaten.   Just a little bit. One small piece.  Or two.  Okay…three.

My Favourites

Not that I want to point the finger at any one particular such treat or snack (coconut ice ) but some things you just don’t get offered that much these days (coconut ice) and when you do see it, smell it, are offered it… just seems to have a way of saying…..EAT ME.

Impulsive Eating

And once upon a time, I would have.  These days though I like to employ a few strategies to steer me clear of this temptress I personally call…yes, coconut ice!!  Your temptress may be nachos, cream cheese, chips….only you know what it is.  That one food that gets you all excited every time someone mentions it!  My temptress will be attending our school fete this weekend and for that reason I will be thinking ahead before I go anywhere near the sweets stall.   Perhaps your temptress accompanies you to the movies…..a party…. Their not usually fussy about the events they turn up at… long as you’re there, they’ll happily pop up to let you know that they’re around.

The Strategy

When you’re in your own home or your own enviroment, self control seems easier.  If you’ve done a really good pantry clean out, most of the danger foods (you know the ones) won’t even be around. 

Not so when you venture out.  However, a little bit of mental preparation and you’ll have those tempters retreating in no time……..first, take time to visualise the event where you know these foods will be.  See the tempting food.  Then, visualise yourself shaking your head and saying no thanks. Yes, it’s simple, but powerful.

Repeat the visulisation as many times as you feel the need and then, when the event happens, your subconscious is already programmed … say no thanks.

Another trick is to pack your own healthy snacks and take them with you.  Having a healthy and prepared snack as a substitute can be a life saver.

Lastly, never leave the house hungry!!  Always ensure you have had a filling (but calorie controlled) meal before going out.  Oh and don’t forget your water habit!!  I talked about this a few posts ago.  Check it out here. 

So dear friends…..good luck and good strategising this weekend.  We all need to think ahead with our food choices when the weekend or our leisure time stretches before us.  Just think when Monday morning arrives, you’ll have no regrets and will be giving yourself a pat on the back. 

Naah, naah coconut ice…….


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WEIGHT LOSS AND THE FOOD LABEL – 4 ways to maximise your weight loss skills

Maximising Your Weight Loss Knowledge

Hi there weight loss friends & all,

Hope you are all having a fabulous Thursday, wherever you are!  Just a quick crash course for you today on the subject of decoding food labels as when you are on a weight loss journey, understanding food labels is paramount to your success.  You need to become a bit of a food detective really as the marketing and labelling can get confusing so…… for your first lesson my budding food detectives, please read on. 

Check the Fat Content

1.  The less saturated fat a product has the better it is for you. Products with less than 10 grams of saturated fat per 100 gms are your best choices. Checking the saturated fat, rather than the total fat content of a product ensures that some highly nutritious foods , like nuts, peanut butter and grain breads are not totally eliminated from  your diet. These foods are good, but only in small quantities when you are on a weight loss diet.

Check the kilojoule count

2. Adults usually burn between 6000 – 8000 kilojoules a day. This may vary depending upon your general activity levels, but for the sake of this general discussion it is a good starting point. So, now that you have this knowledge, a quick check of the food label in the energy per serve column will tell you what proportion of energy it contains.  If you’re looking at a packet of chips and it provides more than 1000 kilojoules per serve, this could be 1/6 th of  your total daily energy requirement.  Snacks generally will be no more than 600 -1000 kilojoules and meals about 1500 – 2000 kilojoules.

 Check the carbohydrates.

3. Looking at the total carbohydrate content per serve is a great way to see how much fuel the food offers.  Even if something is quite low in fat, but is very high in carbohydrates, they possibly aren’t going to offer much nutritionally.  Examples of these foods are biscuits, rice and  rice dishes which sometimes contain up to 45 grams of total carbohydrates per serve.  Compare this with the carbohydrate content of a slice of bread, which is generally about 15 grams and you see the difference.   Aim for foods with between 20 – 30 grams of total carbs per serve to avoid a fuel overload.

