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Why Pay To See A Comedian? Ten Top Reasons To Laugh and Smile Today


Because We All Need A Reason To Laugh

Hi there. Welcome to Fun Friday, where we lighten up and remember not to take ourselves too seriously.   Yes, I know that it’s not quite Friday yet, but heck, here’s a little pre-Friday silliness anyhow or (depending on your global location) maybe it is Friday fun, for you. Whatever. It’s fun. Call it what you like. I’m confused.

Friday Fun - The best funnies on the web

Feeling Good, Pharmaceutical Free

First up I gotta say ‘researching’ for today’s post was kind of fun.  Okay, a lot fun.

I found so many things to make me smile and laugh, that by now I must have overdosed on endorphins.You know – the kind that doesn’t come in a pill, but is naturally produced by our amazing bodies.

Anyhoozie, I  will leave the exploration of the body’s natural pharmacy for another post.  It is a fascinating subject and one that I’ve already read lots about…..but I digress.

Today, without any further ado is a little bit of comic relief to lighten your day. If you happen to get caught reading this while you are work, relax ‘cos you can always push the PANIC BUTTON below. That should cover you.

More Funny Stuff

I couldn’t help but also include a few little notes from those hilarious little people in our world who often make us laugh. Yep, our kids!  Even when they are trying to be serious and heartfelt they can still be funny as. Have a read, have a laugh and don’t forget to also check out our list of short funny quotes below.

Oh and if anyone has anything they can add to the list, please send us your ‘funny quotes or sayings’ via the comments box. We’d love to hear about them! So without any further, further ado here’s a few reasons to smile today……

Funny Quotes

1.  When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep — not screaming, like the passengers in his car.
2.  The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not. – Mark Twain
3.  The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.
4.  Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils .
5. Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
6. A blonde went to buy a Pizza and after ordering, the assistant asked the blonde if she would like her pizza cut into six pieces or twelve. “Six please” she said, “I could never eat twelve!”
7. From Homer Simpson: “Press any key to continue, where’s the any key?”
8. Q: Why can’t you tell blondes knock-knock jokes? A: Because they always go and answer the door.
Okay you’re right, that’s only eight.  So here’s two more funny things:
Have a great weekend,

Weight Loss, Society and Following The Rules (Part One) – How To Be An Individual and Survive.

The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish writer.
Still Going Strong or How To Revive A Tired Blog
Er, hello?  (I cough uncomfortably).
Remember me?  The beautiful, blonde, super model blogger from Australia? (Oops no sorry I forgot, that’s just in my dreams)
Anyhow, I’m back and am here to breathe life into this somewhat neglected little blog spot.  It seems that recently I may have inadvertently broken all the ‘rules for blogging’ which happen to include regular posts and updates.  BIG OOPS!  Having never been a very good rule follower though, it is not surprising to me that I’ve broken a few. I seem to do that often.
In my (humble) opinion, there’s too many rules governing our lives anyway. And who is it that keeps making them, imposing them, defining them, applying them?  If someone happens to personally know an official ‘rules maker’ please notify me, asap, as I would love to have a chat to them.  We all just wanna be happy, right?  So what’s this with all this ‘ rules we must all follow’ hype that seems to follow me everywhere I go?
More Musings About Rules
The dictionary defines rules as the following: ordinary course of procedure; usual way; common state or condition of things. Hmmm, okay, but rules are meant to be broken, are they not? Apart from the few rules that ensure our collective safety and wellbeing – look both ways before crossing the road, don’t put your hand on a hot stove, etc…I have begun to wonder what other rules might be surreptitiously governing our lives without our permission?
Ask a person covered in tattoos or piercings (I have nothing against either, by the way) and I bet they would say ‘plenty’.  Perhaps these are the few that are saying to society – ‘you won’t catch me conforming to your ordinary course of procedure’.  Perhaps their individualism and their own concept of what is usual, acceptable and common is more important to them than some arbitrary society rule which says we should all leave our skin intact. No graffiti artists allowed.
Interestingly though it  is quite usual and acceptable to spray tan your body, sun tan your body, paint (or even fake) your fingernails and dye your hair .  All quite commonplace and usual. Not so with tattoos and various piercings which are often viewed as being ‘out of the norm’.
Reading The Rules
Maybe it all comes down to this : how you read the rules. What message do you receive? What filters are you using to interpret them? Did your family always follow the rules?  Were you punished severely as a child for not following the rules? Are you too scared or frightened to be different, act different, look different?  And lastly if you did break a few rules, what are the perceived consequences?
 I may be playing the devils advocate here, but having stretched my mind around these concepts a few times myself, I thought I would put some feelers out and see what you think about these ideas.
Just Me
Maybe I’m the one whose got it all wrong though. Perhaps we should all be following the rules. After all they are there for a reason. Society could not function without them, right?  Anarchy would result and society would become dysfunctional without them. No dysfunction in society right now though – oh, mmm, okay maybe a little!
The Last Bit
Anyhow, that’s my musings for today. Not too much there about weight loss, per se, but plenty I think about acceptability, conformity and happiness, which are all issues that are very relevant to us on our weight loss journeys. 
Love to hear from you today. If you have the time I’d love for you to share some of your own experiences with breaking the rules.
How did you feel?
Were there any positive benefits or outcomes?
Is expressing yourself your way and taking things as they come more important to you than rigid rules and commandments?
The Second Last Bit
I think you know what my views are, but as I said perhaps I’m just an outspoken lefty whose got it all wrong. Let me know what ya’ think, friends.
Also, stay tuned next week for Part 2 of this post: Weight Loss, Society and Following The Rules: Who Has A Vested Interest In Your Progress?
Ciao All. Have A Happy Weekend,
PS Oh and why the picture of the palm trees and beach? Because it’s two weeks until my beach holiday and I can’t wait!

