Could Having A Multi Niche Blog Expand Your Cyber Growth and Development?

Building a blog, I have come to believe, is similar in some ways to building your own home. First you find a vacant piece of land (a few Kilobytes),  a builder ( for me) and then, perhaps a draftsman to draw up your plans (a website designer).

Ultimately though the true architect of your blog is you.

You, The Creator

Just as designing and planning your home gives you the opportunity to leave your own personal imprint on the world, so too does your blog. It is your creation, your energy, your time, your viewpoint and your slant on whatever subject your passionate about.

It is YOU in a cyber package.

Which brings me to this point – YOU are also a multidimensional being.

You have a heart as well as a mind and experiences as well as thoughts. Likewise you have infinite possibilities for what and how much you share in the blogosphere.

So why limit yourself ?

Single Vs Multi Niche

Of course maybe you have a very good reason for limiting what you write  about – maybe what you are really doing is zooming in your focus and narrowing down your subject area – all with good intent and outcome. If so, good on you!!

But can and should we all be doing the same?

I don’t profess to actually have the answer to that question, by the way. Rather, I would like to open up the subject for discussion with you and see if there is some consensus or preference amongst other bloggers.

Some questions I have in relation to this area:-

Do you think it is necessary to blog in a niche?

Is a multi niche blog something you already have or would considered creating?

Do you agree or disagree that we (unintentionally) limit our options by narrowing our focus in one particular area?


Recently I read a post by the gifted Marcus Sheridan, who was guest posting over at The Blogging Bookshelf.  Marcus was (for want of a better term) playing the devil’s advocate, by suggesting that many blogs, now alive and well in the blogosphere, will soon disappear and die, sadly even before their first birthday.

It was a very thought-provoking post and if you and your blog have not yet blown the number 1 candle out on your blogging birthday cake, then I would highly recommend reading it.

It was in fact a post that gave me the impetus to write this one, as I paused to reflect on his observations and the meaning they had for me.

What kept coming up for me (in my thoughts) were the ideas that are now in this post.

Embracing The New

In my first few months of blogging I focussed on providing thought-provoking and motivational tales about weight loss. After writing a whole book on the subject however, I eventually found that I had nothing further to say on the matter; 28,ooo words in an e-book had just about covered what I wanted to share.

I did (and still do) however have a strong interest in personal development which in many ways is tied to the journey of weight loss and better health.

So, I began to expand my content.

Now, 7 or 8 months later and there are many more areas that I now regularly read, research and learn about. Self publishing, writing as a craft, blogging and personal branding are some of the areas I am now studying.

Apart from the personal benefits I gain from this, I also now have heaps more to blog about! A double bonus!

So what are your thoughts?

Is multi niching for you?

What has been your experience and history in the blogosphere?

Has your focus shifted over time?


14 responses to “Could Having A Multi Niche Blog Expand Your Cyber Growth and Development?

  1. Wow Monica, I was busy enjoying this post and then ran across somebody with my same name, that’s crazy!! 😉

    I love that you’ve expanded your niche. I think it’s a wonderful thing. This development often happens with writers, especially ones that are growing and refining their skill.

    Personally, I write about anything that teaches me something. That’s my niche—personal learning experiences. Is it broad? Yep, but I dig it, and I never grow tired of writing.

    Continued success Monica and thanks again.


    • Hee, hee – well, glad you were enjoying the post, Marcus and I just have to mention anyone who inspires or teaches me, which you often do. 🙂
      Thanks for the well wishes too. I do feel that I have grown and hope to continue to do so!
      Live, learn, blog, grow – my motto!

  2. Hi Monica – I don’t have the answers to your question either. My niche is definitely a broad one. I write about how to think and act like an entrepreneur. I’m inspired to write when I can share something that challenges the reader to have a shift in their thinking. To inspire them to take action. Sometimes I think the one I’m inspiring the most is myself. Blogging is wonderful that way!

    Mostly my ideas arise from what I’m doing personally in my business and in my life. From what I share with my numerous brainstorming (mastermind) groups. From my associates and partners. And from years of experience as a coach. It opens the door for a million ideas … ideas I’m totally passionate about.

    If my niche were too small, I would think it would be a struggle to find fresh content.

