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Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Blogging Asset or How To Take Care Of A Creative Mind




This post is something different. I hope it adds some value to your day.

I can’t say it belongs in any traditional ‘Top Tips For Bloggers’ category, that’s for sure.  However, I kind of like dabbling in the alternative, outside of the box slant to blogging and writing, so here it goes…let us know what you think.

Okay, so I could have called this post, Stay Happy and Create or something to that effect. Or perhaps smile, be positive and the writing will flow, but let’s be honest about this – sometimes you may not be feeling 100% energy plus/ soda pop bubbly happy  but you still want to write something (possibly a blog post!).

Your head is telling you – go lay on the couch, read a book, eat something, call a  friend or if those distractions don’t work, why not google something (for fun, not research) or just sit and stare at your computer screen.

Well, doesn’t that sound lazy fazy. Non-productive. Wishy washy. Mediocre. Non action taking.

Maybe, but I don’t need to be a psychologist to know that it is also okay to do it. Good even.

And why? Well, here’s what I think…..

Whilst being the really busy, action taking, self motivated, opportunity grabbing entrepreneurial bloggers that we are is great; sometimes, keeping that level of process and predictability going can be also be draining, destructive and negative. 

Counterproductive even.

Power Vs Force

Creativity is a funny thing. It needs silence. It needs time. It needs to be allowed to take form in our consciousness at whatever pace it decides. Slowly but steadily.

Truth is, creative thinking is not something to take for granted.

It is however something that can be nurtured through silence, rest and time out. 

These words below, from William Penn, aptly illustrate what I am referring to.

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.  ~William Penn 


And in a world where silence has all but been annihilated, making a conscious choice to find some space and quiet is something worth writing about.

So I did.

Was this blog post helpful?

What enhances your productivity?

What do you think – am I over analysing creativity here?

How do you nurture yourself and your creative side? 


PS Coming soon….(next time I blog) I share my experiences at the most amazing, wonderful, incredible, fantastic weekend seminar with Rachael Bermingham (Australia’s No 1 top-selling author!!). What a power packed weekend it was – I even got to have some private, one on one, time with Rachael as part of the VIP dinner!!! 

Has this weekend changed my life or what?! There were so many fabulously creative, talented and wonderful people there (hello to any of you, who might be reading this!!) and now, new opportunities are knocking on the door, for all of us who attended!!! Woo – hoo!!!

This was one incredibly productive and creative weekend!!!


How Staying Zen Might Help Your Family This Christmas or How To Find Calm in The Festive Chaos


A Story

So I’ve just been daydreaming about lying in a corn field somewhere (oops..better make that sugar cane or bananas …I come from Australia…which could be uncomfortable, now that I think about it…lying there amongst the fruit trees…..darn, daydream) . Anyhow, whilst I can’t actually see myself taking the action to get me to these places,  the mental imagery is helping.

The Feeling

What I’m really after is a feeling. You know that rush of expansion and abundance you get when you sit amidst an open space staring up into the sky or out into the ocean? That’s what I’m looking for. Somewhere peaceful. Calm. Quiet. And still.  With a light breeze soothing my senses.

And the reason I’m escaping into this daydream? Well  it’s simple really. The holidays are here and it’s December – duh, duh, doh!!  Normally I looove this time of year and very soon, I know I will have that feeling again, but at present I am going through a slight ‘adjustment phase’.

It’s December ?

I must say I have been about as prepared for the holidays as someone who has been watching the weather channel for days, perhaps observing the movement of a cyclone (or hurricane) and then calmly changing channels, feeling secure and safe that this event will hit someone else’s town or city.

And then at the very last-minute, when I realise the event is about to hit, after all, I find myself standing outside holding a small fragile looking pink umbrella and realising, as it is being ripped to sheds by 100 kilometre hour winds, that I really should’ve planned this better and at least bought a heavy-duty, all weather coat. Or something.

A Little Attitude Adjustment

So now I need a place to shed all the fraying edges of my pink umbrella so I can throw it away and finally realise that it was not shelter I needed after all, but rather something far more helpful and easily accessible. A peaceful attitude.

With Santa visits to be had, malls to shop in, movies to see, friends to call on and Christmas lights to be awed by I know that I have no reason to be anything other than extremely grateful.

And I am.

A Slight Delay Due To A Change In The Weather

I may not be getting the posts written that I had planned for this week (and I hope you can forgive this minor change to the my blogging ritual), but my time and energy is certainly being used wisely and happily. I have now surrendered to this busy time of year and am fully committed to living more fully in the moment and enjoying it all.

It just took a little tweaking of my thoughts to arrive here, but I now think I have fully embraced the concept of what ekamati108 (the author of www.belongingmatters.wordpress.com ) describes as ‘being here now’.

Before I Go..

