Weight Loss Books – They Can Make A Difference To You

Weight Loss and Other Motivational Books

Good Morning Weight Loss Achieving Debutees!!

I’m feeling good today and hope you are too!  If not, then perhaps you’d like to check out a recent post of mine here – https://monsbiz.wordpress.com/2010/05/31/five-good-thin…-losing-weight/  If you have trouble with the link (sorry about that) please check out the ‘recent post’ list just here, on the right. 

‎Okay, so today however we’re chatting about weight loss and other self help books and posing the question – can they make a difference to your behaviours, your choices, your attitude and thus to your eventual success with weight loss and/or other endeavours?  In my humble opinion, YES, they can.  If that we’re not true for me, you would not be reading the words on this page right now ! 

A Personal Experience 

I personally have been motivated to create this blog and to give people an experience away from their own weight loss groups, through which, they can further their personal growth, be supported on their road to positive change and be more inspired to reach their weight loss goals.  I have wanted to do this since achieving my own weight loss goals, but if it were not for some very powerful and insightful authors and books that have really resonated with me and touched my heart, I would never have taken action.  So for me the answer to the above question is a resounding YES.

The Author and The Book

Some authors really have a particular style or skill with their writing that enables them to ‘get under your skin’ and somehow to move you to do things your ‘normal self’would continue findíng excuses not to do.  I am very thankful for and admiring of such people and indeed am aiming to emulate them in and through my own writing.

I have always loved books and find the idea of making them my ‘companion tools’ in life a very attractive one and thus I keep books beside my bed, next to my computer, in my car and on my coffee table – basically anywhere I know I will have time to sit and read (if you’re wondering, how does she read while she’s driving…I read when I have to wait in the car when I’m picking my kids up from school !).

My Own Weight Loss Book

Given my strong and life long love of books, it wasn’t a big stretch for me to actually write one, particularly since the book I wanted to write already fitted with my desire to give people something outside of their usual weight loss support enviroment which would motivate, enthuse and inspire them to continue and to succeed on their own weight loss journey.

And so, REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS came to life and yes, it will soon be available in all good online bookstores, as an instant downloadable ebook (and later, in print).  I have just received my amazing cover from the cover art designer and the book itself is scheduled for it’s final proofread this week.  After that….it’s all systems go!

I will be posting more details about the book and where you can buy it, as soon as they become available.  So stay tuned!!

My hope and sincere belief is that REFRAME WEIGHTLOSS can provide YOU with the same motivation and desire to change as the many books I have read have done for me.  It is written in a very easy to read, conversational way, yet is still pack filled with information, knowledge, ideas, tips and tools which will refresh and revive the most determined “But, I’ve given up!” reader. 

I feel very excited talking about it and how it can help you on your journey.  And I can’t wait to provide you with the opportunity to get yourself a copy! 

Till then dear friends, keep reading here at REFRAME YOURSELF and as always I’d love to hear your ideas or comments.   Have a wonderful day !


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2 responses to “Weight Loss Books – They Can Make A Difference To You

  1. i like this…. i think as women we all struggle with our weight at one time or another… i myself just lost 20 lbs…and i am now working to keep it off…be encouraged….

    i saw your comment in Judy’s blogging is power section…just wanted to encouraged you to keep writing…. a great way to get followers is to follow others….usually when you do that you connect with people and your get readers… that has worked for me…Good luck…


    • Hi,
      Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences (both about weight loss and blogging !) Appreciate you dropping by and thanks for the advice.
      Keep going with the weight maintenence program – sounds like you’re doing well ! Awesome!