What Losing Weight Taught Me About Blogging and How It Might Help You

Have you ever set yourself a writing challenge?  Today I have with the challenge of writing a blog post using an analogy.

Analogies, as I have always known, make writing more interesting and can leave a greater imprint in the mind than straight forward information sharing. Just ask Tristan from The Blogging Bookshelf and I’m sure he’d agree!! He also has a great guide to analogous writing if you’re interested. You can read it here.

So today’s post is my effort to draw the following two subjects together – blogging and weight loss and see what we (or I) can learn from the experience.

Why Blogging is Like Trying To Lose Weight

There are several key components to blogging. One is regular posting – at least 3 times a week – and although we all sometimes fall below that goal, as long as we ‘get back on the horse’ again and don’t let our blogging habits fall too far behind, we are still heading in the right direction.

Similarly with weight loss, the best and most effective habit to is to exercise at least 3 times a week.  This will give you the best results. However a workout once or twice a week is still a great practice and definitely beneficial to your overall success.

Something is always better than nothing.

Other important strategies to implement during a weight loss journey include those on the following list. The related blogging parallels are written in bold, next to or following them.

1) Having a schedule. Planning meals ahead of time helps avoid poor food choices.  Planning blog topics ahead of time also avoids last-minute posts where you end either not posting or writing a rushed or short post, rather than something that may provide value and information.

2) Keeping a food journal. Writing down everything you eat is a great practice for the serious weight loss achiever. Statistics have proven that those who keep a record of their food intake lose twice as much weight as those who do not.

Although most blogs are a journal all of their own, keeping a record of what and when you will post it is still a sensible and helpful tool for most bloggers.

I have just received my own Blog Planning Kit from Tristan at The Blogging Bookshelf and have already found it great for getting down my thoughts and plans for this blog.

3) Consistency of Effort. For a weight loss journey to be successful in the long term, there is no doubt that you must be consistent in your efforts to make healthy eating  and more activity your new lifestyle.

Having only short ‘health kicks’ where you stick to your goals for a day or two and then reinfect your lifestyle with food binges and/or other negative behaviours will not only frustrate you, but will result in poorer weight loss outcomes. NOTE: The above said, it is still very common for most of us to have the odd ‘bad day’, which is fine as long we don’t allow it to become an excuse for returning to our old habits permanently!

Blogging also requires consistent effort ! Not just in the form of churning out posts, but also toward nurturing your blogging potential.

This might include (but is not restricted to) reading other people’s blogs, accessing quality information about blogging (writing techniques, wordpress software, guest posting..etc…) and making the business of blogging part of your overall focus!

There is a plethora of information out there that can assist either the newbie or hobby blogger and help him or her on the road to blogging success.

Of course,the application of this knowledge is also important. Lots of knowledge and no action equates to only minor progress (in any endeavour!) 

4)  You need to stay positive!! 🙂  Are you a ‘glass half empty’ or a ‘glass half full’ kind of person. In other words, do you focus on finding the good in things?

Or are you critical – of others or of yourself ? Of what others say (or write!!) or of how they behave and react?

Being too critical or negative toward yourself or others can become somewhat of a habit if we allow it too. The Chinese call it Ying energy, as opposed to Yang (the good, positive life energy) but no matter how you label it, there is no doubt that looking for the good in things will benefit your emotional wellbeing and will also help you to focus on your achievements instead of your setbacks, thereby encouraging you to keep going!

Okay, so there it is for you – a brief comparison of blogging and weight loss.  Oh and I would like to add this one too – linking to others as often as you can.

In the blogging world this may mean linking to other people’s posts or commenting on their blogs. In the weight loss world, it may mean finding an exercise buddy or an accountability partner.

What’s that old saying that I often hear? Together Every One Achieves More.

 I think it’s true. None of us are an island – or if we are, we’d better get off it from time to time and visit a few other islands. The scenery will be better and the journey will be far more exciting.

Before You Go……

Why not leave a comment…….

Perhaps you would like to share some blogging or weight loss secrets of your own or maybe some other practices that you hold true or are committed to sticking with ?

Life is a journey of learning, growing and change and it definitely involves other people, so your input to each and every discussion here is truly appreciated.