Perhaps you too have disruptions to your own personal routine or schedule is a in December . If so, I hope you find your own field to relax in or at least a bench at the Mall, where you can sit and catch your breath, for a while. 🙂

Thanks also for staying with me this week. I’ll be back to my normal blogging program soon…..

Just FYI: I am actually working on a post series about e-book writing and self publishing so stay tuned if you’d like to explore this possibility for yourself!!

There are many authors out there who journeyed from blog to book . Maybe your blog is  already a book half written!!

If so, what comes next? There are loads of possiblities….hope you can pop back to find out what they are!!!

In the meantime, Happy and Peaceful blogging!!

So now over to you. Do you think it’s important for you to be the calm in the storm during the holidays? Is your own personal schedule or routine disrupted or changed unexpectedly come December 1st ? If so, how do you handle the change? 

Do you have a mental practice or technique for living more peacefully? If so, why not share it here? Christmas is, after all – a time for sharing and connection. And staying Zen.



From The Blogosphere To The Beach or Why I’m Not Blogging This Week


I am not sure I should publish today’s post.  I mean, some one might read it. And someone might ridicule a blog post on the topic of er….not blogging. As well they may, because there certainly is a distinct irony in writing a post about why you’re not writing a post.  But never mind, here it goes anyhow….

A Badge of Blogging Silence

Call me weird ( I heard that !) but sometimes I just like a little silence in my life. A little solitude and reflection. A little time to just be. I know I’m not alone in this desire. It’s the reason that we all enjoy, every now and again, an escape to somewhere where routine just doesn’t exist. To a place where it doesn’t matter if  you’re late for a meeting (‘cos there are none) or you get the kids to school late (‘cos there is none) or if any of the other expectations or activities (basically called life) are not met or carried out…..

It is that deep longing for silence and peace that beckons us and leads us to somewhere ‘quiet’. It is why young surfers sit on their boards after sunset, long after the best waves are gone. Why mothers of young children hide away in the smallest room in their house.  And it is why I am not blogging, this week.

Finding ‘somewhere quiet’ is Australia usually means a trip to the beach. Which is where I am right now. Waves crashing and rolling only metres in front of me. A view of the beach and the ocean my only vision, apart from the screen in front of me, which I will soon close.

Eat, Pray, Love

So that, in  brief, is why I’m not blogging this week.  That and because I have my head buried in a little book called EAT, PRAY, LOVE (subtitled, One Woman’s Search For Everything). 

You may have heard of it.

I was going to say that I am totally absorbed by this book, but that would probably not even hit the mark. Totally sucked into a ‘reading vortex’ is probably a more accurate description. I love this book. It has totally absorbed me.  I won’t turn this post into a review of it, but I will share with you one excerpt that stood out for me, as I pondered what or whether I would blog today.

Several ideas had crept into my mind as I thought of writing today. Quite a few actually. As they usually do before I write, these ideas swirled around my head. Yeah, that sounds okay, I reply to a few of the ideas that stand out the most. I could research this ….and then, I could write about A,B or C…. Yes, that could be good.

Yet somehow, I just didn’t want to disturb my new-found peace that much to really flesh out my ideas into the form of a blog post. I just wanted to be still. And quiet. Yet my mind still nagged me to write a post.

So, to distract myself, I picked up my latest absorption and two paragraphs into the book, I read this:-

“Learning how to discipline your speech is a way of preventing your energies from spilling out of you through the rupture of your mouth, exhausting you and filling the world with words, words, words instead of serenity, peace and bliss.”

So that was it. I was not writing a blog post today. Not one word.

But I will next week . No doubt by then my words will be spilling out of me, through the rupture of my mouth (or this keyboard) , but for now….I am on retreat. In blogging silence. I don’t know that this will necessarily fill the world with serenity, peace or bliss, but from this end of the blogosphere, things will be okay.

I may be on a temporary blogging hiatus, however I would still love to hear your comments. How do you find a ‘quiet space’ in your life? Do you need it? Long for it? Does having ‘a little time out’ restore your energies or creativity? Or maybe you get too much silence? Maybe connection and people are what you long for most? Or maybe, you’d just like to share how your day has been. I would love to hear about it.

I will be back blogging again, next week. I think I will miss the blogosphere too much if I take any more time off. It’s a pity cool place 🙂

Body Image Solutions Or How To Embrace True Health and Wellbeing

Accepting Ourselves and An Apology

First up, on Friday I posted what was supposed to be a bit of fun. And some of it was. Unfortunately though technology let me down. The animations didn’t work like they were supposed to. And the result? A few of the animations/pictures I posted were er….not so funny.  Sorry about that. Everything worked fine here on the site, but apparently that perfection did not transpose to the email copies sent out  to you wonderful people who subscribe. 

Needless to say, I won’t be using them again.

