Slowing Down To The Pace Of Life – Some Time For You

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Hi there weight loss friends (and all),

In describing this blog to a friend the other day and discussing my aim to bring support and encouragment to those on their weight loss journey, I realised that most people would think that’s all I will talk about. The weight loss stuff…food…exercise…diet. 

Funny thing is though, although these elements are very important to us for health, general wellbeing and weightloss, there’s actually a bit more to ‘us’ than ‘the physical’ and sometimes those parts of ‘us’ need attention too.

As so much of life these days seems overly complex (iphones, apps, computers, mobile phones, message banks, non-human call takers…) there’s perhaps a good chance of overstimulating our minds or at the very least not taking enough time to recharge and revive.  Often we are meeting or trying to meet too many demands from work, family, business, friends and have too little time to just sit, reflect, remind ourselves of our goals or just breathe slowly and relax. 

So I thought I would encourage you today to do just that.  Take a little time to slow down, sit and do nothing and let your mind rest. 

It could do wonders for you.  And when you’re mind is calm and your thinking clearly, remind yourself of your goals and why you want to achieve them.

Recommit To Your Goals

Forget about those phone calls or that deadline, just for a minute.  You can go back to those things soon. They’ll still be there.

After you’ve taken this moment….I have one more suggestion for you to take on board.

Keep going!  Sometimes without support from family, friends or mentors, it can be tempting to just throw in the towel and give up.  But I’m here, offering you the encouragement to keep going. 

You’ll get there!

Enjoy the peace dear friends,



2 responses to “Slowing Down To The Pace Of Life – Some Time For You

  1. I love quiet moments, whenever I can get them. Soooo wonderful. Ahhhhhh . . . .

  2. Me too, Judy. Thanks for dropping by.