It also adds value to the discussion itself – these posts are my thoughts only, however your opinion and feedback is highly valued!  🙂  🙂


171 responses to “What Losing Weight Taught Me About Blogging and How It Might Help You

  1. I’ve found parallels to weight loss and almost any other Big Endeavor, whether it’s financial management, home renovation, a new course of study, or decluttering my closets. For me, that translates to research, a plan, small steps, accountability, and consistency. I’m better with some areas than others. *shuts closet door* 🙂

  2. Hey! I found you via another blog!
    Nice to meet you!
    Also it looks similar because you get results if you keep track of the things you do (or eat, in this case)!
    Thanks for the post!

  3. I’m relatively new to blogging (not so much to weight loss regimens!), so I can appreciate your tips. Thank you!

    But for me, I’m having the hardest time juggling being a mom, a freelance writer, a full time employee, a girlfriend, a blogger … oh yeah, and last week, I found out my ex is suing me to stop me from blogging, so that required about 553 hours of work just to answer that issue! Ugh!

    Oh well. Keep pressing on, and don’t get off that blogging treadmill…right?


  4. I really like this, because I am working on both things right now. I’m finding maintaining consistency on the blogging can be challenging sometimes, a little like working out. Good stuff!

    • Thanks! Glad you liked it! 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

    • I found this post interestingand agree with the similarities noted.
      Once you get started, there’s an excitement and zeal,but, if not well nurtured you lose interest and it eventually becomes an abandoned project or a ‘would love to’, but can’t… Planning ahead and sticking to a regime does help.
      Also, I’d say have a target to keep you motivated; an ideal weight ?(for weight loss) or a certain number of posts, comments, followers etc as the case with blogging may be.

      • Great thoughts – thanks for sharing them! 🙂 I agree with your idea of having a target or as I might call it, your BIG goal, but sometimes I like to keep it simple and keep focused on the small everyday things that I can achieve. Of course, the BIG goal is your main motivator, so yes, it is always great to stay mindful of what you really want to achieve. 🙂
        Thank you so much for your great comment. 🙂

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  6. Thank you for sharing this post with us!
    I am a pretty new blogger and I wrote a post about the power of blogging, which I’m learning how strong it can be. If you would like to pass by this is the link, I would love to get comments and advise fro other bloggers! http://wp.me/pXsUB-jb
    Thanks again

  7. newauthoronamazon

    I’d gladly blog 7 days a week if that would translate into a weight loss ??

    • Not neccessarily, new author on amazon! Thanks for your comment. Are you published on Amazon? I have an ebook that has been distributed through several online channels – I think it is being shipped to Amazon soon, too!

  8. This is a wonderful post, thank you for sharing! I’ve actually tried to blog my way through my weight loss journey. What I learned from that is that losing too much too soon will make your hair fall out; being a writer and developing the dreaded ‘block’ will make it turn gray. Now there’s a parallel! 🙂

  9. Though I am blogging from an island (Haiti, in this case), you are right–I am not an island–though it feels that way today. Thanks for these reminders and congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  10. Two things I need to do more of:
    Exercise! 😀

  11. Do check out my blog if you have time 🙂

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  13. The analogy does work, yes! I try to blog at least once a day, partly because I must, I just love to write, I am doing it for me, if people read I am happy, but if not, I am still happy, because it is kind of cathartic.


  14. Know what you actually want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and what kind of effort/sacrifices you are willing to make.

    Specifically, looking at your entry, you seem to have some implicit ideas about what blogging is and some unstated goals. Further, you seem to extend these goals to others. (To stay with the analogy: One person may want to lose enough weight to go from obese to healthy—another to go from below medium to super thin. They would both be wrong to make assumptions about the others goals.)

    An earlier entry of mine discusses similar issues, including my take on what the aim of a blog should be for most bloggers: http://michaeleriksson.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/how-to-write-a-successful-blog/

  15. Great post. I think both things here are a kind of lifestyle… and with any lifestyle, we have to be in it for the long haul! As for weight loss–I’ve been thinking of keeping a food journal for a while. I’ll try it out.

  16. I like the analogy! Well done, congrats on being freshly pressed!

  17. That makes a lot of sense! I never thought that weight loss could relate so closely to bloggin! Nice post, and congrats on Freshly Pressed! 😀


  18. I am currently pursuing weight loss, becoming a runner, and blogging my health journey. I loved this post and definetely agree with the parallels you discussed. Great Job!

  19. I loved this and think you intertwined the ideas very well. It’s completely relevant to me in this specific moment in time as I’m procrastinating over writing another blog post and going to the gym! Best get my butt in gear.

