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Could You Lose 2 kg by Christmas Day? or How To Give Your Health and Weight Loss Program A Boost,This Festive Season


Editor’s note: This post is written to encourage and support anyone who has begun a weight loss journey and is concerned that Christmas and the holiday season might be their downfall! If this is not you, then Happy Holidays anyhow and I hope you enjoy your Christmas cheer! If you yourself have any tips or advice to help those who might still be struggling with weight loss issues then please share them with us all in the comment box. Thanks….

P.S. I have written this post according to the traditons here in Australia where I live. I realise that many of you have just celebrated Thanksgiving too. I hope you enjoyed yourself and perhaps you should read this post after you have recovered!!  Happy Thanksgiving to you anyhow – it sounds like a wonderful tradition!

The Big Question

Could you lose 2 kg by Christmas Day? Of course you could! With exactly one month to go till the big day, a weight loss of 2 kg is definitely achievable, given that the expected and healthy loss for anyone on a weight loss plan or program is about 0.5 kg a week.

Trouble is around this time a lot of people on weight loss journeys start to worry because they know that pretty soon, food is going to be a very big player in every social event and get together. But relax…..really…with a little bit of forward planning and decision-making the ‘food thing’ or our ‘impulse control thing’ does not have to get out of hand.

It does however, take some conscious thought.

Planning Ahead For Parties

First up here’s an idea that a friend shared with me some time ago. I’ve tried it and it works. It’s also extremely simple.

It involves ‘visualising’ (which is basically just creating a mental picture) of the food you know or think will be offered at a particular event and then ‘seeing’ yourself either saying ‘no thanks’ or just shaking your head. By doing this you are creating a conditioned response to the food instead of just reacting to. You are being a ‘mindful eater’ instead of the opposite. All good, so far.

But what about liquid calories? These also need to be taken into account, so choose your drinks carefully and dilute them with soda or mineral water where you can. Or don’t drink at all. There’s a thought!  I know, it is CHRISTMAS ….so go ahead and celebrate, just be mindful of all you consume though and trust me you can still have a great time!

The Real Focus

Christmas really is about sharing and getting together with family and friends. The food is part of the tradition, but it’s not the essence of the day. Good conversation, catching up with the lives of those whom you don’t see often enough and simply sharing some love and laughter can all take place with or without the food. So if you are serious about avoiding a ‘weight loss blowout’ this Christmas try to reflect on the real and important part of the Christmas message and the ‘food thing’ will have far less emphasis for you.

More Tips..

So, we’ve taken care ( at least a little) of those good choices you are going to make at your office party or get together.  Another tip would be to take your own plate. Everyone always appreciates a beautiful healthy fruit platter on the table which is fine to nimble from any time! Similarly, you can bring fish to a barbecue, some low fat snack items from the health food store or anything else that you know is going to prevent a blow out of your daily calorie count.

Forward planning all your snacks and meals is always a great idea when you are on a weight loss plan, but it is even more important now when you may be feeling that temptation is all around you. Stick to what has worked for you already and you’ll be fine!

New Shoes, New Routine, New Energy

This month leading up to Christmas is also a great time to give your exercise routine a bit of a kick in the butt!! Rather than start scaling back your workouts (because you’re going on holidays) why not rev it up a bit!!

 Find some new hills to climb, choose a new machine to use at the gym or just spent an extra 20 minutes a day being active. I’m going to!

While you’re at it, why not visit the shops and treat yourself to some new workout gear? Perhaps a new pair of runners or gym pants. Anything that will give your ‘fitness psyche’ a little pick me up, is helpful.

One More Thought….

Another great idea is to start sourcing some beautiful low fat and low calorie dishes and recipes. There are loads of alternatives to ‘traditional’ dishes out there to try!

Christmas and the holiday season can be a time when you really boost your weight loss efforts if you are willing to. And if you need any further support or just would like someone to tell you what a great job you’re doing (and you probably are!) then don’t hesitate to drop me an email or a comment!

