Your Weight Loss Fate – How To Avoid A Weight Loss Blowout at the School fete, The Movies & Other Food Laden Events.

The Weight Loss Blowout

Even when we have the best intentions with our weight loss efforts that is, we know what to eat and what not eat and have sworn off pizza for life,  certain events still seem to come along and conspire against us.   Sometimes every food we have been avoiding for weeks or months and doing quite nicely without (yes, a pat on the back for us for that!) suddenly makes a comeback and pokes it’s sticky, gooey, sweet and calorific face in ours, begging, tempting,urging, asking…to be eaten.   Just a little bit. One small piece.  Or two.  Okay…three.

My Favourites

Not that I want to point the finger at any one particular such treat or snack (coconut ice ) but some things you just don’t get offered that much these days (coconut ice) and when you do see it, smell it, are offered it… just seems to have a way of saying…..EAT ME.

Impulsive Eating

And once upon a time, I would have.  These days though I like to employ a few strategies to steer me clear of this temptress I personally call…yes, coconut ice!!  Your temptress may be nachos, cream cheese, chips….only you know what it is.  That one food that gets you all excited every time someone mentions it!  My temptress will be attending our school fete this weekend and for that reason I will be thinking ahead before I go anywhere near the sweets stall.   Perhaps your temptress accompanies you to the movies…..a party…. Their not usually fussy about the events they turn up at… long as you’re there, they’ll happily pop up to let you know that they’re around.

The Strategy

When you’re in your own home or your own enviroment, self control seems easier.  If you’ve done a really good pantry clean out, most of the danger foods (you know the ones) won’t even be around. 

Not so when you venture out.  However, a little bit of mental preparation and you’ll have those tempters retreating in no time……..first, take time to visualise the event where you know these foods will be.  See the tempting food.  Then, visualise yourself shaking your head and saying no thanks. Yes, it’s simple, but powerful.

Repeat the visulisation as many times as you feel the need and then, when the event happens, your subconscious is already programmed … say no thanks.

Another trick is to pack your own healthy snacks and take them with you.  Having a healthy and prepared snack as a substitute can be a life saver.

Lastly, never leave the house hungry!!  Always ensure you have had a filling (but calorie controlled) meal before going out.  Oh and don’t forget your water habit!!  I talked about this a few posts ago.  Check it out here. 

So dear friends…..good luck and good strategising this weekend.  We all need to think ahead with our food choices when the weekend or our leisure time stretches before us.  Just think when Monday morning arrives, you’ll have no regrets and will be giving yourself a pat on the back. 

Naah, naah coconut ice…….


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