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Downtown In The Blogosphere or….How To Get Your Creative Mojo Back!


Hi all!! Long time, no chat! How’s everything going in your world?

Well, as you can see, I’m back in the blogosphere! Actually I have hardly left, come to think of it. Although I haven’t posted here I have been hanging out downtown in the blogosphere and reading some pretty cool blogs. I needed a bit of a creative pick me up and I found it – more about my that and those people and their blogs, in a minute, but first….

An Update

As I mentioned in my last post, I have recently been focussing my time on working offline on my print book, which has been going well….but still a long way to go, yet. 

I am choosing not to get too overwhelmed however. Instead I will stay in the moment and enjoy all I that I am learning and reading (in the self publishing world) knowing that with persistence I will get there  (I hope).  That last bit in brackets should indicate to you that I am indeed human. Like everyone else, I have setbacks and challenges, but I do believe in the power of persistence, the power of other people to support and encourage you and well, just the general optimism that I find surrounding me lately in the form of other people.

I really want to mention these other people here today, which is why I am taking leave from my self-created blogging sabbatical and posting!!

My Thank You List

First up, YOU are one of these other people. If you have subscribed to my blog or you read my posts often, thank you!! You’re awesome and I’d love to know more about you, so please don’t stay out there lurking in the cybershadows. Come out and say ‘hello’ !!  You already know a  bit about me (perhaps I should share more too!) but I would love to know something about YOU !!  If you’re reading this blog, then I already know that you are someone interested in self growth or achieving a weight loss or another similar goal. But there’s to know about you than that, right?? 🙂

Of course there is! Anyhow…when you’re ready, I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Moving on now to the next most optimistic people I have met lately. One is lovely lady called Tina from Faith, Fitness and Fun. Tina is expecting her second child and writes enthusiastically about her passions and beliefs. I was reading one of her posts the other day,when she was nursing a sick child (and still blogging) and her overall positive attitude really hit a note with me. So thanks, Tina. I’m a fan!!

I’m going to have to start being brief here, but I will also quickly mention Tammy from The Tippy Toe Diet. Tammy is a great lady who is also ‘getting out of her comfort zone’ with new projects on the go. Very inspiring also.

Equally so is Karen from Waisting Time! All of these people are lovely ladies who are optimistic and passionate. Kudos to you ladies!!

And The Winner Is…..

As they say on those TV talent shows (with drums rolling, followed by tooo many minutes of silence….) the names I am mentioning are in no particular order. They aren’t at all. And despite the sequential order they come in, they are all winners, in my eyes. 🙂

However the final ‘optimistic and positively charged person’ I would like to mention is Tristan, from The Blogging Bookshelf.  Wow, this guy has creative mojo like I haven’t seen in ages!! The synapses in Tristan’s brain neurons must be moving at lightening speed lately given the extremely entertaining and informative posts he’s been churning out. Way to go, Tristan!!

So thank you to all of the above people. And to any of the other very creative bloggers I have not mentioned above: if I have not mentioned you, but we have made some connection lately, please let me know!!  I really do appreciate all the creative people I meet here in the blogosphere. 🙂 🙂

And I really appreciate YOU, for reading this far and staying with me!

The Final Message

So what’s the real take away here in this post?

Well, it’s simply this. Firstly, when you need a break (from anything) take one! Secondly, if you really want or need to feel uplifted, motivated, supported or just that someone cares, then seek it out. Go find it! Read, explore, read some more, comment on the blogs you read, ask people for help and most of all, give back to the people who give to you.

I hope I just did in some small way! 

Ciao everyone. See you downtown in the blogosphere (yes, this is a corny video, but those dance moves could make a great workout! ) 🙂

Oh and there’s just one more thing before you go……….

Why not share a brief story or remark about some positive, talented or creative people whom YOU know?  I would love to know about someone whom you find inspiring or who has helped you ‘get your mojo back’ in any way. 

Or why not just tell me a little bit about YOURSELF.  Love to hear from you.  🙂 🙂


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A Special Giveaway Of Reframe Weight Loss To Celebrate Writers Week


The First Bit

“Hi, is this seat taken? No? Oh, good, I really don’t want to intrude, but if you don’t mind then I’d love to sit next to you and have a bit of a chat.”

David moved closer and sat down. The intimacy of their physical closeness caused a faint shiver to pass over him and the small hairs on his arms joined with the goosebumps, in an electrifying dance across his skin.

What Is This?

That was me ‘practice’ writing a third person dialogue scene. Confused? I guess you must be. I’ll explain a little.

Last Sunday, prior to my big book launch and sale, which has dominated this week’s posts, I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO of Smashwords, an e-book publishing company which is also the publisher and distributor of my book, Reframe Weight Loss (er…you may have heard a little about it, here !!)

Meeting Mark and some other authors who also attended his talk was wonderful. I learnt heaps, loved listening to how digital publishing is changing our world (in a nutshell the recent advances and changes in technology are massively transforming the dominance of traditional print publishing models, replacing it with a self driven industry of independent authors building e-book publishing platforms) . But I digress…

Ebooks and Writing

All this recent connection with some fellow ‘literary types’ has got me excited. And more keen than ever to continue writing not only about health, fitness and weight loss (subjects I am passionate about) but also across many other genres too. Why pigeon hold myself ? It might hurt.

Anyhow, I do already have a romance novel manuscript (written several years ago) hidden in the drawers of my study’s filing cabinet. It hides where no self-respecting manuscript should really hide for long (the pages are starting to go a yellowy colour, like the old photographs you see in your grandmother’s house, that scream ‘please rejuvenate me’ before I fade away all together) .

So this brings me to the point of sharing with you a recent personal discovery; that is, that I have feelings about the two books I have written – an affection of sorts – that has recently been rekindled and renewed. 

Queensland Writers Week

And I suppose I am just writing about this here (in my writer’s notebook..00ps, no I forgot, it’s a blog….) for the reason that any writer writes about anything – because I need to.

The other reason is that it is Queensland Writer’s Week and the purpose of this week is to bring authors and readers together in a week-long celebration of all things literary.

The Giveaway, My Celebration

So what better way for me to celebrate this special week I thought than to give away a book. Specifically a copy of, Reframe Weight Loss.

So that is what I am doing today. For your chance to win a free copy, all you have to do is take the minor step of leaving a comment here.  I will then (over the weekend) chose one comment at random and send that person a special code enabling them to download their prize of a FREE COPY of Reframe Weight Loss from Smashwords.

Okay, so ……are you ready to comment?

Don’t be shy. It’s not that scary. Okay so let’s go – one, two, three……comment!

Hope to hear from 🙂 If you would just like to say hi, instead of writing a comment, than you are also very welcome to just do that 🙂