Encouraging Your Weight Loss Potential and Voices From Your Past

Letters of Encouragement from The Perfect Parent

Sometimes, during those dreamy ‘what if’ moments that seem to affect us all, I find myself reflecting  upon what decisions I may have made earlier in life had I been given a higher degree of encouragement from own parents and teachers. Would I ever had struggled with weight loss?  Would I have made a different career choice? Would I have had greater feelings of self-esteem and worth as I grew up? I know I’m not alone here, having had more than a few conversations with friends who have also pondered upon their past in a similar way.

Unlike some though, I certainly do not hold any grudges nor do I get lost in any useless wistful thinking. I have never felt anything other than a huge amount of affection, love and gratitude toward my wonderful parents. They did the best they could as parents. As I now know, it’s not an easy role to fulfill.

Tell Me Again, Norman Vincent Peale

So as much as I wanted it, verbal encouragement just wasn’t forth coming. In fact, back then (a few decades ago) it wasn’t forth coming for anybody much, at least not in the mainstream culture of suburbia in which I grew up.  As it happened however,  this seeming indifference toward my exuberant youthful dreams and ambitions eventually led me to absorb myself in  many enriching and enlightening books. As a teenager and young adult, I added another dimension to my life as I worked my way through them, giving myself all the encouragement and motivation I so desired. One of the first ‘personal development’ books I ever read was The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, followed by How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie.  I was about 17 at the time and these books profoundly effected my choices and behaviours from that time on.

Back to My Parents

What my parents did verbalize and worry about a lot however was security and from that perspective they gave me their best advice, sharing all the stuff that other people had told them was important. 

Maybe they should have snuck into my bedroom and read my books, because basically the advice I received from them went something like:-

1.Get a job, a really, really ‘secure’ one.

2.Get married (no specifics given here, although my mother leaned toward the ‘rich and professional type’).

3.Have kids.

4.Be a ‘good girl’.

Yes, Ma’am.

Rules for Living, Expanded

I know my parents meant well and that ‘ticking all the boxes’ was very important to people of their generation. However if they were still alive today and perhaps if they had been given some encouragement along their way, I’d like to think they might now send me an amended version of The Rules for Living. I imagine this update to begin with the words  Dear Daughter,  I forgot  to mention a few things…..

1. Follow your passions.

2. Do what excites and inspires you.

3. Live everyday with enthusiasm and optimism (or live everyday as if it were your last).

4. Never give up.

5. Always help and encourage others to follow their dreams.

Although these rules weren’t in the curriculum at school nor in the rules of life my parents passed on, they are the one’s I’ll pass onto my own kids, when they’re ready to learn them. 

Giving and Receiving Encouragement

So what then of those absent ‘letters of encouragement’ my inner teenager sometimes yearns for?  Well, I don’t really need them now. I know I was loved and if my parents had equated loving me with encouraging me, they would have. It just wasn’t a priority for them. I have also learnt that giving encouragement to others can be just as rewarding as receiving it yourself. 

And so today I would like to send YOU a letter of encouragement. I know, I’m not your mother, but here it goes anyhow, a little letter from me to you to keep that fire burning within or perhaps to rekindle the embers of one that may be slowly going out.

Your Letter

Dear You,

I’ve noticed how hard you’ve been working lately and how tired you get sometimes.  I also know how much you want some things in your life to change. And they will. It just takes time, a little persistence and self belief, but I know you possess those things. I know you can do it.

