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Hi there everyone.  I apologise for my scarcity here in the blogosphere recently but most of my time and energy is currently being invested into my book, which is due for publication in about a month or so.   If I could only split myself in two, I could do both but given the lack of such superpowers, I guess I’ll have to choose! 

Anyhow, given my current preoccupation and also the questions I have received about the book, I thought I might share a few things today about my ebook, REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS.

One of the questions being asked is “What is an ebook?” Given that you yourself are a blog reader, you possibly already know the answer, but in case you don’t here’s a brief explanation:- an ebook is an electronically downloadable book, usually available in several different formats and able to be read on many different e-reading devices.

Ebooks and Printbooks

If you don’t own an e-reading device such as a Kindle or Ipad, no worries!  Most ebooks are also available (well, mine will be) as a PDF for home printing.  Most of the ebooks I have bought, I have received in this way. 

Apart from the convenience of downloading a book instantly over the net, another reason that ebooks are becoming so popular is that they are also generally cheaper than print books (fewer overheads means a more affordable price for the purchaser).

I guess I am being a little understated here when I talk about the ‘popularity’of ebooks, because many believe that ebook publishing is actually taking over from traditional publishing as ebooks are now accounting for a very large number of overall book sales.  Of course, the opinions about ebooks versus traditional books do vary, depending on which side of the publishing fence that you’re on, but I think it is safe to say that bricks and mortars bookstores are now not the first nor necessarily the most favoured option for many authors.

An ebook revolution has begun!

The Name of the Book

The next most frequent question asked is “I like the name, but what does ‘Reframe Weightloss’ mean exactly?”  Well, I titled it that after a reader told me that the book had changed their weight loss view.  They said that they now saw many previous ‘issues’ in a new light and indeed some of the strategies I suggest using in the book, are aimed at doing just that. I also discuss several ways to ‘reframe’ thoughts and so called ‘negative’ events so that your internal dialogue becomes a much more optimisitc one.

And lastly, “How can I find out when the book is available?” You can do this easily by either subscribing here to this blog or joining our friends on Facebook.  Just type in Reframe Weightloss and you’ll find me!  There will be special discount offers (up to 3o or 40% off) to subscribers of this blog only and also to those who join the Facebook site.

I hope that clarifies a few queries some of you have had or at least, given you a little more information.  Writing a book is a very exciting journey and I am more than happy to share that journey with you.

Okay my friends, I’m off.  I will conclude with these few positive thoughts for you to reflect on.


You have a purpose here in life. You have talents and abilities that are uniquely yours and what you have to offer, no one else can.  So make the most of who you are.  Share your gifts.

You have a destiny in life.  Take the steps you know you need to take to reach it. Don’t be afraid (anymore). 

You have an unlimited supply of all that you really need in life. Take a moment of stillness and quiet and see if you can connect with that abundant supply.  It is always there, available to everyone.

You possess the ability to reach your goals, no matter what your past experiences have been or what anyone has told you.  Nothing is impossible. 

Ciao friends.  Until next time,

Mon xo




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