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A Weight Loss Blogger’s Questions Answered or Why Blogging is Good For Your Health

Howdy to all of you who’ve dropped by today. Nice to have you here. I’m short on time today so today’s post may not be full of weight loss or fitness education, which is often the type of post I write. Those can be be a little one dimensional anyway, I think and since none of our lives are one dimensional it may be a nice aside today to just sit here and chat to you.   

Blogs are supposed to be about connection anyway, I believe.  So here goes – some insights into my inner musings:

One thing I have found myself reflecting on lately is my motivation for starting this blog in the first place. As a friend at the gym said to me the other day, when I shared with him that I had become a blogger, “Why?”

By my friend’s own admission, computers are not his thing and he prefers being in the gym to being in cyberspace. Each to his own, I know, but I don’t think he knows what he’s missing!

A Question I had To Answer

I can’t remember exactly the answer I gave him at the time, but he had me thinking about the answer for some time afterward.  Iknow I had considered blogging a long time ago, but never started.  So why now?  Yes, there is the book I keep yabbering on about (if you haven’t heard about it, you must be new!) however, I have come to see this blog also as a place where I can explore many new things, just through the process of writing itself. 

Write Yourself Healthy

I enjoy writing  probably just as much as I do talking  (just ask my friends). However I have found that regular writing  has many other side benefits I hadn’t formerly considered. It helps me clarify my thoughts, it makes me feel good (by expressing rather than internalising emotions), I find it mentally stimulating and I’ve been told, with enough practice, I can get better at it!

So I guess I am doing it to discipline myself and to make a committment to something which I enjoy and  hope to improve at.  It has absolutlely nothing to do with the fact that (despite what he might tell you himself ) my 12 year old son is learning computer and writing skills more rapidly than I can keep up with. Nope, nothing to do with that at all.  Okay, maybe a little. 

See, what did I say about writing helping to clarify your thoughts?  I have just realised that part of my own motivation to write is to keep up with my primary age child. Is that a little pathetic?  Oh well, it’s true. Apparently.

Well before I divulge too much more of my own chaotic mind’s ramblings, I think I’ll close.  I may implode if I find out too much more about myself.

Thanks for helping me to work all that out. I now feel freshly recommitted to the blogosphere and am looking forward to learning more. If any of you would like to share your own blogging experiences (or any subconscious parent/child competitive streak you have ) I would love to hear. It would make me feel better.

Okay folks, bye for now. I’m off to bury myself in The Influence of Social Media ( a new book I’m reading, which is way over the top of any kids head) ….OMG, how pathetic!

Ciao friends. See you back here next time,