Burning Calories, Shed kilos – Small Ways to Make A Big Difference To Calorie Expenditure

Incidental Exercise

Hello dedicated weight loss achievers,

I thought today we’d have a chat about some simple changes we can all make to change our daily activity levels and thus burn those unwanted calories.  If you are or are becoming ‘a skilled exercise avoider’ (and you are not alone), perhaps some of the following suggestions may be of interest.

I was prompted to write about this today after having several conversations with people recently who seem to have all the knowledge and good intention, yet still have not become regular and happy exercisers. They want to….but for some reason, don’t!

I could go into the psychological dynamics behind all that, but instead I thought I’d be more practical and suggest some small but achievable changes we, you and them can all make today.

1. Park your car a longer than normal distance away from where your work, office, school, the shopping centre or whatever your destination is and walk the remaining distance. Simple.  Easy.  No need to change your routine much for that one.

2. Take the stairs, instead of the lift or elevator, wherever and whenever you can.  This can add many steps to your day and over the next several days and weeks you will burn many more calories than you would have done otherwise.

3. Take the kids to the park.  Go on….it’s fun….walk, chase, climb, play ball with them or run after them….just be that little bit more active and have some fun too! Your kids will appreciate it and yep, a few more calories will be burnt away.

4. Avoid long periods of sitting.  In today’s society, we all suffer to some degree or other from the ailment which has sometimes been labelled ‘sititis’. It is kind of a modern day ill, created by our increasing use of machines (like computers!), office desks, televisions and cars, to name a few! And when we sit for extended periods our spines, hips and knees are all in constant flexion.

So if you find yourself sitting for extended periods, make the choice to get up about once every hour and move.  You can just stretch or better still, take a short walk around the office or home for 5 minutes or so.  You’ll return to your sitted activity a little more refreshed and….yes, you’ll have burnt a few calories as well.

Small changes, Big results

All these ideas come under the umbrella of what is called ‘incidental exercise’ – basically these are small changes you can incorporate into your everyday routine. 

So, why not try one (or all) of this suggestions today !!  Your back will ache less, your mind will feel refreshed and you will actually have begun, in a small but significant way, to exercise !  It’s how I started out, several years ago now. I may have moved on to running, weight training and other cardio these days….but I still try to include all of the above ideas into my daily activities as often as I can.  Little changes, made often and consistently, can eventually add up and will make a big difference, overtime, to your total calorie expenditure.

Good luck friends……..I hope you have fun with these few changes.

As always, I’d love hear your thoughts or experiences about this post or anything else you’d like to share.

Ciao and hugs,

Mon ( )


2 responses to “Burning Calories, Shed kilos – Small Ways to Make A Big Difference To Calorie Expenditure

  1. Michelle Brown

    Great blog!

    Though I usually workout once a day, I spend a good portion of my day writing at the computer. Every bit of activity I can squeeze in helps me in my weight loss because it helps me stay motivated. I love your ideas. I also do squats, leg lifts or just walk in place while I am cooking, doing my hair, etc.

    • Thanks for your kind comment Michelle. Great to hear from you.

      Yes, being a writer is definetely a ‘sit down’ job, but good to hear you are also conscious of putting more activity into your day. It all adds up over time!

      Well done with the workouts too!