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Merry Christmas From Lifestyle Design With Monica. New Book and New Website!!

Well, Hello to all the special people/ blog readers of Lifestyle Design With Monica!! Long time, no talk, huh??!! 

I can hardly believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a post here, but as you will see, there have been may reasons I haven’t, not one of them being that I’ve stopped writing. At all!! In fact…..

I am just about to release my book, The Weight Loss Mindset!! Promotions and marketing are running high here in the real world and lots of exciting things are happening, which is why I decided it’s about time I returned to my blogging roots and to thank ALL you wonderful people who have read and subscribed to my blog some time ago. So, THANK YOU!!! Without the support of people like you who took the time to read, comment and encourage my writing I may have come as far a I have (so to speak!!).

If you would like to continue to follow my journey (and I would sincerely LOVE you to!!), please drop by my new site, to find out more.

My new site will soon have a blog on it too, but even now you can sign up and I will stay in touch via my bulk email service. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about my book and also the newly associated products and services that will eventually be available on my site.

Because YOU are one of my early blog readers, YOU’LL BE THE FIRST TO HEAR!!

In the meantime, I would also like to wish you and your family a beautiful, safe and happy Christmas and New Year. There is so much untapped potential in us all and I wish for YOU, this festive seasons, your own feeling of abundance, success, joy and awakening possiblities in the NEW YEAR.  It truly can be a great one for all of us, if we choose to make it so, no matter what else happens in our lives.

With Much Love, Peace and Happiness,

Monica xxoo

PS To reply to this post, please just leave a comment. I WOUL LOVE TO HEAR WHAT YOU’VE BEEN UP TO, AS WELL. Any successes or recent triumphs you have experienced with you blog or life?  PLEASE SHARE!!

From The Blogosphere To The Beach or Why I’m Not Blogging This Week

From The Blogosphere To The Beach or Why I’m Not Blogging This Week.

From The Blogosphere To The Beach or Why I’m Not Blogging This Week

From The Blogosphere To The Beach or Why I’m Not Blogging This Week.

Weight Loss, Society and Following The Rules (Part One) – How To Be An Individual and Survive.

The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Irish writer.
Still Going Strong or How To Revive A Tired Blog
Er, hello?  (I cough uncomfortably).
Remember me?  The beautiful, blonde, super model blogger from Australia? (Oops no sorry I forgot, that’s just in my dreams)
Anyhow, I’m back and am here to breathe life into this somewhat neglected little blog spot.  It seems that recently I may have inadvertently broken all the ‘rules for blogging’ which happen to include regular posts and updates.  BIG OOPS!  Having never been a very good rule follower though, it is not surprising to me that I’ve broken a few. I seem to do that often.
In my (humble) opinion, there’s too many rules governing our lives anyway. And who is it that keeps making them, imposing them, defining them, applying them?  If someone happens to personally know an official ‘rules maker’ please notify me, asap, as I would love to have a chat to them.  We all just wanna be happy, right?  So what’s this with all this ‘ rules we must all follow’ hype that seems to follow me everywhere I go?
More Musings About Rules
The dictionary defines rules as the following: ordinary course of procedure; usual way; common state or condition of things. Hmmm, okay, but rules are meant to be broken, are they not? Apart from the few rules that ensure our collective safety and wellbeing – look both ways before crossing the road, don’t put your hand on a hot stove, etc…I have begun to wonder what other rules might be surreptitiously governing our lives without our permission?
Ask a person covered in tattoos or piercings (I have nothing against either, by the way) and I bet they would say ‘plenty’.  Perhaps these are the few that are saying to society – ‘you won’t catch me conforming to your ordinary course of procedure’.  Perhaps their individualism and their own concept of what is usual, acceptable and common is more important to them than some arbitrary society rule which says we should all leave our skin intact. No graffiti artists allowed.
Interestingly though it  is quite usual and acceptable to spray tan your body, sun tan your body, paint (or even fake) your fingernails and dye your hair .  All quite commonplace and usual. Not so with tattoos and various piercings which are often viewed as being ‘out of the norm’.
Reading The Rules
Maybe it all comes down to this : how you read the rules. What message do you receive? What filters are you using to interpret them? Did your family always follow the rules?  Were you punished severely as a child for not following the rules? Are you too scared or frightened to be different, act different, look different?  And lastly if you did break a few rules, what are the perceived consequences?
 I may be playing the devils advocate here, but having stretched my mind around these concepts a few times myself, I thought I would put some feelers out and see what you think about these ideas.
Just Me
Maybe I’m the one whose got it all wrong though. Perhaps we should all be following the rules. After all they are there for a reason. Society could not function without them, right?  Anarchy would result and society would become dysfunctional without them. No dysfunction in society right now though – oh, mmm, okay maybe a little!
The Last Bit
Anyhow, that’s my musings for today. Not too much there about weight loss, per se, but plenty I think about acceptability, conformity and happiness, which are all issues that are very relevant to us on our weight loss journeys. 
Love to hear from you today. If you have the time I’d love for you to share some of your own experiences with breaking the rules.
How did you feel?
Were there any positive benefits or outcomes?
Is expressing yourself your way and taking things as they come more important to you than rigid rules and commandments?
The Second Last Bit
I think you know what my views are, but as I said perhaps I’m just an outspoken lefty whose got it all wrong. Let me know what ya’ think, friends.
Also, stay tuned next week for Part 2 of this post: Weight Loss, Society and Following The Rules: Who Has A Vested Interest In Your Progress?
Ciao All. Have A Happy Weekend,
PS Oh and why the picture of the palm trees and beach? Because it’s two weeks until my beach holiday and I can’t wait!

