Weight Loss and Positive Change – Losing Weight By Losing The Negative Mindset

Avoiding Weight Loss

Most of us avoid change.  It’s kind of part of the whole “being human” thing.  Instead of doing things differently, we seek familarity. Instead of discovering new ways, we fall back on old ways. Instead of a little bit of pain and discomfort, we seek the comfort and safety of sameness. 

If we are in a good place and life is just as we want it to be then that is great.  No need to change what is already working.  If that is YOU, then there’s possibly no need to read any further !  I’m glad you dropped by, though !

If however, you are like the multitudes of people that do desire real change but are a little afraid or unsure if you should ‘go for it’, then perhaps the rest of this post may help.

First of all let’s take a look at the things we all often do instead of taking the steps to improve/change our situation, that is some of the common ways of wasting our emotional energy.

Despite it’s futility we all sometimes blame things or people (our jobs, our past, our parents, our friends and even our families) for the things that we want to change, but never get around to.  I used to do it all the time. Had a Masters Degree in Blaming Others and often put it to use. Eventually though I saw the futility of using my emotional energy this way.  Slowly I began to take personal responsibility for the things I wanted to change.

Where To Start

Althought medical authorities, dieticians and nutritionists will all emphasize dietary and lifestyle change as the place to start, I always find it more effective to first take a look at the state of  our minds and hearts, as this is the place where real change originates from. 

Creating negative thoughts and beliefs about yourself can slowly diminish that very important part of all of human beings, our self worth.  At this point, changing diets or lifestyle becomes extremely difficult to implement.

Many well known weight loss programs do not address this crucial part of achieving weight loss. 

So to get yourself started on the road to greater physical and emotional health, why not take some time to review the following ideas for implementing positve change to your world.

Powerful and Positive Messages

Affirmations are a great way to change a negative mindset. Some methods posited include standing in front of a mirror and addressing your subconscious with powerful, positive messages.  It may seem strange at first and it is really not neccessary to do it in front of a mirror, if that makes you uncomfortable.

Repeated affirmations like “I feel good today” or instead of “I ate a whole block of chocolate today, what a hope have I got for change”, try “I may have overeaten today, but I am still a worthy, lovable and creative person” or “I am working toward change and I congratulate myself for my new awareness.  I am on the path to positive change.”

Why not try this new practice for yourself ?

Taking Control of Your Thoughts – A New Approach

This type of thinking is sometimes rejected by people who have come to believe that taking control of your internal voice is all mumbo jumbo. Many of us (most) were never taught “how to think” in our formal eduction and schooling (where many beliefs are formed) but, society is changing.

Many schools and mainstream educators are now starting to realise the value of learning to think more positively and are extending that awareness in formal education programs. I know a lot of us missed out on having these valuable insights passed down to us, but it’s not too late to try it now!

Why not have an open mind and give it a go? Let me know what happens!

I will leave you with these few further thoughts for your reflection. I think they are kind of relevant to what we are exploring here.

What you think, you create.

What you feel you attract.

What you imagine, you become.

Ciao friends.  Have an awesome day!



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