Exceptional Lives and What I Learnt on Twitter – New Lessons and New Inspiration

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So yesterday I had this great idea of twittering (sending a tweet) the following little gem – ‘Did Mother Take Vacations’ and then ‘What We Can All Learn About Living Our Passions’ .  Funny how a well meaning idea does not manifest into the purpose you intended – which was simply to stimulate some interesting conversation and perhaps get a visitor or two to this blog.  I think my tagline was misleading….that’s the thing about twitter, you can only say what you want to say in 148 characters, so you’d better make those 148 little symbols, interesting ones.

Anyhow, poor tagline or not, after I tweeted it, it then dawned on me that I had to flesh out this thought myself and the following post is just that. May I also say that I’m glad I did, because if nothing else, I have inspired myself to keep going, keep writing and keep striving.  Which brings me to another intention I had when I tweeted – that was to inspire as all to rise above our everyday thoughts and reactions and try to live more passionately.  In fact that was my main intention, when I think about it.  Maybe the tagline should have been more to my point!! 

Anyhow, I did manage to inspire myself somewhat as I explored a few facts about one of the most amazing spiritual leaders in our lifetime. So that at least, was one intention fulfilled.  Hope it also has a similar effect on you.

So without any further ado – here is my post.  BTW If anyone has any advice about ‘great twittering moments’, I’d love to hear.

The Conventional Life versus The Exceptional Life

The idea of Mother Teresa taking a holiday is of course quite absurd….she was one of the most deeply loving, tirelessly hard working, compassionate, kind, energetic and inspirational individuals to live on this planet (in our time).

A woman devoted to changing the lives of others with no self interest attached, at all.

She was also extremely passionate about her work and in her lifetime, managed to change the minds and hearts of people all over the world with her unending devotion to the poor and underprivileged.

But did she get tired? Did she feel like stopping? Did she ever wonder whether it was all worthwhile? Did she ask what was it in for her? Did she ever doubt her own goals and own her ability to reach them?

I doubt it.

Pressing On When Others Stop

Although she may have gotten tired, she continued.

Although she may well have wanted to stop, she kept going.

And although her goals and dreams for helping the poor may have seemed lofty and unreachable (given her lack of resources and the depth of suffering of the people she served) her belief (as opposed to the collective doubt of others ) was what kept her going.

She began simply, with only 3 saris and a 5 rupee note, so it could be said that the only thing she had in abundance was faith in her mission.

When she was eighty years old and she had developed heart problems, she still continued to work and travel. “I have all eternity to rest,” she told her doctors,” and there is still so much to do.”

A Great Leader

Mother Teresa never gave up, never stopped believing and never felt sorry for herself.  Furthermore, from all accounts from the people who met her, she radiated an amazing joyful presence.

She also acheived great things.

Mother Teresa’s mission and vision may be different from our own personal goals, hopes and dreams, but I still believe it would serve as all to “keep an abundance of faith in our mission”. 

Whether the passion we have is to help others, to help ourselves, to change something, to improve something or to acheive something, I think we can all take her traits in some small measure and make them our own. Or at least try. 

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