Weight Loss On The Run – How To Keep On Track With Your Weight Loss Goals Even On Your Busy Days

The Time Pressed Dieter

Good Afternoon My Weight Loss Buddies,

Just a quick hello today, as time is short for me. However…I thought I’d take this opportunity to take a snap shot look at a couple of ways to keep you on track with your weight loss goals when you are having one of those rushed, ‘gotta be there on time’ days. We all have them and rather than resort to eating in the car or stopping at a fast food drive thru, we need a strategy!

First up, slow down!!  I know this might seem paradoxical to say….but really and truly, we all do a lot of hurrying sometimes, often getting  nowhere fast.  A few deep breaths …. go on….do it now….a few deep breaths and a minute or two to refocus…..slow, deep, refreshing breaths.  Optimally this should be done in a quiet place and in an environment where you will not be disturbed for a minute or two (I’ve actually sometimes chosen the toilet!).

A couple of minutes of silence and solitude can work wonders to calm the mind and slow your thoughts.

The Dieter’s Busy Day Strategy

Okay, so what about the food thing? 

If you have to opt for fast food, even just for a day, please be careful.  Researching and identifying your most diet friendly choices at a time when you are not rushed, is the best idea. Basically by doing this you are actually planning ahead for the day when you are short on time and not thinking clearly.  This way you are not randomly selecting from the array of menu items out there, but rather you are making an informed, predetermined choice even though you may be hurried and harassed. 

For example, my choices are nearly always the same as I know that they are ‘safe’ (low calorie, low fat) ones.  Sweet and sour prawns (braised, never battered) and Pad Thai noodles are just two of my favourites or anything with a tomato based sauce….definetely nothing with a creamy sauce….even Pizza (only a few slices) is not too bad, as long as it is thin crust and has vegetarian or seafood toppings.

Remember, when you are in a hurry…..’not too bad’ is better than a complete disaster which may take you days to recover from in terms of calorie overload and a guilty conscience.

The bottom line is don’t panic if you can’t do home cooked food for a night or two.  Instead, plan your takeaway choices ahead of time and get back on track with some healthy home cooking as soon as is possible. 