I also know that at times it seems everything around you is saying ‘give up’ or ‘you can’t do it’, but don’t listen to those messages. Listen to me, the voice of encouragement and love. It knows better than those naysayers. It knows that you possess an inner strength greater than you sometimes realise.

I also know you are a good person. In fact, I believe, you are a great person, and that so far in life, you have only skimmed the surface of what is possible for you.

So please don’t let yourself be discouraged. Stick with ‘it’. Whether ‘it’ is weight loss or some other type of personal change you now desire, it is all possible for you.

Your worth it and I’m proud of you.


Till next time friends,



P.S. This post was written in loving and respectful memory of  Margaret and Richard, my parents.

Losing Weight and Changing Habits – A Kickstart to Better Weight Loss Behaviour

Good morning, afternoon or evening….whatever it is in your world, I hope it is a good one!  A BIG welcome to my new readers. It’s great to have you hear and I hope you’ll visit often!

Please make yourselves comfy, grab a coffee or tea and take a look around my blog when you get the chance.  Also I would like to say a special thanks to Annabel Candy of www.getinthehotspot.com who so generously shared this site with her own readers. Thank you, Annabel ! 

So, What’s Eating You?

Today I thought I’d take a brief look at healing our emotional pains and aches – the ones that often lead us to seek the (relative and short term) comfort of food.  A bag of chips, a packet of biscuits (brownies or cookies) and a soft lounge chair are often the solace of the emotional eater who has not yet learnt a better way.

This type of eating is also sometimes referred to as incidental or mindless eating.  Basically it is the type of eating we do without thinking.  At all.  Instead, we react (to our emotional triggers) not respond and often fall back on a habit we have perhaps possessed for a very long time. Perhaps it even started as a child.  Well, we are all grown ups now and maybe it’s time to learn a few new ways of responding to the conditions of our lives.

Negative or Positive Energy, Which Do You Want?

I am reminded of the saying here “to change what we can, accept what we can’t and to find the wisdom to know the difference”.  It’s a simple statement, but a powerful one. So much of our emotional energy is wasted in negative reactions such as resentment, worry, fear and anger.  Just hearing those words temporarily drains my own energy.  Who really likes to be around someone when they are angry, ranting or otherwise sharing their negative feelings with those around them? 

Unless we are talking about small children here or someone with a genuine need to be heard, I for one, steer clear of such people and situations as much as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I have much time for listening and counselling anyone who has a real need. 

Listening to someone in a loving way in order to help them move forward with a problem is completely different to letting yourself become a sounding board or doormat for the generally grumpy, rude, disrespectful or angry people who sometimes inhabit our personal space. I’m sure you know what I mean!

Goodbye Negative Thoughts

My point here is twofold. First up, one way not to get caught up in someone else’s negativity is to take back your own personal power. You don’t have to stand there and listen and let your otherwise happy and carefree day be ruined.  You can take a stand, tell them you don’t share their demeanour today and move on.  It’s a sure-fire way to make them stop.

Secondly, what of your own negative thoughts? You can take a similar approach with them! You don’t have to listen in to those negative, automatic thoughts that arise.  A friend of mine has recently taken a new approach to her own negative thoughts and now replies to them with “clear, delete, erase” each time she recognises the presence of one of these unhelpful thoughts.  She has, in essence begun a ‘reprogramming’ approach to her internal dialogue.

This is a subject which I talk about in greater depth in my book, REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS.  In fact I recently decided to add a whole new section devoted primarily to this topic as I believe it to be so important.

Although it is probably beyond the scope of this one post to elaborate fully, I will try and emphasize before I close two key tools for handling and balancing emotional issues.

Forgiveness and Gratitude

One is the choice you can make (if you choose) to forgive. It can be a huge release when we are sincerely able to forgive another for any hurts they may have caused. This doesn’t have to mean an acknowledgement that you approve of what they did, but rather just an intention on your part to forgive them, anyway.  The person this benefits the most is YOU, not them.

Secondly, try to keep yourself focused on the things you have to be thankful for in life. Earlier today I was sent a video from an acquaintance who has been doing charity work in Africa. Her video bought tears to my eyes and caused me to reflect on all that we here in the west, have to be grateful for.  So try being thankful – it may just change your perspective a little.

Before closing I also just want to say thanks for reading today.  I do appreciate you dropping by and hope you will remain part of the team here at Reframe Weightloss. 

Together everyone achieves more!

Wishing you well……



PS Please feel free to comment or join in the discussion. Just click comment below to share your thoughts. I would love to hear them.

