The Emotions of The Blogsphere, A Living, Breathing Place To Visit


Hello ICLW participants! Sorry if you just read that line and have no idea what I just said! I am referring to a current idea here in the blogosphere called IComLeaveWeek. It works like this:-

1) Bloggers sign up and are put on a list.

2) When the week begins we all visit and comment on each others blogs. Great idea!!

3) You read and learn about the experiences, thoughts, ideas and projects of others. 

Reading Blogs

Lucky it only goes for one week, otherwise I think I would lose myself in reading blogs and not get back to my own!!  What can I say, people are fascinating. And enlightening. And kind. And sad. And intelligent. And …..okay, you’re right that’s enough, but I think you get my drift.

Last time I participated in ICLW I wrote about my experiences in this post. Basically then I talked about the way I felt after reading so many blogs and hearing so many voices, many of whom were bearing their soul, speaking about loss, heartache and unfulfilled dreams and hopes.

The Blogging Emotionsphere

This time round my experience has been different. Perhaps there are ‘moods’ in the blogosphere or perhaps ‘phases’ where many people write with a similar tone or voice. I know this is unlikely to be the case, yet I am using this thought to explain the fact that this time round all the blogs I have visited have been upbeat, hopeful and positive. 

I have read them and came away feeling like I had visited a sort of ‘saviour blogger’ – someone who is ‘out there somewhere’ spreading peace, hope and good news or at least trying to.  These people resonated with me, so I thought I would acknowledge them and their contributions to the positive good in the world, here. Thanks for being here!!

Of course, it isn’t only the ‘positive bloggers’ I want to bring attention to.  Some blogs I have read have announced that ‘this is not a happy blog’ right up on the home pages. I respect this and fully understand that blogging can provide great value in being a creative and even therapeutic outlet for people going through specific challenges . They allow connection and sharing with others who may be experiencing similar life circumstances.   

So what is my whole point in this musing of mine?? Well, I guess simply that blogging is GREAT. It is fascinating, friendly, enlightening, all-encompassing and full of opportunities to grow and connect.

Happy ICLW everyone !!! And happy blogging too! 🙂 🙂


Are you a blogger? A ICWL participant? What has been your experiences with blogging? Do you write to express yourself or do you have another purpose, pursuit or goal in mind for your blog?  Maybe you don’t blog, but have sometimes thought about starting one.

Love to hear about it!


4 responses to “The Emotions of The Blogsphere, A Living, Breathing Place To Visit

  1. Happy ICLW! I blog for the fun of it, and truly enjoy the community that comes from blogging– something I did not anticipate when I started. I hope your week is off to a great start. Best wishes!

  2. I too am enjoying the positivity I am reading. Happy ICLW (85) Jen

  3. Happy ICLW. I also blog for fun and community and I hope the blog will be a good replacement for that baby book I never bothered to fill in.