    • Have fun at the gym and glad the post helped you with procrastination. I think (with writing) that procrastination can actually be helpful to some extent – at least you have some more time to get the creative juices flowing! 🙂 Good luck with your next blog post and thanks for your comment !

  20. as someone who does not need to lose weight, but needs to be better about writing…this post still helped a great deal.

  21. Good points on both activities: weight loss and blogging. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! 🙂

  22. loved it! for some reason it reminds me of one of my favorite chines proverbs, “to get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.” thanks for posting!


  23. I think a lot of it for me boils down to inspiration and just general playfulness.
    Its about sharing ideas and spreading thoughts, they might be crappy but mine and perhaps constructive criticism is the order of the day. Sometimes just doing something is fun.

  24. Thank you!

  25. I keep a word document on my desk top with potential topics. Not sure if that relates to dieting but it is one of my consistent practices. Good post!

  26. You have hit on a piece of a topic that I agree is highly underrated. Blogging is far more involved than most non-bloggers think. Structuring posts, getting your blog out there, making edits, staying interesting… All of these are very apropos to losing weight, structuring life, etc. I think you’ve done a great job of summing that up.
    In a similar vein, I wrote a few months ago that eating naked will help you with your food intake… Sounds quirky, but I explain the advantages!

  27. Blogging, like weight loss, opens us up to vulnerability, in that people’s comments (or lack thereof) are paramount in both processes.

  28. I haven’t written three posts in a week yet…I think I spend too much time reading other blogs, like this one! =) But, I love reading what others have to say, and sometimes it does give me ideas.

  29. Hello from the Scottish hills! I really enjoyed reading your post. Another way of looking at analagy and metaphor (when you want to get a healthy body) is to consider the metaphor for your weight. What is your weight like? SOmetimes this gives insights as to the purpose of the weight.. and sometimes it helps you to tell you own story differently! (I read the “About You” bit on your blog by the way .. your comments about gurus made me smile…. it’s good to know though that we all have the potential of becoming the best gurus for ourselves .. when we know ourselves and speak honestly to ourselves and respectfully.. we really can get the job done!) Write on! Jane 😉

  30. This was very helpful. I enjoyed reading it. I already keep a food journal, but the other things will definitely help me out. Thanks!


  31. As a graduate I’m finding almost everything a struggle, including blogging and losing weight! I’ll keep referring back to this entry to keep me motivated. Whilst I have been slack with my blogging lately I generally find that it helps to give myself a casual deadline – not a definitive one as the ‘pressure’ would encourage me to procrastinate, but just a guideline so that I know when I’ve left it too long. And I make a note of anything that fascinates and try to research it, even if it’s just glancing at wikipedia…you never know where it might lead! Thanks for blogging, this was a refreshingly optimistic post!

  32. Good post. I am a relative newcomer to blogging, so I appreciate the info. When I get several post ideas at once, I write them in a steno book along with the dates I plan to publish. When I’m really on my game, I’ll write the post a day or more ahead.
    To date, my most ambitious project was a 4-part Holiday Travel Series for pet owners. I committed to publishing every other day (had a whole weekend for Part 4, though) and interviewed a couple of local professionals for credibility and interest. I’ll be honest – I was proud of myself for completing a multi-part blog post and not quitting halfway through.
    Thank you, also, for the link to The Blogging Bookshelf – lots of good information to be had there, too.

    • Thanks Jen. 🙂 Yes, you should be proud of completing a 4 part post series, especially since it entailed doing such great research. I always find series posts very interesting.
      I hope you enjoy The Blogging Bookshelf – please say hi to Tristan and tell him I sent you. 🙂

  33. This is a brilliant post!
    A very Interesting comparison also. I have struggled with both blogging and weight loss and plan to turn these around.

    This post has given me just the motivation I need.

    • Wow, that’s great! I am so glad to hear that this post has given you the motivation you need, as that is what I primarily aim to do here!

      Thank you for your kind comment, Michael. All the very best to you with both your weight loss and your blogging goals.

  34. Great analogy. Consistency is so important, as well as connecting to other bloggers. I just hope I always have time enough in my life to do this and do it as well as I can!

  35. “Life is a journey of learning, growing and change and it definitely involves other people” – loved it!

    Vanessa Rima

  36. Interesting observation! I have to say that my eating habits (volume wise) tend to fluctuate quite a bit, just as the number of posts I have in my draft / scheduled tray. The more I cook and eat the more I have in the tray, and needles to say that often translates to a couple more kilos on the hips. And I completely agree that organisation is the key. With all that in mind, I’m off to do some exercise now, as my tray is getting full – thanks for the prompt.