Five Good Things About Weight Loss – How To Stay Focused on The Good Stuff and Lose Weight

A Positive Focus

Good morning, evening or afternoon, whatever it is in your world, I hope it’s good !  Often here I talk about the times we are presented with ‘food overload’ opportunities and offer you lovely readers some tips on overcoming your impulses during those times.  So today I just thought I’d give you some feedback on a recent occasion I attended where the food temptress (some call “coconut ice”) was making an appearance.

So my news is that a good time was had by all at our school fete, without a binge or overload of coconut ice or any other problematic foods.  I had kebabs and rice for lunch, a cup of tea and one low cal cola drink for snacktime.  Okay, okay…. I pinched some hot chips (only 2) from my kids chip bucket.  Venial sin. No penance.  I say so!!

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings and onto today’s post, which is basically about finding the good….in life and/or with a problematic waist lines. 

Your Mental and Emotional State

So, what’s so great about being 20 kg overweight I hear you ask ?? Or 10 or 5 ??  Seems like a miserable, undesirable place to be in, doesn’t it?  Must get out of here.  Move on.  Lose the weight.  Buy nicer clothes. Feel better.

Nothing wrong with all that of course, except that is, if you’re putting off ‘feeling good’ until you reach these goals.  In which case, they might just take a little longer to achieve!!  Feeling good and staying positive, inspired, confident and happy are all desirable and attainable states to remain in as you move toward your goal. 

 In fact, I would totally recommend staying in these states as often as you can. It accelerates weight loss (no scientific data to back that one up, but I know it’s true).

The 5 Good Things – Getting Your Psychology Back on Track

You can get yourself back on track mentally anytime you choose.  And once you do, you can stay there by practicing one simple task. This is it – everyday, set aside some time to make a list of 5 good things that happened to you  that day.  They can be as simple as receiving a telephone message from a person you enjoyed hearing from or the fact that your car started this morning or well, I‘ll let you add the details.  Stay on task until you’ve gotten to 5 good things!  It won’t be hard.

The Unhealthy Alternative

We all do have a tendency to at times to only notice the negatives and to only see the things that are not as we want them to be.  Apart from this being a vast waste of our mental potential, it also doesn’t make you happy.  Weight loss will come (if you are doing all the right things).  It takes time, though.

So what will you do in the meantime then? Are you going to spend every day until then, bemoaning your predicament??  Or are you going to retrain that errant wandering mind , to help it to see the light or at least to turns it’s face in that general direction? 

The Ego’s Pull

If it makes you feel better (and after all that’s what this post is about) you can blame a pesky little thing called Ego, for your inability to see the good that surrounds you.  Your ego (that internal voice, that begins most sentences with “I”) can be the cause of much unrest, with it’s constant reference to all your imperfections and to everything that’s missing in your life.   

So switch off your Ego’s voice.  YOUR the one in charge, now. Let it know that. You’re well aware of the things you need to change and you’re on to it, but in the meantime, you’re also going to enjoy and treasure every single moment of your life!!

Have a great day weight loss achievers……drop me a comment if you’d like to share your particular 5 good things.  I’d love to hear them.  I’m off to make my own list….



Start Losing Weight Today – The Office Of Positive Change For Weight Loss is Now Open

The Quick Fix

We all know the ‘quick fix’ solution to weight loss doesn’t work, right?  I hope you said, “yes”, because it doesn’t! Yet that doesn’t seem to stop that the flood of diet pills and overnight detox systems that are popping up everywhere in social and mass media alike. It surprises me that people buy into that stuff, but then again I realise how desperate we all feel when we want something to change and we want it now!

Trouble is that when the diet pills don’t work, you then feel bad. You then eat more. You then get mad. And so the cycle goes. But let’s stop. Let’s slow down for  a minute and take a look at what’s really missing in your life (if anything). 

The Office Of Positive Change

What I’d like you to find is a healthier mindset.  A more positive outlook.  A stronger belief in yourself. I’d like you to start viewing yourself as someone who is powerful, productive, capable, tenacious and knowledgable.  I’d like you to see yourself as someone who can find the answers to your weight loss goals by looking within.  By being open to change. By being willing to learn new habits, new behaviours and new ways to view the world.  A pill can’t do that. 

Maybe more information is what you’re looking for. Then, great, do some research. Find a mentor. Learn more.

Or just maybe you already know what to do and are just waiting for the right time to do it. With most of us, this second possibility is often a reality. Okay, so maybe the waiting time is over. That’s it…your name has been called and you are now officially, inside The Office Of Positive Change.  Take a look around.  Say “hi” to the others here. You’re not alone.

Furthermore now that you’re here, recognise that you’re actually way ahead of  the herd.  Way ahead of all those people, who haven’t even started searching for a solution to their weight loss issues.


