Weight Loss or Weight Gain – Make Your Attitude A Positive One

Good Morning !! (or I guess, good evening or whatever time it is in your world). It is morning here in Australia at the time of writing this and I am feeling refreshed and invigorated and ready to roll (I think it’s just a morning thing, I may wane a little later on 🙂 ).

So, today I’m exploring, as the title suggests, an aspect of weight control that is (in my experience) rarely discussed. It is the notion of your attitude to your amazing body.

Body Image Friendly Awareness

A few days ago here in Oz, a new government initiative was launched in regard to magazines and the body images they portray. The idea that the media in general has contributed to the rise in eating disorders by lauding overly skinny catwalk models as the ‘ideal’ for women to aspire to, is nothing new.  However, this new initiative lays responsiblity even more closely with the media. It also offers a ‘Body Image Friendly’ tick of approval to magazines that refuse to display unhealthy, unrealistic and overly thin body images. I think this is a huge step in the process of change now taking place within women’s magazines. Let’s hope we see some real positive change in these publications.

Your Body, Your Attitude

Whether you are overweight or underweight however, comparisons of any sort are unhealthy. Although I fully support the laws that encourage more social responsibilty within the media, I also wonder whether there is another aspect involved in all this – our own personal attitude and body awareness.

 Of course, if you are a teenage girl or young child, your ability to come to a new awareness of ‘you’ is very limited (unless you are wisely guided and supported) and your perception of your body is still largely formed and influenced by the media.

May I be clear here that my discussion today is aimed at ‘the rest of us older adults’ who are still forming a view of our bodies, in this way. Although my discussion is relevant for all of us, I, in no way, purport to have all the answers to the epidemic of poor body image and related eating disorders we now see in society.  I have the utmost empathy for anyone suffering these ailments and wish for them the inner peace and emotional tranquility they so deserve.  Love and hugs to anyone currently experiencing this type of disharmony in their lives.

My discussion here is merely to point out the fact that many of us, regardless of the images we view, are still using perjorative body labels and some of these attitudes do not even arise from our size.  The  labels we often use include, but are not exclusive to, the following – homely, plain, ugly, unattractive, boring, etc….

Revamp Your Attitude

I’d like to do, what I can today, to encourage you to throw out these labels – toss them out the window, dump them in the rubbish, flush them down the loo or whatever it takes to be rid of them ! You don’t need them !

Your body is a beautiful and amazing living breathing entity.  Right now, without any conscious effort on your part, your heart goes on pumping your blood, your food goes on being digested, your hair grows and your skin repairs and renews all it’s little cuts and grazes. You are, in fact, a perfect and wonderful creation. 

Why not appreciate your body’s unique characteristics? Be, in awe, of it. Celebrate it. Love it.

The comparisons we humans can make can be endless – short/tall, bald/hairy, fat/thin, red hair/blond hair – the list goes on, if we let it.

Or, we can decide today, right now, to love and appreciate ourselves in a way that looks beyond such comparisons. We can decide to celebrate our own uniqueness and individuality and love ourselves instead of constantly making reference to all that we perceive to be lacking. Stop the hating and start the loving!

It is my belief that our attitude to our bodies, along with the food we feed it and the exercise we give it, can make an enormous difference to our overall health and wellbeing. I hope today you can take some time to think about these ideas and I would love to hear your take of all of this, so as always, feel free to join in the discussion. This post is my thoughts, but I may not know everything (in fact, there is quite a good chance I don’t !), so please let me know what you think, too.

Today’s ‘inspirational video’ is also posted below. Take a peek at it.  My message in including it with today’s post is for us all to start looking at ourselves with at least as much love as we show toward other people. It is entitled ”When I Look At You”. Enjoy.


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