Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Blogging Asset or How To Take Care Of A Creative Mind




This post is something different. I hope it adds some value to your day.

I can’t say it belongs in any traditional ‘Top Tips For Bloggers’ category, that’s for sure.  However, I kind of like dabbling in the alternative, outside of the box slant to blogging and writing, so here it goes…let us know what you think.

Okay, so I could have called this post, Stay Happy and Create or something to that effect. Or perhaps smile, be positive and the writing will flow, but let’s be honest about this – sometimes you may not be feeling 100% energy plus/ soda pop bubbly happy  but you still want to write something (possibly a blog post!).

Your head is telling you – go lay on the couch, read a book, eat something, call a  friend or if those distractions don’t work, why not google something (for fun, not research) or just sit and stare at your computer screen.

Well, doesn’t that sound lazy fazy. Non-productive. Wishy washy. Mediocre. Non action taking.

Maybe, but I don’t need to be a psychologist to know that it is also okay to do it. Good even.

And why? Well, here’s what I think…..

Whilst being the really busy, action taking, self motivated, opportunity grabbing entrepreneurial bloggers that we are is great; sometimes, keeping that level of process and predictability going can be also be draining, destructive and negative. 

Counterproductive even.

Power Vs Force

Creativity is a funny thing. It needs silence. It needs time. It needs to be allowed to take form in our consciousness at whatever pace it decides. Slowly but steadily.

Truth is, creative thinking is not something to take for granted.

It is however something that can be nurtured through silence, rest and time out. 

These words below, from William Penn, aptly illustrate what I am referring to.

True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.  ~William Penn 


And in a world where silence has all but been annihilated, making a conscious choice to find some space and quiet is something worth writing about.

So I did.

Was this blog post helpful?

What enhances your productivity?

What do you think – am I over analysing creativity here?

How do you nurture yourself and your creative side? 


PS Coming soon….(next time I blog) I share my experiences at the most amazing, wonderful, incredible, fantastic weekend seminar with Rachael Bermingham (Australia’s No 1 top-selling author!!). What a power packed weekend it was – I even got to have some private, one on one, time with Rachael as part of the VIP dinner!!! 

Has this weekend changed my life or what?! There were so many fabulously creative, talented and wonderful people there (hello to any of you, who might be reading this!!) and now, new opportunities are knocking on the door, for all of us who attended!!! Woo – hoo!!!

This was one incredibly productive and creative weekend!!!


5 responses to “Are You Neglecting Your Most Important Blogging Asset or How To Take Care Of A Creative Mind

  1. I find if you do one creative thing a day – it makes everything in your life better 🙂

  2. Yes, this post was helpful Mon! Are you kidding? No, obviously you aren’t 🙂

    This post could not be timelier. I am so glad I followed you back over here. Wow, did I need to hear this. Sometimes I just don’t give myself permission to take those little breaks. I get up at 5:30 in the morning, every morning, and I usually just read quietly – while it’s still dark outside.

    Now, because I’ve been slammed with work, I’m skipping the quiet time and jumping right on my laptop. No! No! This all wrong.

    You know what? You just gave me the reminder I needed that those mornings are priceless. Thank you. I owe you one – big time. Wish I could by you that cup of coffee!


  3. Hi Mon!,
    No I don’t believe you’re over thinking creativity….at all.
    It’s probably the most prolific challenge for bloggers. The way I nurture my creative side is by being on the look out for life experiences that I can:
    1. learn from
    2. write about
    Anytime I’m searching for a topic, I go back to things that have happened in my life over the past week or so….and always seem to come up with something.
    Great post Mon, thanks!

  4. Anything that can shift your paradigm or change your perspective has to enhance creativity. I love to read and usually confine myself to being engaged
    in no more than 3 books at one time. As an experiment (to prove what I’m not sure) I decided to try reading 10 books (all non-fiction) but only 25 pages at a time then precede to the next book and read 25 pages until all books are completed. I just curious as to what impact it will have on retention of data and learning.