Have Your Say – Is Sugar Addictive or Is That Just An Excuse We Tell Ourselves

Chocolate Addiction or Bad Habit

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Okay, so I read something the other day that got me thinking (again)!  It was a study that cited a possible reason that some people can’t resist chocolate.  Apparently in some university lab at Princeton, New Jersey, some happy little mice were being fed a diet with 25% sugar content. The mice’s observers found that when the sugar was removed, the mice became anxious. They showed symptoms like teeth chattering, shaking and other symptoms similar to those exhibited by humans who try to give up smoking. The researchers linked these withdrawal symptoms to the fact that sugar stimulates certain ‘pleasure chemicals’ in the brain and concluded that sugar was therefore an addictive substance.  Hmmm…..really??

Mice or Men

Okay, call me a cynic (I heard that!!), but somehow just because mice got a bit er…ratty (pun, intended) when their sugar was taken away, does that automatically mean that humans (who have higher faculties than mice) are affected in the same way?  Does that mean that we are all just hopeless, hapless victims of a chocolate pimping rort? 

Somehow I thought humans where smarter than mice.  And they are because, last time I checked humans still had the ability to:

a) Not go down the confectionary isle of their supermarket.

b) Keep ‘treats’ to a minimum and monitor their intake of calorie dense food items.

c) Say no thanks.

d) Use exercise to boost their pleasure/happy hormones and not food (it works better anyway).

e) Take charge of their choices and decisions and stop finding ‘excuses’ (like I’m addicted to chocolate!) to continue bad habits that are not serving them well.

In addition, unlike the mice, none of us have been forcibily locked in small cages and rendered unable to make choices about the quality of our diet. 

Sugar Addiction or Just An Excuse

So what are your thoughts on this issue ?  I’d love to hear them.  Is it possible to be addicted to something like sugar ? If so, can we control/manage this addiction in a better way? Could we use a ‘cut down’ method, similar to that which is advocated in the quit smoking campaigns? Maybe I could begin my own Quit Sugar Campaign or at least a program that helps us to consume less of the stuff. 

I hope you have some ideas of your own and if you do, please share. 🙂 I’d love to hear from you.

Have a happy day all.  Until next time,

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