 Love to help, if I can. 🙂

Do you find it hard to stick to your weight loss plan over the holidays? Maybe you’ve already lost weight yourself and understand how others might be feeling?

Perhaps we all should stay mindful of our food choices these holidays whether we are on a weight loss plan or not? What do you think?

Lastly, do you have any great low-calorie recipes for ‘alternative’ dishes for Christmas? Love to have you share them or any other tips or advice you may have….as always love to hear from you. 🙂


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Weight Loss Mania – How To Get Excited About Something You Don’t Want To Do

Changing Your Emotional Viewpoint

Hey there everyone,

How are you? Awhh,  stop making faces at the computer (I saw that !!)….it’s going to be an amazing day!!  🙂

First up, how about a quick ‘pick me up’ ? No, you don’t have to get up or dance around or jog on the spot for one minute (although that would be good !!).  Instead this is a chat about creating an emotion – excitement. Or at least, creating a little distance from excitement’s arch enemy..apathy.  We’ll get you moving mentally and then you can dance and jog or do whatever turns your fancy!!

The Problem

So, let’s face it….sometimes we know the “what to do’s” and “how to do it’s” of weight loss, but we just can’t seem to get the motivation to start.  Too much trouble to do. Too long to achieve it.  Too many changes to make within an already comforable set of behaviours and habits. 

The Strategies For Mental Change

Yet, it is still totally possible for you to do. Furthermore, I know you still desire it and most of the time, you just can’t  stop thinking about getting it done. So, how do we turn the thinking into the doing and start making some lasting life long changes?  Below are a few strategies for your consideration…

1. Place an image or photograph of yourself before you gained weight, where you can see it often. Remember that time and how you felt about yourself.  Silently commit to becoming that person again.

2. Affirmations are powerful. Repeat to yourself – I am ready and willing to create positive change in my life.  Repeat daily – mornings is best, just after you awaken.

3. Visualise and meditate.  This involves visualising the new, slimmer YOU that is evolving. You can do this without a photograph. First, choose a time when you will have a few minutes on your own, undisturbed by others.  After you create the desired image in your mind, just hold that image, while repeating the affirmations in 2 above.  I am just giving you a brief overview of this strategy here, but believe me, even just a little quiet time alone and some positive affirmations will be effective.

4. Dream big. The following quote sums this one up – “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right”. So why not dream big and ‘think you can’.  Just don’t set your sights too low, because if you do that, you’re defeated before you start.

5. Tell yourself that your time has come. This idea comes from my favourite author, the wonderful Wayne Dyer and his beautiful book entitled ‘Inspiration’ , where he espouses that ‘there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ Your idea – of a new, improved, slimmer, healthier version of yourself has come.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog!!

6. Action. Having already decided that the time for some positive change in your life has come, now all you have to do is to follow this idea to it’s end…and start making the changes you know you need to make.

In my book, REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS, I discuss these ideas more fully and I hope one day soon you’ll have yourself a copy to refer to. Until then however, you can get yourself moving with a few small changes….and you can do it today. Eat some fruit, instead of that biscuit or cake. Take that long walk, you’ve been thinking about. Jog on the spot !!  Dance around your computer!! 

In short, take some time to think about becoming more active and making better food choices.  It’s a start…..oh and I almost forgot my number 7 suggestion….

7. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people.  Don’t let yourself be dragged down by the ‘You’ll Never Do It, Brigade’ or as I have heard them called before,  ‘The Energy Vampires’.

Positive energy is contagious.  So is negative energy.

Limit your intake of the latter and fill yourself up with the former.

So there you have it – some quick training tips that are not all about the physical.  Sometimes we just need to start with the mind and then move on to the body……

Hope you enjoy your day, lovely people.  Keep on, keeping on and I’ll see you next time. 

As always, I very warmly invite you to share your thoughts or comments, below 🙂


Mon 🙂