The Delay Tactic

If the unhealthy, poor choices keep presenting themselves and you’re still tempted, try the following idea instead. 

Wait.  Just waiting for 5 minutes before you make your final decision can be enough time to have that little mental chat with yourself and redirect your thoughts to a more diet friendly choice.

Okay, that’s it….a quick, yes very quick, snapshot of the Dieter’s Busy Day Strategy.

If you can’t change your circumstances (and often we can’t) instead be concerned about the things you do have control over.  Your choices are something you can control, so focus on making them good ones, not matter what circumstances you find yourself in and you’ll have gained another stronghold in your weight loss efforts.

Ciao lovely people….catch you on the morrow.  You can do it!

Mon ( )

Exceptional Lives and What I Learnt on Twitter – New Lessons and New Inspiration

Hi Everyone,

So yesterday I had this great idea of twittering (sending a tweet) the following little gem – ‘Did Mother Take Vacations’ and then ‘What We Can All Learn About Living Our Passions’ .  Funny how a well meaning idea does not manifest into the purpose you intended – which was simply to stimulate some interesting conversation and perhaps get a visitor or two to this blog.  I think my tagline was misleading….that’s the thing about twitter, you can only say what you want to say in 148 characters, so you’d better make those 148 little symbols, interesting ones.

Anyhow, poor tagline or not, after I tweeted it, it then dawned on me that I had to flesh out this thought myself and the following post is just that. May I also say that I’m glad I did, because if nothing else, I have inspired myself to keep going, keep writing and keep striving.  Which brings me to another intention I had when I tweeted – that was to inspire as all to rise above our everyday thoughts and reactions and try to live more passionately.  In fact that was my main intention, when I think about it.  Maybe the tagline should have been more to my point!! 

Anyhow, I did manage to inspire myself somewhat as I explored a few facts about one of the most amazing spiritual leaders in our lifetime. So that at least, was one intention fulfilled.  Hope it also has a similar effect on you.

So without any further ado – here is my post.  BTW If anyone has any advice about ‘great twittering moments’, I’d love to hear.

The Conventional Life versus The Exceptional Life

The idea of Mother Teresa taking a holiday is of course quite absurd….she was one of the most deeply loving, tirelessly hard working, compassionate, kind, energetic and inspirational individuals to live on this planet (in our time).

A woman devoted to changing the lives of others with no self interest attached, at all.

She was also extremely passionate about her work and in her lifetime, managed to change the minds and hearts of people all over the world with her unending devotion to the poor and underprivileged.

But did she get tired? Did she feel like stopping? Did she ever wonder whether it was all worthwhile? Did she ask what was it in for her? Did she ever doubt her own goals and own her ability to reach them?

I doubt it.

Pressing On When Others Stop

Although she may have gotten tired, she continued.

Although she may well have wanted to stop, she kept going.

And although her goals and dreams for helping the poor may have seemed lofty and unreachable (given her lack of resources and the depth of suffering of the people she served) her belief (as opposed to the collective doubt of others ) was what kept her going.

She began simply, with only 3 saris and a 5 rupee note, so it could be said that the only thing she had in abundance was faith in her mission.

When she was eighty years old and she had developed heart problems, she still continued to work and travel. “I have all eternity to rest,” she told her doctors,” and there is still so much to do.”

A Great Leader

Mother Teresa never gave up, never stopped believing and never felt sorry for herself.  Furthermore, from all accounts from the people who met her, she radiated an amazing joyful presence.

She also acheived great things.

Mother Teresa’s mission and vision may be different from our own personal goals, hopes and dreams, but I still believe it would serve as all to “keep an abundance of faith in our mission”. 

Whether the passion we have is to help others, to help ourselves, to change something, to improve something or to acheive something, I think we can all take her traits in some small measure and make them our own. Or at least try. 

Have a great weekend all,

Mon ( )

PS Don't forget I'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas or experiences. I really value any feedback you might have.