The Art Of Losing Weight and Enjoying Food – How To Become A Food Admirer and Lose Weight

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Well, it’s good to be back in the blogosphere after a few days break.  I miss it!! Today’s discussion is a kind of light hearted celebration of food that may or may not contain some messages about having a healthy relationship with food.  How’s that for committment??

I was prompted to write about this subject as lately, everywhere I go, I seem to be presented with some amazing examples of the talent and creativity that some people put into presenting food. From birthday cakes to vegetable ‘flowers’, lately, I seem to have seen it all, which caused me to reflect not only on the pleasure and joy that food can bring to an occasion or gathering, but also on the issue of how to cope with it (from an overeater’s point of view).

Food Lover or Food Admirer

The phrase ‘food lover’ is widely used these days and is often a guise for the covert habits of compulsive eaters. I know, I used to be one. These days though I prefer to label myself as a food admirer or food appreciator – it’s a subtle difference, but it is one that supports my impulse control.  I have learnt that the desire to eat ‘everything that looks good’ is definetely one that can be curbed, controlled and tamed.  Although we’ve all heard about ‘the seafood diet’ – you see food and you eat it – it’s not the most effective  strategy to employ on a weight loss plan. 

Some Food Admirer Strategies

So what do we do when we are presented with beautiful food, other than eat it? Here are some suggestions:-

1. Take pictures!!  Admiring the skill of a creative chef can be expressed in many ways. Taking a photo or two can distract you. It can also create a distance from the tempting food, while still engaging you in the pleasure of it.

2. Talk about it!  Ask questions as to how the host or cook has made the dish, cake, platter or other food creation.  Find out if you can make a ‘low fat’ version of the same dish. You may be surprised to find you can!

3. Have a ‘sliver’. Okay, this may be hard if you have not yet honed your impulse control skills. I’ll let you make the final call, but if you think you can stop at having one very small taste, go ahead. Remember, a very small taste is all we want! Any encouragement to upsize the serving and perhaps a very polite ‘no thanks’, would be better.

4. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up at food occasions, by saying ‘poor me’, I’m on a diet!! If you read REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS (the book) you will find that ‘diets’ are totally unneccesary. Establishing a healthy relationship with food is a positive life change and not something you should feel sorry for yourself about.  Saying no to cake or other calorie dense food is part of that change and is a sensible decision to make.  Celebrate your new found food confidence by having a good time at the occasion, without the food indulgences that may have been part of your past habits and behaviours.

Lifestyle, Life and Food

In short dear friends, making positive lifestyle change, does not mean you have to lose the enjoyment of food. Food is a part of life and a good part. 

By examining your current habits, behaviours and attitudes toward food though, you might just be able to participate fully in a food occasion, without eating yourself into a state of bingeful regret.

Have a wonderful weekend fellow weight loss achievers.  I wish you the best and below, I will leave you with a short video that celebrates the very subject we have been discussing – food. Enjoy!

PS As always I’d love to hear from you guys out there (that’s you, reading at this computer screen, yes YOU !), so please feel free to say ‘hi’. Perhaps you have a ‘food celebration’ story you’d like to share, would just like some support or perhaps you have a comment to make on today’s subject. 

You very welcome here and I would love to hear from you. 


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