Reframe Weightloss (The Book) Has It’s Final Cover and Other News

A Reframe Weightloss Update

G’day lovely readers,

Hope your travelling well through the weekend and enjoying some ‘chill out’ time with friends and family.  No lengthy post here today at – just a bit of news and a few updates.

First up, the cover for my ebook is finished!!  Yah!!  Many thanks to the lovely and talented Laura Shinn for her wonderful work. Laura is an award winning cover art designer (her link is below) and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her.  She is super professional, very friendly and very creative. Thank you, Laura.

So without further ado – here is the cover of REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS.The book is in it’s final proofread at present and I will keep you updated re it’s  launch date. I’m very excited about it!!

Other News from Reframe Weightloss (The Blog) 

The other news from is that we are now on Twitter ( and will be coming soon to Facebook (when they reply to my requested name change !)

I hope you can visit me sometime at these fantastic cyber spots!!  I can vouch for Twitter being a veeery, interactive and fun place to connect with like minded people and friends.

Can You Help?

Lastly, Reframe Weightloss, the blog, is growing up.  At least it will be – in the next few months I hope to renovate this blog and redesign it into a ‘big grown up website’.  This project will take some time and there is lots to consider along the way.  Not in the least – a name !

I would love some suggestions from you lovely readers or even a vote for one of the following names that are already being considered.  Here’s the list….

InspireMe Weightloss

Weight Loss Zest

Weight Loss Spark

Weight Loss Empire (?)

Wise and Witty Weightloss (?)

Weight Loss From Within (my favourite)

So, if any of the above appeal to you or if you yourself were doing a google search, which one would you click on?  Or do you have another suggestion?

I will read all comments, ideas and suggestions and am most thankful, in advance, for any and all responses.

As this blog (er…website) really values and supports positive interactive discussion with it’s readers, I would not consider a name change, without you !!  It’s your blog, too!!

So that’s it from me today, folks. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, are enjoying healthy food, getting some exercise or maybe just enjoying the great outdoors…..mostly, I hope you’re having fun!


Mon 🙂

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