  37. i liked this blog. what i want to say that is any goal be it weight loss or blogging(btw i am engaged in both :-)) can be achieved to our satisfaction if we plan on achieving it. It might sound very straightforward and naive but most of us don’t plan as to how we want to go about achieving our goal. My way is to take time off before starting working towards our goal, ponder a bit, draw up a plan in the mind, then put pen to paper or keyboard to computer and come up with a check-sheet. Now that we know what we have to do and when and how many times we track our progress on a daily basis by editing the check sheet.

    Return comments and feedback are most welcome.

    • Thanks for sharing your ideas about goal planning. You are absolutely right. I talk a lot about goal acheiving strategies in my ebook, Reframe Weight Loss as I believe it to be so important. Daily mini goals or tasks can eventually lead us to our BIG goal, if we stay consistent.
      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Much appreciated. 🙂

  38. To “consistency of effort,” I would add “persistence.” A blogger often needs to persist in the absence of much positive feedback. Few if any comments, fewer than 100 hits a day. That’s been my experience, with a few exceptions.

    Also, learn by experimenting (and even failing). I started blogging in Oct. 2007. I’ve learned by trying different approaches, and finding out what works for me. I’ve tried Blogger, WordPress.com, self-hosted blogging with WordPress.org. I’ve tried to make money with advertising on Bogger or WordPress.org. I found out that I’d need a ton of traffic to make a little money. Advertising is not worth the trouble for me.

    I’ve had several types of blog: a local/regional news-oriented blog; a political campaign blog; a personal life and commentary blog. I’ve often tried to juggle multiple blogs. (Not a good idea for me, but I haven’t quite broken the habit.) It’s hard enough to post consistently on one blog, let alone two or three.

    I’ve decided that wordpress.com is the best way to go, for me. WordPress.com, as it’s developed and improved in the past three years, has too many advantages to list here.

    And I’ve about decided to focus on just one blog, which I’ve renamed “Dispatches from ConsterNation.” After a lifetime of optimism and confidence in our government and economic systems, my fundamental reaction to the present political dysfunction and economic insanity is ConsterNation.

    One meaningful blog, with regular and concise posts, and a small band of loyal readers. That’s my new blogging goal.

    • Wow, John, you have had lots of experiences and nice to hear that you have found wordpress.com to be the best for you. It has been great for me, too. 🙂

      Your blog sounds very interesting and I think you’re right about having the one quality blog. One or two would be great if you can manage it, but I agree that it is better to focus your energies on one blog and your readers.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and thoughts. 🙂

  39. great read! i try to plan my blog week and it usually goes pretty good. i try to do 3-5 a week and so far i have. congrats on being freshly pressed too!


    • Thanks for the congratulations! I am very happy to have made it to freshly pressed! 🙂 🙂
      It is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to connect with so many other bloggers and to have them sharing their thoughts here! Thanks for your great comment and good luck with your blogging schedule! 🙂

  40. This is so true. I’m a beginner blogger and haven’t really gotten the hang of it but I’ve also tried to lose weight. I’ve never actually compared the two. The advice is great and I will sure keep t in mind as I progress with both goals!


  41. Thanks for the blog post. Living healthy and succeeding in blogging do have some correlatives. I read a book about a year ago that is well worth reading: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. The basic gist is that inch by inch, anything is a cinch; but yard by yard it is hard. I have no problem with my weight but I find that my writing is quite the opposite. I seem to have the norm of non-existent post days with an occasional good posting day. But you have inspired me and I am going to do better.


    The Self Evident One

  42. There is one important difference between blogging and losing weight: You don’t have to blog to survive, but you do have to eat.


    • Interesting thought and true, although I find that blogging nourishes my mind in the same way that healthy food nourishes my body, so there’s another connection!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate your visit!

  43. Thanks for this post! I agree with Cammy about the parallels between weight loss and other long-term goals. I’ve also found that writing, for me, like exercise (and I am currently engaged in a 20lb weight loss goal AND a post per day Advent blog) teaches me things about myself that I did not know before I sat down (or got up) to do it. In the end, it’s a way to create your own life, quite literally! Thanks again!

  44. I think you have made a very clear link and I would like to take it further. If you get into the regular posting routine you really look forward to posting again. In the same way, when you start to lose weight you look forward to and are more positive about losing more weight. Thanks for this post – my doctor says I need to lose weight (not that I am enormous but I am a bit podgy) for the sake of my knees – you have spurred me on to try and lose some weight now, not next year!