    This is an excellent topic for discussion. I agree with my friend Marcus … it’s a wonderful thing that you are expanding your niche. I look forward to following you on your journey. Congrats on your book!


  3. Monica,
    Funny you would write about this because the scope of my first blog was a little too limiting. Everything I wanted to write about didn’t always fit. That’s why I started Skyward with a broad focus on Growth, so I can write about any dang thing I please!
    Thanks, enjoyed it!

    • Hey Jason,
      Yes, Growth is a great thing to be writing about! I’m glad to know that others have broadened their focus as they’ve travelled along their blogging journeys, too. Knowing more about other blogs and bloggers and their journey’s is a growth opportunity for me, in itself.
      Thanks for your comment and for joining in the discussion. I appreciate it!
      PS Hope you are well again!

  4. I think that depends a fair bit, actually on how often you publish content. If you have a blog that you publish content about 4 times a day, I would certainly recommend a multi – niche set of topics as it keeps people interested. If it’s once a week, certain topics are going to be left out for months on end.

  5. My niche is so narrow and I worry someday I will run out of things to say. But I also think my readers are coming for what I have to say on that narrow niche. I wonder what would happen if I branched far out. I almost started a second blog to say all the other things I was thinking. But that was too much work.

    • Hi Karen,
      I think people get a lot of support and help from your blog Karen. You always have a positive spin on things and people need to stay positive, when they are facing the ups and downs of weight loss challenges. Honesty is also a great thing too and I think your blog encourages honesty and openness – all good things to embrace when you are aiming for your weight loss goals.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  6. Great post and great questions, Monica, and thanks for the mention!

    I think a lot of it depends on a lot on a couple of factors:

    1) What is your definition of a “niche”? Is “self improvement” a niche or is that multiniche? Is internet marketing a niche or is that multiniche?

    There are a lot of people blogging about internet marketing, and that often includes things like blogging, social media, copywriting, making money online, etc. Each one of those things could be considered a niche by itself. Or I, for example, talk about blogging (usually not social media or making money). But even that could be narrowed down to a niche blog about blog design or blog product creation.

    So depending on your definition, I could be a niche blogger or a multiniche blogger.

    2) What are you trying to accomplish with your blog? If you’re just blogging as a form of self expression, I don’t think it matters that you choose a niche and stick to it. Blog about whatever you want. But if you’re specifically trying to build an audience with a purpose in mind (to make money, to get a book deal, to just have a lot of people that like hearing your thoughts and ideas, etc.), I think that niche blogging is DEFINITELY the way to go.

    I’m sure we’ve all head the “jack of all trades, master of none” expression. That’s how I feel when I go to a true multiniche blog (like where one post talks about robotics, another talks about politics, and the next talks about using Twitter to get traffic to your blog). I feel like it’s hard to dig too deep into any one topic when you’re talking about 20 different things at once.

    That’s part of it. The larger part that matters more is that I don’t want to read about robotics when I’m looking for information on using Twitter! For example, I have two main passions: rock climbing and blogging. Would you still look forward to Blogging Bookshelf posts if I threw in rock climbing tips? I doubt it.

    So again, to answer your question of “Is it necessary to blog in a niche?” I’d say that it just depends. It depends on what your goals are. And it depends on how closely related the niches are.

    I think the best illustration of single niche versus multi niche is this: Let’s say you’re learning Spanish. You come across two blogs that both teach Spanish. One teaches only Spanish while the other teaches Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Which would you choose to learn from? I’m guessing the Spanish-only one, because you don’t care about learning Russian or Chinese.

    Phew. I could go on and on about this because I’ve done all of this. I’ve written about anything and everything under the sun on some blogs, and I’ve had super focused niche blogs.

    Anyway, thanks for the obviously very thought-provoking post, Monica, and thanks again for the mention! I’m off to add a link back here from my mentions page.

    • Wow Tristan – what a great comment! And great answers! I see your point about your own blog and you’re right (as always!).
      Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts and thus add such wonderful value to the discussion. Your mastery on this subject is amazing!
      Experience is obviously a great teacher and so are you!
      Thanks again Tristan!
      Monica 🙂

  7. Monica,

    Lovely article. Yes, my focus changed over time… However my primary objective and methodology has not changed since I started making money online.