Check the ingredients

4. My general rule of thumb is – if it has fewer than 3 ingredients, I eat it , as fewer ingredients will mean it is closer to ‘natural’ than ‘processed’ .  Also interesting to note is that ingredients are listed from those in the highest amounts to those in the lowest, so if the first couple of ingredients read flour and sugar and then maybe vegetabele oil, than it probably doesn’t offer much nutritionally.  Steer clear !

Okay, so today was just a quick run down on some of the lesser understood aspects of food labelling.  So next time you’re at the grocery store or supermarket, stop for awhile and have a read, before you drop that product into your trolley!   Warning: this becomes a habit after awhile and yes, your shopping trip will take a little longer, but your food cupboard will be all the more healthier and nutritionally abundant for it!

Happy shopping friends….see you next time,

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The Top 5 Foods for Weight Loss – Answering Your Questions About Losing Weight

Hello folks!  Hope this post finds you well, happy and actively finding the good in your world!  Thanks for all your recent comments and feedback and a big welcome to my new readers (I know you’re out there, so hi !).  I love this world of blogging and I also value your ideas, so please feel free at any time to share them. We can all learn from each other here, so don’t stay quiet if you’re bursting to share something. Sometimes ‘airing’ your thoughts (as opposed to letting them stay locked in your head) can be a way to clarify them for yourself.

Okay, so today’s post is my effort to answer the following question “Can you burn fat with food?” This is a great question and a frequently asked one! And the short answer is YES, you can increase your fat burning potential by eating certain foods. 

 So today I’ve bought you a list of the Top 5 Fat Burning Foods.

1) Not many people know this but water actually has an energy cost, that is, yes, it burns calories!! Drinking about 500 mls of water will actually burn about 25 calories and increase your metabolism for about half an hour after drinking it. 

 If you start a very healthy water habit – say a litre a day, over the course of a week you will have burnt an extra 350 calories ! Add that up over a year and it’s definetely worth increasing your water intake. 

Please note that if you are exercising or out in the heat, this amount might not be sufficient.  Many of us do suffer slight dehydration most of the time, without realising it.  It’s only when dehydration becomes severe that we begin to notice the very negative and destabilising effect on the body, which comes in the form of headaches and fatigue. 

Don’t let it get that far – start your water habit today !!

2) Protein rich foods, such as eggs.  Protein is essential for muscle maintenance and general health.  Despite all the hype about eggs being cholesterol rich, one egg a day is allowable and desirable (if an individuals overall diet is otherwise low in cholesterol). Protein can also be found in lean meats such as chicken or if you prefer a completely fat free source of protein, try the whey protein powders found in health food stores.  These make delicious smoothies and are a great way to increase your overall daily intake.

3) Fiber!!  A very important part of everyone’s diet, but even more so if you want to lose weight.  Fibre works in two ways. Firstly by slowing the rate at which calories are ingested and secondly, by adding volume to your diet, you feel fuller for longer. 

Some recommended fiber foods (yes, I have these myself !) are oats, bran, wheatgerm, wholegrain breads, fruit and veges, seeds and nuts.  Why not try some of these for breakfast tomorrow??   If you feel you need a little sweetener, just add some low fat yoghurt to your plate.

4) Citrus Fruits, like grapefruit,oranges, tangerines or limes. The vitamin C has a fat burning quality.

5) Cod Liver Oil.  The value of fish oils is significant in overall health and wellbeing.  You can reduce inflammation of joints and skin,  reduce hypertension and lower body fat.  Although fish oil is best consumed by eating fresh fish itself, such as salmon or tuna, a supplement can be equally effective. 

 Medical authorities recommend eating fresh fish 2 or 3 times a week.   

So there you have it folks – the top 5 foods for healthy weight loss. Why not start incorporating even a few of these in your diet today??  

With peace and hugs,

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Hello world!

Hi Everyone!  I’ve finally started blogging !!  I do lots of writing everyday, so thought it was about time I wrote to you, dear reader!!

Hope this post finds you all well and happy and at least a little bit eager to learn more about how you can achieve weight loss and positive change in your world.  Glad to have you along !


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