    • That’s great to hear! I am so glad that I have spurred you on to try and lose weight. I’ll be right here to cheer you on if you should need it !!
      Thanks for commenting and also for taking the analogy further. I agree with your ideas about how to stay positive with blogging and weight loss. Very true. Good luck with all your endeavours. Hope to see you back here again. 🙂

  45. You know what blogging taught me about losing weight?


  46. great analogy! I’m working on being more consistent in my posting – I was for a while, but now I need to start planning better. As for weight loss… sometimes it’s the little victories. I talked myself out of a frappuccino yesterday, and subbed in a cup of hot chocolate. Later on, I talked myself out of a second hot chocolate and had some herbal tea. Though it’s not like I went around eating pies and cakes and cookies the rest of the day, I felt like those small substitutions were steps in the right direction.

    • I agree! Small things do add up to big things over time!
      No one can overhaul their whole lifestyle in a day, but just sticking to a few daily incremental changes and adding to those changes as you go, is a easy and achievable thing to do. If you’re interested – in my ebook, I explore these ideas further. It is only $3.99 at present and available at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/26227 🙂 Might as well give it a little plug! 🙂 Seriously, it is has loads more advice than I can share here on this blog, if you need any further reading!

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts !! I appreciate it! 🙂

  47. This is very interesting. I’m coming up on the end of a year-long 500 words a day blog challenge, with the original intent to blog about a serious weight loss effort. While that aspect has ebbed and flowed with more or less success (mostly less), I have kept put the blogging and doing that has kept me thinking about weight loss this whole year and not let it drift away. It’s kept me accountable, to a degree, but definitely present with my struggle which I need.

    • Glad to hear that blogging has helped you stay accountable to your weight loss goals. I think that blogging can be so many things – therapeutic, educative, inspirational, motivational, etc…. it is indeed a wonderful new writing genre that has opened up amazing opportunities for so very many people.
      Thank you for your great comment and best of luck with the rest of your blogging challenge. And with your weight loss efforts! 🙂

  48. Keeping a weekly food journal is the hardest thing that I have hit in my journey to weight loss success. Not surprisingly so to is keeping a record of my blog ideas when I’m not near my computer. I may not be as much of a planner as I thought I was.

    (By the way, how is writing in a journal harder than step aerobics classes? I don’t know.)

    Thanks for the lovely article!

    • Planning is time consuming, I agree and sometimes my own plans are all in my head, but I have learnt that writing things down and being a little more structured is very helpful, even just for the fact that my thoughts are actually down on the paper and ”out of my head”.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for your kind comments ! Good luck with your journaling! And your step classes! 🙂

  49. Very good information and facts! I have been seeking for everything like that for quite a while today. Regards!

  50. Everything in moderation! You can’t go full out, all the time…like any diet, if you try to be “perfect” every day, every week…you will burn out. You need to keep things fresh. Don’t strive for perfection…’cause if you try TOO hard, you may lose interest.

    • Yes, yes….very true. And if you need a break (from blogging or any other endeavour) take it! I agree with the ”everything in moderation” approach too !!
      Perfection is not only unattainable (part of the whole being human thing, I guess) it can also waste a lot of our precious emotional energy!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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  52. Nice article, especially today, with weight problems abounding. It’s also important to lose weight wisely, which requires knowing how to guard against dangerous weight loss modalities. I was fortunate to write about Liz’s story who had to hurdle bulimia.

    • Thanks for your great comment, Cheryl. I totally agree about having a healthy and balanced approach to weight loss. I certainly have much compassion for those suffering from eating related disorders and I will check out your article soon. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it! 🙂

  53. Great post. Keeping people motivated with your personal experiences and thoughts is also a very therapeutic approach to weightloss and good overall health.
    Please feel free to visit my weightloss blog and leave your insights.

