Blogging In The Next Decade or Is Blogging Being Reshaped By Something New


Hey there. Before I begin with today’s topic I just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to anyone who commented or shared my last post about the Queensland floods. It will be a long haul before our state recovers completely, but the clean up has begun. Whilst this revival begins it means a lot to know that other people world-wide are empathizing and thinking of my fellow Queenslanders. So thank you for your support. 🙂

Want To Be A Magazine Columnist?

Okay so on today’s post which is about something which has caught my attention recently and got me thinking. Since I said I’d write about it a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was about time I did!  I would also love to know what you guys think about this new vehicle for having a web presence. Would you embrace it? Do you think you’ll use it?

Maybe, I hear you say, but for goodness sake Monica, what is it?

Well, it’s a whole new distribution model called Newsgrape that (so it’s founders, Austrian  residents and media and communication experts, Leo and Felix say) will allow you to reach to a greater audience than ever.

And from what I’ve read and heard, I think it just might.

The web-platform that these guys are building could actually revolutionize the way people share and experience text on the web – just like YouTube has done for videos.

One of the interesting claims (and one that caught my attention) being made by these visionaries it that the time of unconnected, individual blogs is over!  Eeek, I thought, I’d better read this!

What they are building and about to launch is a central place for sharing articles and literary contributions,  whereby people can publish information in a group  under a shared name or  co-create Magazines together.

Different, huh?

What Else Can You Do With Newsgrape?

Well apart from publishing being done collaboratively, by using the magazine system, aspiring bloggers ( like us!) can also join hundreds of magazines as a columnist or editor. Or, we can simply start your own magazine and invite other writers to contribute – both apparently is really easy!

The system they have designed has many other new and different features. They will (as WordPress already does) finds connections within content and also link the best-matching items together.

Unlike current platforms however they will also enable readers to search for  opposite types of posts so they can discover articles of related, yet different content, to be presented as interesting add-ons.

I don’t know about you, but I myself will be checking out Newsgrape when it launches in it’s restricted Pre Beta Phase (no, I have no idea what that means either) in just 16 days!

With more and more people discovering blogging and having fun writing articles on what ever possible topic and even professional journalists, who make their living from writing now appearing on the net (most often on WordPress or Blogger) I am sure the next generation in blogging is set to make an appearance.

Maybe Newsgrape is it?

It might not replace individual blogs, as they say it will but who knows? It has certainly peaked my curiosity though and I am looking forward to finding out more about it as it makes its debut on the web.

I would love to know what others think of this.

Do you think you would use a new platform such as Newsgrape?

What are your experiences with blogging and the different platforms currently available?

Do you have a favourite or a preference for a certain blogging platform?

And lastly, would you prefer still to have your own individual blog or does the idea of collaborative writing appeal to you more?


10 responses to “Blogging In The Next Decade or Is Blogging Being Reshaped By Something New

  1. Monica,
    First time here, love site! I’ve used WordPress and Hubspot on several blogs and have been very happy with both. But it seems that Newsgrape is attempting to further embrace the social/tribal aspect of blogging….pretty cool.
    Thanks for the info, and enjoyed the post.

    • Hi Jason,
      Nice to meet you. Glad you found the info interesting and yes, I think you’re right about Newsgrape embracing the tribal aspect of blogging. I’m interested to see how it goes but I still love having an individual blog, too. More options to explore are always a good thing though!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for dropping by. 🙂

  2. Hi Monica, like Jason it’s my first time here and love your style. I’d not heard of Newsgrape but I can tell you this—Any tool that promotes tribalism with information is a good thing in my case. The idea of massive amounts of people working together to create content always brings a smile to this guy’s face. 🙂



  3. I’m not sure how this is different from what is already available. Could you explain? You can already join together on blogs and there are lots of blog communities. ???

    • Hey Alison,
      Thanks so much for comment. Yes, you’re right people do join together on blogs if they want to and blog communities are everywhere.
      The Newsgrape model does seems to be a bit different though with some features unique to them. You can find out more at their You Tube channel if you’re keen. Here’s the link:
      I found a few other links too, but they were all in Swedish!!
      I think one of the main differences may be that their primary focus is on writers creating collarborative content and allowing them to easily publish under a shared name (calling it a magazine). There are also options for earning revenue (as there is with blogging, if you choose that direction).
      It may not take off as quickly as they (the founders) like, but it sounds like an interesting and innovative idea, to keep an eye on.
      Of course, it may not appeal to many, but who knows?? The net is abound with people with new ideas, which I always find interesting and inspiring!
      Thanks for your question and for dropping by! 🙂

  4. What uuuup Monica?

    I like having my own blog, its my hub. I like the idea if Newsgrape is like a magazine format and features elements of my blog there. But I wouldnt like to dissolve my blog and have its content scattered around media site without my control.


    • Hey Ryan,
      Thanks for your thoughts. I like having my own hub, too! 🙂 Could be persuaded to join others on some type of online magazine though (separate content, not associated with my blog).
      Good to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. Thanks so much for sharing yours.:)

  5. Hi Monica,
    I loved your blog, I dint ‘ve any idea over newsgrape. Thanks for helping me understand a little of it.