My apologies again to those whose copies were affected and now, on with the show…..

How Do You Feel About Your Body?

Body Image is something we are all hear about in the media, is it not?  And because of this image awareness, we are all well aware (or at least I hope we are) that the images portrayed in women’s magazines etc…are often not real (but are air brushed and technologically altered) and in many cases, not healthy.

Yet do our brains intelligently and reliably inform us of this truth? Or we still challenged by them? Maybe even threatened and discomforted by them?

From my own observations and the feedback I get, we are.

Time To Heal

So today I’d like to do what I can to help heal those feelings and encourage you to throw out some of those perjorative body labels you may have been subconsciously accepting.

Yep, throw them out – toss them out the window, dump them in the rubbish, flush them down the loo or whatever it takes to be rid of them ! You don’t need them !

The Reality

Your body is a beautiful and amazing living breathing entity.  Right now, without any conscious effort on your part, your heart goes on pumping your blood, your food goes on being digested, your hair grows and your skin repairs and renews all it’s little cuts and grazes. You are, in fact, a perfect and wonderful creation

Why not appreciate your body’s unique characteristics? Be, in awe, of it. Celebrate it. Love it.

The Truth

The comparisons we humans can make between one body and another is endless if we let it be. One person will be taller/shorter than yourself. Another more hairy. Thinner. Fatter. Older. Younger. Another has red hair/you have blond hair.

And that’s all fine. What a boring world it would be if we were all the same.

So today, right now, I’d like to encourage you to look beyond such comparisons and decide to love and appreciate ourselves (just a little bit more than usual).

Let’s decide today to celebrate our own uniqueness and individuality and love ourselves instead of constantly making reference to all that we perceive to be lacking.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying to give up on the weight loss journey. At all. Not even close. What I am saying is maybe it’s time to be  gentle with yourself. Take it easy. Breathe. Accept. And know that no matter what stage of the weight loss journey you are on; just beginning, haven’t started, half way there, you are still a beautiful human being.

A True Definition of Good Health

Good health is about more than having a great looking body. It is about nuturing and caring for your whole self – body, mind and spirit. It is about incorporating balance, moderation, peace of mind and awareness into your life. This means giving up the perjorative labels and negative talk!

Are you ready to give yourself a litte more self love today?

Weight Loss and Society: Who Has A Vested Interest In Your Progress?


Life As A Tug of War

Do you sometimes find yourself in a ‘them or me’ situation and don’t know what to do? Many of us do from time to time. It can be difficult sticking to decisions when you feel yourself pulled in another direction.

For example, a friend of mine recently confided that each time she decides to start a new exercise program or join a class, something bad happens to her (her words). Things like, one of her kids getting sick or a friend calling at the last minute and needing her help.

My friend had a complete list of reasons and events that had conspired to stop her from trying something new. Something which deep down she really wanted to do. So she gave up trying.

I’ll never get there, she finally concluded at the end of our conversation about people, circumstances, reasons, excuses, events, bad luck and the general negativity that surrounded her.  ‘ It could have been fun, but too many people want me to do too many things, ‘ she noted finally. I’m not sure whether she was still talking to me at this point or had begun talking to herself, but it didn’t matter. Her mind was made up.

Conflicting Goals

Funnily enough, my friend was right. She will never get there. At least not while she was continually sabotaging her own efforts by continuing to blame everything and everyone around her for her lack of action. In her defence, these events did actually occur. A close relative was ill and she had been visiting them often.

Kids also do need their mothers and friends do need a listening ear. However when we find ourselves keeping busy by being all things to all people, I think it’s time to stop, take a deep breath and reflect a little.

What We Believe

In contrast to what we are sometimes tempted to believe (that nobody really supports or helps us and everybody is conspiring against us) I actually choose to believe the opposite – that inherently other people are good and  that they really do want to see our lives work out for the best. Yes, they may have needs of their own but primarily, they also want the best for us and would love for nothing more than the chance to see us achieve what we set out to.

I guess what I am trying to say is that where my friend sees a contrast between what other people want from her (and is frightened of disappointing them) and what she wants (and is less worried about disappointing herself), I see no such contrast.

A Torch In The Dark

In my view, we  are all in this together.  Yes, we all need the support of friends, loved ones, family and sometimes from distant weight loss bloggers! As actress Whoopi Goldberg has said, “We’re here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark.” 

My sentiments exactly, Whoopi.

However it doesn’t have to be a tug of war between ‘us’ and ‘them’.  Imagine how you would feel tomorrow if you stopped making the needs and wants of others an excuse for not doing things.  Picture yourself going to the things you want to – those workshops, those classes, a run/walk in the late afternoons or whatever it is you want to achieve and then imagine bringing all the fun and excitement back to those loved ones who you thought were stopping you.