    • Thanks for your kind comments. Since achieving my own weight loss goals, I have worked toward helping and motivating others on their journey, as well. I agree that sharing your own thoughts and experiences is part of doing that.
      Glad you liked this post and I will definetely drop by your blog too! 🙂

  54. Great blog! But what does it mean that since I started blogging in May, I’ve gained 8 lbs? If I start losing weight, will my blogging diminish? 🙂

    • Ha …I hope not, Joanne. 🙂 You know, since blogging I have needed to focus on making sure I still get plenty of activity into my day. Writing being a ‘sit down’ job neccessarily means being a little inactive (physically), so I try to make up for that by doing plenty of regular workouts to counteract the inactivity.
      Anyhow, thanks for your comment. If you’re interested in any further advice or just a good read about weight loss, why not check out my ebook?? 🙂 I may as well give it a plug !
      It is on sale at present for only $3.99 🙂 at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/26227
      I wrote it following my own weight loss journey. It is well researched and I’m told quite motivational!
      Anyhow, let’s know what you think if you do check it out. Thanks again for dropping by. 🙂

  55. Nice BLOG!! I actually have one on WEIGHT LOSS check it out

  56. I hear you: am a beginning blogger and health nut; my problem is when I get writer’s block, I eat! Go figure. I was excited today to share an incredibly healthy smoothie recipe that actually tastes good – give it a whirl, it might fit in nicely with your regiment.

  57. interesting metaphor, good read

  58. Hello,

    You have a great post. I can relate to your post because I am an athlete before and I’m very concern with my fitness. And now I’m starting to have a blog and I don’t know how to be good at it. But your post really made some clear facts for me. Hope you can still add up some more of this.

  59. There is definitely an abundance of information out there regarding weight loss. As a dietitian (foodtritionist if you may) who specializes in helping others lose weight I was very inspired reading your story. I feel lucky that I love exercise, love food and eating healthfully comes naturally! With my “contagious” enthusiasm as some say, I only hope to empower others.
    Thanks for the lovely post.

  60. These are great tips. I am always reading about how other people have achieved success in their blogging. I like to read other people’s comments on blogs as well because it gives me some insight to new blogs that I haven’t read before and that I might want to visit.
    I haven’t been blogging that long, so any knowledge I can gather is a big help. Thanks for sharing!

  61. I had no idea there were books on how to write a blog. Who knew. A very informative blog today, thanks for sharing!



    • Glad you got some value from the post. Yes, there are books about blogging and I will try to share information too as I learn about it, myself.
      Together Everyone Achieves More – a cheesy axiom, but true!
      Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  62. I like to read about everything regarding blogging and your tips are wonderful! I’ve never thought about the analogy between blogging and exercise but I felt myself agreeing to all the points you’ve stated. How true! BTW, I’ve been blogging since Sept/07 on Blogger and since last year, on WordPress. I have ‘met ‘ many wonderful people whose good vibes and positivity come across cyberspace. I cannot think about life without blogging!:)

  63. Not such a fan of analogies – obfuscates the issue – weight loss is about eating less and exercising more. Stay in the moment day by day and you will be able to manage this.
    Refer: Occams razor – an intellectual tool that states, that given any two solutions to the same problem, the simpler solution will be the best.

    So less analysing, more action.

    Thanks for opening the topic – obesity is a bust!

  64. I have found I need to work out in order to write. It frees up my mind so I’m not sitting, trying to write, and being distracted by how I’m being sedintary I am.
    My challenge is blogging on a regular basis, so my goal is to stick to a blogging schedule. I have no problem working out on a regular basis, so I know I can do it.
    I enjoyed this. Thanks!

  65. Great post! I’ve found that blogging alone has helped with my weight loss. It’s just a source of accountability, and you don’t get that going through your everyday life. Strangers won’t stop you on the street and ask how much weight you’ve lost so far, but in the blogsphere, it happens all the time and it’s a great network of support and advice…like this post!

    • Thanks for your kind comment and glad to hear that you have found a support network here in the blogosphere. 🙂
      It is also great to hear that you are finding accountability partners in cyberspace too. It can be a great source of inspiration and motivation.

  66. Thank you for a wonderful and informative post. I myself try both to blog … and to loose weight … so I have got a lots of tips here … and in a funny way!

  67. I can totally relate. I wish I had one of those treadmill desks.

  68. Awesome information AND it was entertaining! I read the link you posted in the beginning about analogies and was really impressed with the structure behind a great blog full of analogies. (such as yours) Keep up the good work!

