Exercise and Weight Loss and Doing The Things You Love – How To Lose Weight and Still Have Fun

Exercise and The Things You Love

Hi there Lovely People of Cyberspace,

Good to see you!! So I was wondering how many of you have exercised today?? 
Eeeekkkk, exercise !!! Such a scary word, but it doesn’t have to be.  At all.  Sometimes just taking the time to find something you love is the key.  So how do we do that?  Well one way to start is to drop that  somewhat ‘grown up’ approach to exercise you may have been habouring and cast your mind back in time. 

Thinking Outside The Square

What I mean here is perhaps finding something you loved as a child will give you a clue as to what we may still enjoy.  So why not sit down today, cast your mind back a few decades and think about what used to make your heart race with excitement and joy.  What gave you such a thrill to do that you always looked forward to it? Perhaps you liked racing around the streets on your bike? Dancing? Rollerskating?

Trying as many variables of these activities as possible will help you come up with an exercise you can stick to. Great!  That’s what we want for long term healthy change.

A Healthy Habit

So when you’ve had that good long think and have located in your mind those activities that gave you the most pleasure, then just grab the phone book (or try online) and find somewhere in your local area that offers what you’re after.  It could be a dance class.  Or perhaps you might buy that bike you’ve been thinking of getting.  Or maybe go to a roller disco and rollerskate your heart out!! The key here is to not think of it as exercise. It’s just a fun activity, that happens to get your body moving and your heart pumping.

A healthy habit can be as easy as that. 🙂

Take it up regularly (marking it in your diary is a good idea) and you’ve began your first fitness regime. 

Starting exercise doesn’t have to mean the whole box and dice – that is, gym workouts or 5 k runs every morning.  You may be ready for that later, but doing something as simple as suggested above is also a great kick start and might just be fun, too!!

When Should I Start?

Since so many of us struggle to find the ‘right’ time to begin our exercise regimes, I thought I’d tackle this problem too.  Some of us try beginning new things at New Year (too far away).  Some of us start new things on Mondays (why wait till then?).  In short, many of us keep putting it off till conditions (as we perceive them) become more ideal. 

“I’ll wait till I feel more motivated.” (Never gonna happen)

“I’ll wait till I get over this cold.” (Get over it, now!)

“I can’t exercise yet, because my foot/arm/hand/leg is still sore.” (Is it really?)

These are all very common types of excuses we tell ourselves. If you’ve used one of them, you are not alone. You’ve got many friends in your ‘excuses club’.  At certain times in my life, I myself was one of them. Not anymore.

Procrastination is Waste of Time

Seriously, putting things off can go on forever. We can go on (and on) waiting for the ‘right’ time, the ‘best time’ or a ‘better time’.  It rarely comes.

NOW , may I humbly suggest, is the time.

If you’ve stumbled upon this blog and thought you’d take a peek at this post, then I would like to suggest to that you’re ready for some healthy change in your life. You are ready to take action. To become more active. To start the road to a healthier lifestyle. Otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far.

So, why not start today.  NO, I said today! Not tomorrow.

Gosh, I’m bossy. I know.

Bossy Boots Me. Sometimes we need a little ‘bossy’ though and I guarantee if you step outside your comfort zone (or even just step outside your front door for a brisk 20 minute walk) you will have taken an enormous step toward becoming that happier, healthier YOU of your dreams.

 “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one single step.”

Why not make that first step today?

With hugs for good health and happiness,

Mon ( )


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