It’s our choice: we can keep blaming others, society, our friends and family or we can understand that everyone has a vested interest in our progress, because we are all in this together.  It’s not you against the world, it’s you against you.

We care about your progress. Do you?



PS  If the above post leaves you feeling a little bit uncomfortable or annoyed, that is a good sign!  I only ever made big changes to my lifestyle and habits when I got uncomfortable and also altered my beliefs, attitudes and habitual thoughts.

PPS  Hope you can join us in a couple of days, for Fun Friday. We will lighten the mood and get ready for a great weekend 🙂 See you then 🙂

Five Good Things About Weight Loss – How To Stay Focused on The Good Stuff and Lose Weight

A Positive Focus

Good morning, evening or afternoon, whatever it is in your world, I hope it’s good !  Often here I talk about the times we are presented with ‘food overload’ opportunities and offer you lovely readers some tips on overcoming your impulses during those times.  So today I just thought I’d give you some feedback on a recent occasion I attended where the food temptress (some call “coconut ice”) was making an appearance.

So my news is that a good time was had by all at our school fete, without a binge or overload of coconut ice or any other problematic foods.  I had kebabs and rice for lunch, a cup of tea and one low cal cola drink for snacktime.  Okay, okay…. I pinched some hot chips (only 2) from my kids chip bucket.  Venial sin. No penance.  I say so!!

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings and onto today’s post, which is basically about finding the good….in life and/or with a problematic waist lines. 

Your Mental and Emotional State

So, what’s so great about being 20 kg overweight I hear you ask ?? Or 10 or 5 ??  Seems like a miserable, undesirable place to be in, doesn’t it?  Must get out of here.  Move on.  Lose the weight.  Buy nicer clothes. Feel better.

Nothing wrong with all that of course, except that is, if you’re putting off ‘feeling good’ until you reach these goals.  In which case, they might just take a little longer to achieve!!  Feeling good and staying positive, inspired, confident and happy are all desirable and attainable states to remain in as you move toward your goal. 

 In fact, I would totally recommend staying in these states as often as you can. It accelerates weight loss (no scientific data to back that one up, but I know it’s true).

The 5 Good Things – Getting Your Psychology Back on Track

You can get yourself back on track mentally anytime you choose.  And once you do, you can stay there by practicing one simple task. This is it – everyday, set aside some time to make a list of 5 good things that happened to you  that day.  They can be as simple as receiving a telephone message from a person you enjoyed hearing from or the fact that your car started this morning or well, I‘ll let you add the details.  Stay on task until you’ve gotten to 5 good things!  It won’t be hard.

The Unhealthy Alternative

We all do have a tendency to at times to only notice the negatives and to only see the things that are not as we want them to be.  Apart from this being a vast waste of our mental potential, it also doesn’t make you happy.  Weight loss will come (if you are doing all the right things).  It takes time, though.

So what will you do in the meantime then? Are you going to spend every day until then, bemoaning your predicament??  Or are you going to retrain that errant wandering mind , to help it to see the light or at least to turns it’s face in that general direction? 

The Ego’s Pull

If it makes you feel better (and after all that’s what this post is about) you can blame a pesky little thing called Ego, for your inability to see the good that surrounds you.  Your ego (that internal voice, that begins most sentences with “I”) can be the cause of much unrest, with it’s constant reference to all your imperfections and to everything that’s missing in your life.   

So switch off your Ego’s voice.  YOUR the one in charge, now. Let it know that. You’re well aware of the things you need to change and you’re on to it, but in the meantime, you’re also going to enjoy and treasure every single moment of your life!!

Have a great day weight loss achievers……drop me a comment if you’d like to share your particular 5 good things.  I’d love to hear them.  I’m off to make my own list….



Fortify Yourself With Optimism and Become a “Yes” Person – You Will Achieve More

The Yes and No People

Recently I took a sheet of paper and divided it into two columns: “Yes People,” and “No People.” Then I thought about individuals I knew and wrote their names in the appropriate column. What a shock it was to see the length of the “No” list.

These were the people who heard someone say, “You can’t do that!” and they believed it. Now they were saying, “It can’t be done!” and their negativity was affecting the lives of others.

What if your friends made such a list right now, under which heading would they write your name? Do they see me you as enthusiastic, affirmative and optimistic? Or do they believe you see more problems than solutions?

Are you committed to finding the good and accentuating the positve ? If not, why not? 


Perhaps we could all do with an “attitude renovation” from time to time –  a little space to take an inventory of our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs and then examine their impact upon ourselves and others.

If we take time to do so, we might just start responding to life with hope instead of fear, with encouragement instead of criticism, with belief instead of despair.

I will close with the words of the author, Frank Hughes, which I love : “I will say this about being an optimist; even when things don’t turn out well, you are certain they will get better.”

We are all only a choice away from seeing life this way!