  69. Great post….
    I can totally relate to this subject as I am fairly new to the world of blogging. Currently it is kind of saving my life by giving me more of a reason to get up in the morning.
    Similar to exercise or taking up a new sport as a hobby, practice could make perfect. I started blogging knowing that my first few post might not make much sense or even what my blog was really about. The more I put stuff out there the more naturally the next subject came to me. Now I manage two separate blogs and I am more motivated to update them regularly. I still believe that the best is yet to come

    • I think so too, mysuperspace!! Well done on maintaining two blogs – that is great! I am pleased to hear that blogging has given you such purpose – we all have a reason for being here and we all need a passion to pursue. I’m glad to know you’ve found yours. So nice to meet you! 🙂

  70. Monica! Look at all of these comments!!! Do you mind me asking how you got all of this traffic?

    And THANK YOU for mentioning me and Blogging Bookshelf!! This is awesome!! You’ve sent approximately 60 people over to my blog today, according to my analytics, and I heartily thank you for that.

    Oh, and great analogy, too! I just added it at the bottom of my analogies post as an example 🙂

    I think it’s safe to say that you starting up blogging again was a good decision 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

    • Hi Tristan!
      How are you? I was going to send you an email later to tell you about the wonderful visitors to my blog.
      My blog made it to ‘Freshly Pressed’ on wordpress.com today – I’m so glad it also bought you some extra readers. Has been great connecting with so many other bloggers and knowing that what I have written about has resonated with them. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comments and your sage advice.
      Talk to you soon…..Monica

  71. Very encouraging post! I enjoyed the analogy. Maybe its just me and my laziness, but I will never stop wishing things like exercise, work and now even blogging would just get done in my sleep. Ah well, maybe one day.

    • Thanks Daniel! Glad to know it was encouraging for you. 🙂 Ahhh…..working and blogging in your sleep..funnily enough I think sometimes I do blog in my sleep, ‘cos I sometimes wake up in the morning with ideas for blog posts floating around in my mind.
      Thank you for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  72. cincinnati chiropractor

    Great! I like this blog very helpful information.

  73. peregrinacultural

    Hello, nice to meet you. Thought you might enjoy knowing that I am going to use your analogy in a course I am teaching here in Rio de Janeiro. The course has nothing to do with weight loss. It is for marketing for subcontractors in interior design. I have been insisting that each one keep a professional blog. What I like about your post? Everyone can relate to it. Thanks, and good luck, on both endeavors.

    • Wow, thanks and yes, I do enjoy knowing that you are going to use my analogy in your course!:) Sounds like the topic is far removed from weight loss, but I am so glad that you are able to find something valuable in it to use in your teaching!
      Glad you liked the post so much and thank you for your wonderful comment. 🙂 I appreciate your good wishes, too!

  74. unapologeticmoxie

    Thank you for this post. Blogging and weight loss are so similar in the way they require motivation and dedication. As someone who year after year vows to write more and eat less, I really enjoyed this. 🙂

  75. This was a brilliant post and I like the way you think…thank you for reminding me of the connection.

    It’s true that a blog progresses only as much as what you put into it and it could be as little as 10 minutes a day. It’s just important to keep plugging at it and not to disappear (or stop exercising dieting and going back to bingeing – using the weight loss analogy).

    From blog stats you can see how the blog grew from a little bit of effort. The same way a food journal and also tracking your weight loss can help you be more aware and stick to your healthy plan 🙂 I can be quit a blog stat addict.

  76. It´s a funny analogy. And I have one more: Blogging is like losing weight because in both of them you can give up just because you´re tired. However, the guilt will haunt you forever.

  77. I loved this blog. I think your analogy made perfect sense. I will certainly be coming back. My problem is getting people to read my blog… how do you get traffic?

    • That is wonderful to hear ! 🙂 I will try and address my ideas on getting traffic in future posts, but I started out by reading and commenting on other people’s blogs at first. I am also on Twitter and Facebook which are also other great ways to share your blog. I am a member of SheWrites and have my blog listed at NetworkedBlogs.

      Another great thing about joining these social media sites is that it also allows you to connect and with some really clever and creative people. I have learnt heaps through reading and connecting this way. It’s all about community and sharing I think – at least that is my approach. 🙂

      Thank you very much for your comment and so glad you like the blog. 🙂

  78. I love analogies too and this is a great one!

  79. Awesome and accurate analogy!

  80. I hopped back on the exercise wagon 2 days ago and am hoping back on the blogging wagon to write about it! I keep seeing people tweet about keeping a fitness journal so that’s my goal today. Thanks for the great analogy and the last little push I needed to get back to what of love- getting fit and blogging!

    • You’re welcome, realfitmom ! Good luck as you jump back on the exercise and blogging wagon. I think keeping a fitness journal is also a great idea. It’s all about accountability!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, here, too. Keeping fit and blogging are also two of my loves! 🙂

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  82. Wow. I am a struggling blogger and weight loser:) How did you come up with the 3 blogs a week magic rule?