So stay here!  The Office Of Positive Change doesn’t close.  It’s door is open 24/7.  You have your own clipboard here too.  Somewhere you can record every little change you make. I can’t see anything on your clipboard yet, however.  Relax, it won’t take you long though. In fact, if you take a walk today….just 20 or 30 minutes or even just 10 minutes, your body will have started to respond and you can notch this positive change up on your clipboard!

Or you could skip that chocolate tonight. Or maybe that glass of wine.

I’d love to hear what small changes you may have decided to make today. If you’d like to make a public committment to that change then drop me a comment and declare your committment!

That can be a little scary, I know, but it is also an extremely effective way to stay accountable and make the change stick. You can then let us all know in perhaps one week’s time, how you’re still going with that habit change. How ’bout it? Can you think of one bad habit you’d like to change?

If you’d like to share your positive change action, just click on the comment box below….



Weight Loss or Weight Gain – Make Your Attitude A Positive One

Good Morning !! (or I guess, good evening or whatever time it is in your world). It is morning here in Australia at the time of writing this and I am feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to roll (I think it’s just a morning thing, I may wane a little later on 🙂 ).

So, today I’m exploring, as the title suggests, an aspect of weight control that is (in my experience) rarely discussed. It is the notion of your attitude to your amazing body.

Body Image Friendly Awareness

A few days ago here in Oz, a new government initiative was launched in regard to magazines and the body images they portray. The idea that the media in general has contributed to the rise in eating disorders by lauding overly skinny catwalk models as the ‘ideal’ for women to aspire to, is nothing new.  However, this new initiative lays responsiblity even more closely with the media. It also offers a ‘Body Image Friendly’ tick of approval to magazines that refuse to display unhealthy, unrealistic and overly thin body images. I think this is a huge step in the process of change now taking place within women’s magazines. Let’s hope we see some real positive change in these publications.

Your Body, Your Attitude

Whether you are overweight or underweight however, comparisons of any sort are unhealthy. Although I fully support the laws that encourage more social responsibilty within the media, I also wonder whether there is another aspect involved in all this – our own personal attitude and body awareness.

 Of course, if you are a teenage girl or young child, your ability to come to a new awareness of ‘you’ is very limited (unless you are wisely guided and supported) and your perception of your body is still largely formed and influenced by the media.

May I be clear here that my discussion today is aimed at ‘the rest of us older adults’ who are still forming a view of our bodies, in this way. Although my discussion is relevant for all of us, I, in no way, purport to have all the answers to the epidemic of poor body image and related eating disorders we now see in society.  I have the utmost empathy for anyone suffering these ailments and wish for them the inner peace and emotional tranquility they so deserve.  Love and hugs to anyone currently experiencing this type of disharmony in their lives.

My discussion here is merely to point out the fact that many of us, regardless of the images we view, are still using perjorative body labels and some of these attitudes do not even arise from our size.  The  labels we often use include, but are not exclusive to, the following – homely, plain, ugly, unattractive, boring, etc….

Revamp Your Attitude

I’d like to do, what I can today, to encourage you to throw out these labels – toss them out the window, dump them in the rubbish, flush them down the loo or whatever it takes to be rid of them ! You don’t need them !

Your body is a beautiful and amazing living breathing entity.  Right now, without any conscious effort on your part, your heart goes on pumping your blood, your food goes on being digested, your hair grows and your skin repairs and renews all it’s little cuts and grazes. You are, in fact, a perfect and wonderful creation. 

Why not appreciate your body’s unique characteristics? Be, in awe, of it. Celebrate it. Love it.

The comparisons we humans can make can be endless – short/tall, bald/hairy, fat/thin, red hair/blond hair – the list goes on, if we let it.

Or, we can decide today, right now, to love and appreciate ourselves in a way that looks beyond such comparisons. We can decide to celebrate our own uniqueness and individuality and love ourselves instead of constantly making reference to all that we perceive to be lacking. Stop the hating and start the loving!

It is my belief that our attitude to our bodies, along with the food we feed it and the exercise we give it, can make an enormous difference to our overall health and wellbeing. I hope today you can take some time to think about these ideas and I would love to hear your take of all of this, so as always, feel free to join in the discussion. This post is my thoughts, but I may not know everything (in fact, there is quite a good chance I don’t !), so please let me know what you think, too.

Today’s ‘inspirational video’ is also posted below. Take a peek at it.  My message in including it with today’s post is for us all to start looking at ourselves with at least as much love as we show toward other people. It is entitled ”When I Look At You”. Enjoy.


Mon ( )