Your Future Hasn’t Been Written Yet or Why Your Next Resolution Maybe Your Best Yet


Many of you may remember this scene  from the very popular movie, Back To The Future. In case you’re too young to remember, it was a fictional tale with a great message about possibilities, outcomes, decisions and personal action.

It was also a great reminder that destiny is something that in contrast to being predetermined is actually, medetermined. Every choice you make or don’t make (and even not making a choice is a choice), every opportunity you do or do not take up is you, determining your future.

The New Year

One of the most popular dates on the calendar for setting goals is coming…. thoughts, ideas and promises will flood our minds with the intent of being fulfilled. “This time next year”…..will be a popular phrase fervently broadcast after a few drinks. Goals such as losing weight, giving up smoking, getting more exercise, writing more will be everywhere. Then, a month or two later……??? Ah, well, it wasn’t meant to be. It’s not my destiny. I was never meant to do that, anyway. Etc, etc…

The excuse of not being in charge of your future is one that many of us are comfortable to fall back on.

When we take the idea that ‘Our future hasn’t been written yet’ though, things begin to change. We can start to see that really…..anything is possible. We can lose that weight, we can achieve that new goal.  Destiny is not an absolute. It is something we can shape, change and create. If we want to.

Great Scott

Couch potatoes have become marathon runners. Because they wanted to.

Bloggers have become published authors. Because they wanted to.

Penniless people have created wealth. Because they wanted to.

Uneducated people have gone back to school. Because they wanted to.

The essential ingredient of course is motivation. Motivation, desire, hard work and a some would argue, luck.

While all these do play a part, I think the most common element in all these success stories is that, the people creating them, believed in being masters of their own destiny.

When midnight strikes this New Year, why not remind yourself of this truth. It may make all the difference, this time next year……

Over To You…

So, I’d love to hear – do you believe in life being me – determined or predetermined? Is circumstance and your life situation something you can control or shape or is it all ‘going to happen anyway’, regardless of your own decisions or choices?

Do you only set new goals at New Year or do you set them weekly,monthly or even daily? Have you an inspirational story to share about overcoming the odds and achieving what you set out to?

Please do share your thoughts. I really appreciate the value your comments add to the discussion. 🙂

I’d also love to hear what you’re doing to ring in the New Year. I’d share my own plans, but they mostly involve sleep…..such the party animal quiet neighbour that I am!






6 responses to “Your Future Hasn’t Been Written Yet or Why Your Next Resolution Maybe Your Best Yet

  1. I laughed when I saw that “Great Scott” was one of your headlines. You should have added “This is heavy” as one of them, too 🙂

    I make, break, and achieve goals constantly. I’m horribly unorganized when it comes to all of my goals. I have life goals, blog goals, relationship goals, rock climbing goals, mountain biking goals, reading goals, travel goals…

    I need to just put them all in one place and keep them organized!

    And I need to figure out some 2011 goals…

    Thanks, Monica!

  2. I’d love to be a blogger turned writer! Now, I just have to notify Oprah, the New York Times, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and possibly Angelina Jolie (she has lots of money, AND can manage 17 kids….she probably has power)…and I’ll be on my way!

    Thanks for stopping by my site! You have done an excellent job with yours!

  3. I set most of my goals are daily, “must write this by today, continue this project etc,” and if i get distracted and don’t complete them, then i stay up till I finish them.

    I’ve always had a tendency to finish what i started, and that includes my goal of writing 1000 words for my novel per day. Like, Last night i stayed up till 1 watching Apocalypto (good movie btw 😉 ) and i hadn’t finished all my projects. So i got up at 5:30 in the morning to finish what i had left.

    Goals are one thing but you have to have the determination to power on. (and sorry if that sounded a bit arrogant, i have a tendency to over work myself)