    • The three posts a week provides regular and fresh content on your blog, which I think makes a blog sparkle and also, hopefully, keeps your readers coming back, too!! 🙂

      It also keeps you the writer, motivated and challenged, which in turn, makes for good content! At least that is my view on it, but I also think that everyone needs to find their own pace and learn what works best for them! It also depends on what your goals are for your blog, but that is something only you can decide. Hope that answer your question. 🙂

      I love answering quesitons and sharing my experiences, so thanks for asking it! 🙂 Best of luck to you for your blogging journey and heaps of thanks for your comment! 🙂

  83. Oh, and great entry!

  84. I love it. My parents diet on and off and I think it is so funny how my blog can be like there diet. I can’t wait to show my Mom. I love sharing my blog with people, I don’t think my Mom likes her diet half as much! Hunter71 🙂 http://www.hcrproducts.com

  85. Love ur write-up. I esp like the fact that you also give links to other useful blogs. That way I can learn from you and from others. This is especialy important as I was about starting my blog in about a week or two, but now I know I’m not yet fully prepared, as I still need to do more research and gather more materials. Tanx for all the tips.

    • Thanks Debby. Glad you found the links helpful. I will try to include more valuable tips in future posts. 🙂 Re your own blog, you can always get started and then learn as you go. In fact, that is possibly the best way – just get going and then keep doing your research and connecting with other bloggers and see where it leads you. Trust you instincts, as you go ! 🙂
      All the very best with your blog and thanks for sharing your thoughts here. 🙂

  86. Can you believe that I only recently (in the last two weeks) discovered blogging and am now realising its value. It was as if I was meant to read this blog in particular, it has given me the motivation I need to get started and fulfill an ambition which is to sharre my view with the world.

    Regarding weight loss, I do like my food and have never really strayed to far off my diet but found that running really helped. I used to be a person that considered themselves a soo called ‘non-runner’ and therefore didn’t give it the time of day. We are all runners and once you find your pace running/jogging is a beautiful thing and the ultimate stress release – with the added benefit of toning and weight loss 🙂 X

    • I am so glad you found the post motivational for you, Laura. 🙂 I like your thoughts on running, too. Best of luck with your new blog and yes, I agree, there is plenty of value in blogging!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I really appreciate it. 🙂 Keep blogging and running!

  87. Huh, wow! Very interesting post, I must say. I never would have thought that blogging is like losing weight. But now I agree with you on that! LOL.

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  90. A great analogy! Never thought of blogging in those terms, but yes, very much like losing weight!…lol.

  91. This was awesome.You brought two different ideas together.Very well written

  92. I love this post! Great analogy! Is it possible to over-post similar to over-exercising?? I think I may be guilty of this!

  93. 2 things…
    one… the analogy is very well written and thoroughly analysed by your good self and the fellow bloggers 🙂 … the comments in fact are an insight in itself
    second… appreciate your patience … replying to each of the comments made… kudos to u Monica
    congrats on being Freshly Pressed 🙂

    • Thanks for your congratulations, Rajiv! And yes, I really did want to reply to all the comments and hope I have (I may still have one or two to catch up on) as I really appreciated everyone leaving them!
      As you said, the comments were insightful too (some smart people out there !) and really added value to the post.
      Thank you as too for your kind comment and thoughts. 🙂

  94. Designer's Basement

    Ok I’m trying to lose 10 pounds. It seems so hard. I’ve been doing the food journal and I did lose 5 pounds, but I then got really lazy. After reading this post I’m going to start back with my food journal.


  95. Monica!
    I found you through the Freshly Pressed page. I am glad I clicked. 🙂
    The analogy between the two is quite a clever thought, and how pertinent too! Since I am currently struggling with both, blogging AND weight loss, I find this especially interesting.
    Good luck with it all and wish me luck with mine, do!


    • I do wish you luck, Priya! And I’m glad you clicked through too. 🙂 Come back again and stay part of the community! I’d do love to share with people who need some connection and/or help with blogging and weight loss. I also do explore a few other topics, mostly related to writing and personal development, so it is a mix here. I think we can all learn from each other so I welcome your thoughts and views here.
      Thanks again for stopping by. 🙂

  96. littlemissgonnabe

    Great post! It was fun to read because I’m in the middle of a new-ish weight loss thing and I’m a blogger. It was good motivation for me to keep going.