A Loving And Self Respecting Approach To Blogging and Weight Loss Methods


Feedback From You, The Reader

The blogoshpere is an interesting place. I’m sure I have said that before, many times. It’s certainly a place where writers (like me) can engage with an audience (albeit a smallish one) and learn more about your reading preferences and about what type of writing resonates with you and what doesn’t.

Sometimes though a writer makes mistakes and chooses inappropriate or tricky titles that intend to catch attention but instead can offend or ‘turn off’ a reader. I think I made such an error last week, with a post title that began with the words, Tongue Mutilation. Eeeeek….it even makes my skin crawl to mention it, now. 

Horror, Gasp – It’s Halloween

The thing is that that particular post actually expressed my own aghast about the fact that such  a procedure exists!!  It was a kind of protest post.

Therefore, the fact that I received some comments (not published here) that said things like ‘Thanks, what a great way to lose weight (or similar)..’ and then left a link to a site selling diet pills, kind of threw me a bit.  Or, since it’s Halloween, spooked me, a bit. What were those readers thinking, I wondered??

So I will just say it here again, in case my post was misread by some, that  I STRONGLY DISLIKE AND DO NOT ENDORSE IN ANY WAY, WEIGHT LOSS METHODS THAT DO NOT FULLY RESPECT THE HUMAN CONDITION. And that covers quite a lot of them.

You, The Amazing Creation

You and every other human being on the planet, are more special than that. Rather than being ‘an assembly of body parts’, you are a multidimensional being that deserves an approach to change in your life (such as a change to a healthier lifestlye) that encompasses all aspects of you; your heart, mind and body. Any approach that excludes this truth actually saddens me.

In the coming weeks therefore, I have decided to share a few extracts from my book, Reframe Weight Loss to help get you started on your weight loss journey or perhaps to give you a boost along if you are already on one.  So please, stay tuned!!

Positive People

In the meantime, I am adding a link here to an article about self reflection and happiness, that you may find interesting. It is by an inspirational lady, called Marala Scott and her article may be read here.

Marala is a person who greatly respects the human condition and is doing amazing things to make a postive difference to the people she connects with.  I hope you enjoy her site.

I also hope to see you back here next time!  Until then, keep caring for yourself in a positive and healthy way and don’t read anything that begins with the words …..ah well, you know what they are……eeek!!

Oh and Happy Halloween!!


6 responses to “A Loving And Self Respecting Approach To Blogging and Weight Loss Methods

  1. It is interesting to you write!
    Go on and on!

  2. My spam folder is full to the brim of those type “diet-miracle” links. The folks who send them obviously don’t take time to read the posts. Else, they wouldn’t be telling me how successful I could be with their product, given that I’ve been at goal weight for 2 years. 🙂

    Thanks for the link to Marala’s site. I’ve opened it in a new window and will explore her insights as time allows.

    • Yes, I guess they (the ‘diet miracle’ sellers) are everywhere. Usually I just ignore them, but I realised that I have to be careful with post titles too, least I create an impression that I might support their quick fixes. But you’re right, if they did read the post, they would know that we do not align ourselves with that sort of thing.
      Nice to see you back Cammy and hope you enjoy Marala’s site! 🙂

  3. Ugh – good post. There are some strange people out there. I’ve also learned that I have to be specific w/ my writing lest what I say be misconstrued!