Weight Loss On The Run – How To Keep On Track With Your Weight Loss Goals Even On Your Busy Days

The Time Pressed Dieter

Good Afternoon My Weight Loss Buddies,

Just a quick hello today, as time is short for me. However…I thought I’d take this opportunity to take a snap shot look at a couple of ways to keep you on track with your weight loss goals when you are having one of those rushed, ‘gotta be there on time’ days. We all have them and rather than resort to eating in the car or stopping at a fast food drive thru, we need a strategy!

First up, slow down!!  I know this might seem paradoxical to say….but really and truly, we all do a lot of hurrying sometimes, often getting  nowhere fast.  A few deep breaths …. go on….do it now….a few deep breaths and a minute or two to refocus…..slow, deep, refreshing breaths.  Optimally this should be done in a quiet place and in an environment where you will not be disturbed for a minute or two (I’ve actually sometimes chosen the toilet!).

A couple of minutes of silence and solitude can work wonders to calm the mind and slow your thoughts.

The Dieter’s Busy Day Strategy

Okay, so what about the food thing? 

If you have to opt for fast food, even just for a day, please be careful.  Researching and identifying your most diet friendly choices at a time when you are not rushed, is the best idea. Basically by doing this you are actually planning ahead for the day when you are short on time and not thinking clearly.  This way you are not randomly selecting from the array of menu items out there, but rather you are making an informed, predetermined choice even though you may be hurried and harassed. 

For example, my choices are nearly always the same as I know that they are ‘safe’ (low calorie, low fat) ones.  Sweet and sour prawns (braised, never battered) and Pad Thai noodles are just two of my favourites or anything with a tomato based sauce….definetely nothing with a creamy sauce….even Pizza (only a few slices) is not too bad, as long as it is thin crust and has vegetarian or seafood toppings.

Remember, when you are in a hurry…..’not too bad’ is better than a complete disaster which may take you days to recover from in terms of calorie overload and a guilty conscience.

The bottom line is don’t panic if you can’t do home cooked food for a night or two.  Instead, plan your takeaway choices ahead of time and get back on track with some healthy home cooking as soon as is possible. 

The Delay Tactic

If the unhealthy, poor choices keep presenting themselves and you’re still tempted, try the following idea instead. 

Wait.  Just waiting for 5 minutes before you make your final decision can be enough time to have that little mental chat with yourself and redirect your thoughts to a more diet friendly choice.

Okay, that’s it….a quick, yes very quick, snapshot of the Dieter’s Busy Day Strategy.

If you can’t change your circumstances (and often we can’t) instead be concerned about the things you do have control over.  Your choices are something you can control, so focus on making them good ones, not matter what circumstances you find yourself in and you’ll have gained another stronghold in your weight loss efforts.

Ciao lovely people….catch you on the morrow.  You can do it!

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