How Staying Zen Might Help Your Family This Christmas or How To Find Calm in The Festive Chaos


A Story

So I’ve just been daydreaming about lying in a corn field somewhere (oops..better make that sugar cane or bananas …I come from Australia…which could be uncomfortable, now that I think about it…lying there amongst the fruit trees…..darn, daydream) . Anyhow, whilst I can’t actually see myself taking the action to get me to these places,  the mental imagery is helping.

The Feeling

What I’m really after is a feeling. You know that rush of expansion and abundance you get when you sit amidst an open space staring up into the sky or out into the ocean? That’s what I’m looking for. Somewhere peaceful. Calm. Quiet. And still.  With a light breeze soothing my senses.

And the reason I’m escaping into this daydream? Well  it’s simple really. The holidays are here and it’s December – duh, duh, doh!!  Normally I looove this time of year and very soon, I know I will have that feeling again, but at present I am going through a slight ‘adjustment phase’.

It’s December ?

I must say I have been about as prepared for the holidays as someone who has been watching the weather channel for days, perhaps observing the movement of a cyclone (or hurricane) and then calmly changing channels, feeling secure and safe that this event will hit someone else’s town or city.

And then at the very last-minute, when I realise the event is about to hit, after all, I find myself standing outside holding a small fragile looking pink umbrella and realising, as it is being ripped to sheds by 100 kilometre hour winds, that I really should’ve planned this better and at least bought a heavy-duty, all weather coat. Or something.

A Little Attitude Adjustment

So now I need a place to shed all the fraying edges of my pink umbrella so I can throw it away and finally realise that it was not shelter I needed after all, but rather something far more helpful and easily accessible. A peaceful attitude.

With Santa visits to be had, malls to shop in, movies to see, friends to call on and Christmas lights to be awed by I know that I have no reason to be anything other than extremely grateful.

And I am.

A Slight Delay Due To A Change In The Weather

I may not be getting the posts written that I had planned for this week (and I hope you can forgive this minor change to the my blogging ritual), but my time and energy is certainly being used wisely and happily. I have now surrendered to this busy time of year and am fully committed to living more fully in the moment and enjoying it all.

It just took a little tweaking of my thoughts to arrive here, but I now think I have fully embraced the concept of what ekamati108 (the author of ) describes as ‘being here now’.

Before I Go..

Perhaps you too have disruptions to your own personal routine or schedule is a in December . If so, I hope you find your own field to relax in or at least a bench at the Mall, where you can sit and catch your breath, for a while. 🙂

Thanks also for staying with me this week. I’ll be back to my normal blogging program soon…..

Just FYI: I am actually working on a post series about e-book writing and self publishing so stay tuned if you’d like to explore this possibility for yourself!!

There are many authors out there who journeyed from blog to book . Maybe your blog is  already a book half written!!

If so, what comes next? There are loads of possiblities….hope you can pop back to find out what they are!!!

In the meantime, Happy and Peaceful blogging!!

So now over to you. Do you think it’s important for you to be the calm in the storm during the holidays? Is your own personal schedule or routine disrupted or changed unexpectedly come December 1st ? If so, how do you handle the change? 

Do you have a mental practice or technique for living more peacefully? If so, why not share it here? Christmas is, after all – a time for sharing and connection. And staying Zen.




7 responses to “How Staying Zen Might Help Your Family This Christmas or How To Find Calm in The Festive Chaos

  1. I’m looking forward to your posts about ebook writing and self-publishing, as those are passions of mine, too!

    Good luck with the upcoming holiday hustle and bustle! And enjoy some warmth and sun for me. We keep getting more inches of snow piling up every week…

    • I’m glad to know that others are interested in self publishing. too. With the move from print to digital downloads, traditional publishing is no longer the only route for authors. Thanks for your holiday wishes too, Tristan – I’ll be sure to soak up some sun for you guys over there when I get to the beach! 🙂

  2. This time of year, especially, I’ve become better at letting my schedule “float” a bit more. There are things that need doing, but there are plenty of things I can let go for another time.

    I’m looking forward to your series on e-books, since I’m around 100 pages into writing one. 🙂

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  4. hi Mon
    Just loved the tweaking from your usual schedule . I have just returned from home after 5 days of rest and recuperation.
    1. Stillness and Calmness amidst chaos : i felt this when i went Home this week. i just love surroundings at my place… anyway can’t be running home all time with so much of work load…
    2. Self-Publishing : i have encountered with this several time… with my friend starting its entrepreneurial venture with this . Please Visit: “”
    Its all about self publishing and blog to book publishing.
    3. Reply to your Comment at my post:


    • Hi Rajiv,
      Glad you have had a few days of rest and calm at this time of year. Lovely to hear!
      Thanks so much also for sharing your friends experience with self publishing. My next post (coming soon) will also provide links to print on demand services. I have checked out and they too, look like a good option. It is great to have the input of others on this topic, so thanks again for telling us about your experiences. 🙂